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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

St. Paul- Year 2

Welcome to Spring Term


Welcome to our Year 2 Spring term!


This term we have a so many fun things ahead, building on our fantastic Autumn term, we will continue our learning adventure.


Expectations of school work, homework and behaviour will be raised as Year 2 progresses through this year as they continue to be the role models for our younger peers. 


As previously stated, help will always be given to those who ask for it, please do not hesitate to contact the school with any concerns, questions or queries that you may have. 


Wishing you all the best in this New Year,

Miss Dennis

Fire, Fire at the Tower of London


What a busy day Year 2 had at the Tower of London! Exploring the White Tower, visiting the Crown Jewels and the ravens of the Tower. We were also led through the events of the Great Fire of London where we got to play along and become part of the story. A great day all round! Thank you so much to the parents who were able to join us!

Squash, Bend, Twist and Stretch 


This week Year 2 have turned into proper scientists, bending over backwards to form their hypothesis for their experiment. They squashed as much learning as they could into their afternoon and stretched their capabilities to the max to identify the equipment and method they would need to make their cone fly. We will spend the next science lesson twisting our results into a discussion about the forces we used in this amazing experiment.

Spelling Progress


Every week Year 2 continues to improve with their spelling! I am so very impressed with the effort the whole class puts into learning the different spelling rules we are focusing on. Continue to work hard and aim for one more correct word every week!

Maths Week 


Year 2 celebrated maths week with a high energy scavenger hunt full of maths problems. In groups they raced around trying to first find, then answer the questions. Well done to our winning team who worked together so well!

A Musical Beginning


Year 2 kicked off the new term with a new song in music. We also got to appreciate some old tunes as we ventured into the world of old school rock and roll bands. 

Welcome to Year 2


Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year to all our Year 2 pupils and their families. 


This year will be filled with lots of learning, growth and adventures as the Year 2 pupils move through their last year in Key Stage 1. 

Year 2 is the year for really showing all that we have learnt through our time in Key Stage 1 and we are all incredibly excited to show off all our knowledge, hard work and persistence.


Remember, help will always be given for those who ask for it. Please reach out to the school with any concerns, questions or queries.


Kind regards,

Miss Dennis

Food for Thought


Year 2 put their knowledge of food groups to the test as they attempted to make a balanced meal that could be served for a school lunch. All the different food groups were on offer as they made their wraps and enjoyed a post lunch snack. It was so exciting to use the new kitchen in the school. I hope that during the Christmas break Year 2 treat their families to a perfectly balanced lunch. 

KS1 Nativity


An incredibly successful Nativity performance by Year 1 and Year 2. So much hard work by our students payed off in an electric performance that ended with the message of the true meaning of Christmas. An amazing job done by all! Thank you to all the parents who were in the audience!

The Travelling Crib at Lambeth Palace


Year 2 had a fantastic adventure to Lambeth Palace where they experienced the Nativity through the eyes of different key figures. We spoke with a Wise Man who had followed the star and had bought some gifts for Jesus, a woman who was travelling to Bethlehem with her donkeys and had come across a couple also travelling in the same direction. We met Elizabeth, Mary's cousin, who spoke of her son John and how he would proclaim the Good News. We also met a shepherd who had seen the star and heard the angels announcing that a baby had been born. Lastly, we met Mary who spoke of how the angel Gabriel came and visited her. A fantastic experience that Year 2 had and learned lots about this special time of year. A very special thank you to the parents that came along, I really appreciated you joining us and hope that you had just as much fun as we did. 

Maths Fun


Some amazing maths going on in Year 2 as we solidified our knowledge of the Friends of 10. We also kept working at the skill of bridging to 10, where we break apart numbers to make 10, and then add the left overs to find the solution! Lots of hard thinking this week!

The Meaning Behind the Christmas Candles


This week Year 2 began investigating the 4 candles that are lit each Sunday in Advent. We discussed how Hope, Faith, Joy and Peace are all the emotions felt today during Advent. Year 2 created their own wreaths in their books and also started to create a class wreath using the 4 candles, with the white Christmas candle at the centre. 

Continents and Oceans Theme Day


You could hardly recognise Year 2 as they came in dressed as explorers and in clothes that represented their culture. They had an absolute blast today making their world maps and learning where the different continents and oceans went. They also had a great time playing different geography games!

Remembrance Day Assembly


Year 2 led an amazing assembly about Remembrance Day, informing the whole school about the brave soldiers that we will honour this weekend. The completed poppies, representing those in Flanders Field, is work that Year 2 should be very proud of. A very big thank you to all the parents that joined us. 

Remembrance Day Poppies


In order to prepare for Remembrance Day, Year 2 have started to create poppy art. They have been using crayons and permanent markers to create a stained glass window effect to show scenes from the poem 'In Flanders Fields'.

Black History Month- African Drumming 


Year 2 had an amazing time this week in their African drumming workshop. While the drumming was a little difficult at first, Year 2 quickly found the beat and were able to make some amazing sounds together as a class.

Black History Month


This week Year 2 have been looking at 3 different women for Black History Month. They have had to read about the women and have answered questions about these amazing women and the impact they had on the people around them. 

Stay and Read & Spanish Day


How lucky were Year 2 to have some of our amazing parents come in and read with them first thing this morning? No better way to start the day than with a good book. Year 2 also looked very festive in their red and yellow outfits and were able to flex their multi-lingual muscles as we worked in as many Spanish words as we could through the day. 

World Wellbeing Day


In order to help celebrate World Wellbeing Day, Year 2 participated in a wellbeing workshop where they discussed all the big emotions that they feel and some strategies that can help them when those feeling get too big. When we returned to class, Year 2 learnt about Alec and how he can help us be great friends by asking "Are you ok?", listening to our friend's answer, encouraging our friends to go to a teacher or a trusted adult at home and to check in on our friends the next day. 

World Poetry Day and the Beginning of Black History Month


Last week, Year 2 were able to celebrate World Poetry Day and the beginning of Black History Month at the same time by looking at a poem written by Valerie Bloom who was born in Jamaica before moving to England in 1979. Year 2 helped decorate her poem 'Time' with images of what they thought of as they read the poem.

Year 2 Fire Safety Talk


Year 2 were incredibly lucky this week to have a fire safety talk presented to us by a real firefighter! Year 2 learned all about how they can keep themselves and their family safe by regularly checking their fire alarms in their homes. Year 2 were also amazing at identifying all the different hazards they could see and how they could avoid them. 

The Science of Being Healthy

This week, Year 2 put their bodies to the test in science as they ran through different experiments. We learned how to find and describe our pulse before and after running. We also completed different exercises such as squats, push ups and sit ups to focus on the different muscle areas they train. Year 2 were great scientists this week as well as great athletes!

History Re-enactments 

In History, Year 2 have been beginning to learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. This week Year 2 had to get into the minds of the people under King James I rule and act out different scenarios. There was lots of energy in the room as Year 2 tried to imagine what life would be like back in the 1600's.

Spanish Lessons

This week Year 2 got started on their Spanish lessons. We spent time practising greeting each other formally and informally. We also learnt the names of the characters that are going to help us with all our learning this term. Keep up the amazing work!

Library Visit

Is there a better way to finish the week off than by a visit to the school library? Our Year 2 pupils are going to have brilliant adventures as they make their way through the books they borrowed.