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St. Luke - Y5

Welcome to the Spring Term!


We are looking forward to continuing to watch all the children progress and grow throughout the year. Check out this page weekly to see photo updates of all the fun learning taking place. 


Please see below a link to the Year 5 Curriculum outlining all the exciting learning opportunities your child will experience this academic year.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either of us.


Mrs Kent and Mr Murphy

Year Five Suggested Reading List

Class Liturgy - Forgiveness

We started the day with a beautiful Liturgy in our chapel.


We have been using red, orange and green cups to show our teachers how well we understand our work and how confident we feel.  We shared this idea with Year Three and Year Four, who are keen to start using them too!

Investigating Remainders

In Maths, we used straws to make shapes and investigate remainders when we divided by the numbers of sides or edges in each shape.

Science - Day and Night

We investigated how day and night are caused by the rotation of the Earth and its relationship to the Sun using balls to represent Earth and torches to be the Sun.

English - Transmission from Mars

We started our new topic by reading and arranging sections of the focus text.  We then identified themes which run through the story.  Next we created freeze frames for key moments in the text.  As you can see, some of it is very dramatic!  Finally, we created story maps.

Maths Week - Brilliant Bird Feeders

We used a range of Maths knowledge, skills and understanding including measuring, mental maths, division and fractions to make bird feeders which we then hung in the school grounds.  We'll be able to compare how much food there was at the start of the project with what is left at the end of the week.

Roots to Food

We had a great afternoon preparing a Thai-Indonesian red curry with Chef Darren.  Keep an eye on the Google classroom page for the recipe and post a message if you try this at home.

Maths Week - Tuesday - Excellent Estimating!

For our second lesson in Maths week, we took part in some estimating activities where we worked in pairs and teams to estimate length, time and amounts.

MATHS WEEK - Monday Multiplication

We began Maths Week by playing different multiplication games and puzzles to help us remember what we learnt last week.  It was fun and we had lots of opportunities to try multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers!

Science - Sun, Moon and Earth

We started our topic by creating models to show how the Earth orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits the Earth.

English - Contrasting Experiences

To start our news English topic, we played games inside, alone and in silence on the i-Pads before playing games in teams outside.  We then compared the two experiences and most people agreed that the team work on the playground was more fun, although some people liked the tranquility of the inside activity.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Maths

How many gifts did my true love send to me?  We sang the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and then answered Maths questions about the number of different gifts.  It was quite tricky and we used different strategies to calculate the answers.

Christmas Fun!

We wore our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed eating Christmas dinner together.

Science - Investigating Friction

We investigated friction by rolling a cotton reel down a slope and measuring how far it went on different surfaces (carpet, concrete, wood floor, grass and Astroturf).  Which surface do you think produced the most friction?


We started our Advent celebrations by attending Mass at Five Precious Wounds and we were very proud of the two members of our class who were altar servers.  We have changed the cloth on our prayer table to purple to signify Advent and we shared a class worship in our new chapel, where we took the time to think about the light that Jesus brings to our lives.

World Cup Fever!

Did you know that each class at OLOL has picked the names of four countries to follow in the Men's Football World Cup?  Year Five are following Senegal, The Netherlands, Australia and Canada.  We spent our Geography lesson researching the flags of each country and locating them on a world map.  We then created posters with pictures and interesting facts and shared them as a class.

English - Zoo by Anthony Browne

We have been reading the book "Zoo" by Anthony Browne.  We began by designing posters to show if we were for or against zoos.  We also created freeze frames of key scenes in the book and imagined how we would feel if we had to wait in a long line with parents who embarrassed us! 

Our Chapel

We held our first class worship of the week in our beautiful new chapel.  It was a wonderful location in which to reflect and pray together.

Jewish Museum

Here are some of photos from our trip to The Jewish Museum in Camden last week. The children learned a great deal about Jewish festivals such as Shabbat, Passover and Hanukkah and got to experience these through good tasting and crafting. 

Judaism Week - Learning about Mitzvot

As part of our learning for Judaism Week, we learnt about the mitzvot - the rules by which Jewish people live their life.  Each group researched one mitzvah and presented their learning to the class.

St Luke's Day - Tuesday 18th October

We all celebrated our class saint's day with a special day of activities.  These included:

- A fact treasure hunt

- Reading the Bible and acting out parables from St Luke's Gospel

- Presenting parables as stories, comic strips and posters

- Writing a prayer to St Luke

- Designing a logo for St Luke

- A special tea party

It was an amazing day and we learnt so many new facts.  Did you know that St Luke is the patron saint of doctors and artists?

Black History Month Trip to Tate Britain

We had a wonderful morning visiting the Tate Britain Art Gallery.  We spent most of our time viewing the installation "The Procession," by Hew Locke.  This is a fantastic, vibrant, colourful and thought-provoking exhibition, as you can see from the photographs!  The artist aims to explore themes including slavery and cultural identity.  While we were there, we also viewed the art of Mark Rothko and J.M. Turner.  After lunch, we had a lovely walk along the north bank of the Thames to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Black History Month Poetry

As part of Black History Month, we have been enjoying reading "Overheard in the Tower Block," a book of poetry by the Children's Laurate, Joseph Coelho.  We were inspired by his poem about a pumpkin, and after creating a bank of vocabulary and phrases, we wrote our own poems about the life cycle of an apple.

Shape Poetry - Art and English

Year 5 created self-portraits during art. They then transformed those self-portraits into some shape poems about themselves. Here are some wonderful examples.

Ancient Greeks Assembly

We performed our assembly for the whole school.  We enjoyed re-telling the story of Thesus and the Minotaur and we hope that we informed and entertained!

Science - Acids and Alkalis

We used litmus paper to test if different liquids were acids or alkalis and we recorded our results on a pH scale.

RE and Art


On Friday, we created models of the first humans, as created by God in Genesis.  Here are some examples of our great work.

London Fire Brigade - Fire Safety Visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Kaival from the London Fire Brigade.  He taught us the importance of installing a smoke alarm and creating a fire evacuation plan with your family.

English - Drama 

We have been reading the book "I Believe in Unicorns," by Michael Morpurgo.  During an English lesson, we went outside to work as a class and act out key scenes.  We had to imagine that we returned to our village to find that it had been destroyed by bombs during the war.  We also re-created an important part of the story in which children worked together to save books from a library.

Science - Testing Materials

We began our first Science topic - "Materials" - by designing and conducting an investigation to test how hard different materials including viscose, plastic and foil are.  We used a paper clip to scratch the materials and recorded how long it took for each one to scratch.