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Year 4 Class St. Mark

Hello and welcome back to a new school year at Our Lady of Lourdes. My name is Mr McNally and I will be teaching Year 4 with Mrs Nobrega. We are really excited to have your children in our class and we are really looking forward to getting to know you and the pupils.

We are working together to highlight the features of a persuasive letter.

We were trying to decipher numbers in different scripts by looking for patterns. This really required a lot of reasoning and problem solving skills.

Today we compared amounts of objects. We had to analyze different representations and use our place value knowledge.

As part of Black History Month we have been looking at the life of Nelson Mandela.

We had an African drumming workshop, it was a lot of fun learning to play a new instrument and learn about African culture.

A past pupil from our school came in and told us about how she is now playing Tina Turner in a big musical production in London. Follow your dreams and do not give up.

We created these tetrahedrons to symbolise the Holy Trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We have been learning about Apartheid and trying to imagine what life might have been like living under these unfair laws.

Our spellings for next week.

Our Talking Homework this week is; What are the Beatitudes and what can we learn from them?

Our Talking Homework this week is- What does Jesus teach us about forgiveness?

Our spellings for next week.

Parents’ Evening will be held in the Year 4 classroom on Monday 22nd November. We ask you to wear masks and use hand sanitizer when entering the school as per our covid-19 policy. Thank you.


Our talking homework this week is-  How can you show that you are preparing for Christmas in this season of Advent?

We throughly enjoyed our trip to Westminster Cathedral. We got to watch a Christmas Nativity and participate in the singing. We loved singing Christmas Caroles, the best way to start the Christmas Festivities.

These are the lyrics to the song we will be singing at our Nativity Performance. Happy practising.

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