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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

Online Safety

At Our Lady of Lourdes, we take every effort to ensure our pupils stay safe when using the internet and other technologies. Each year we have assemblies on Becoming Internet Legends, Safer Internet Day and hold an Online Safety week. During this week, children take part in whole school activities. Training is also provided to staff and parents by our Designated Online Safety Lead. 


Guidance for parents:

We need to be mindful that as young people spend much more time online, they will come across many types of news to include, fake, real, biased, exaggerated and AI generated impersonation. Please share and discuss this poster with your child regarding fake news online.

Here is a list of useful webpages that will support parents with educating their children on how to be safe online.

Scan the barcode below for more resources related to keeping children safe in a digital world. 

Guidance for Children


Throughout the year, children are reminded of how to stay safe online. Children are all aware of what they need to do if they fall victim to cyber-bullying or if they come across something they feel is inappropriate or makes them uncomfortable. Children are also taught how to keep their personal information safe, what is ok to share online and how to create secure passwords.


Suggested activities for children to learn more about staying safe online:


Childnet’s mission is to work with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.

Cloud Quest

A fun, interactive adventure website with videos and activities teaching your kids about online safety. Cloud Quest is designed for kids under the age of 10.

Safe Online Surfing

This is a range of fun games from word searches to matching games, aimed at kids aged 7 to 13. They cover everything from online etiquette to avoiding scams.

Finn Goes Online

This app teaches kids about online safety as a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' game. It explains data privacy, cyberbullying, password security and how to stop and avoid online abuse. 

Band Runner

A fun game for 8 to 10-year-old kids with exciting gameplay, where your kids have to answer online security questions to level up their character.

Cyber Defense Quiz

This is a fun quiz for ages 8 to 12 where your kids answer questions about password strength, email attachments and phishing. 


An educational game made by Google to help teach kids about a range of online safety concerns, it has lessons on cyberbullying, phishing, data protection, and more.