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Catholic Life of the School

The Catholic Life of our School

Mini Vinnies


Mini Vinnies are 7 to 11 year olds based in schools and parishes across England and Wales, and in several other countries across the world. They come together to form a part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society England and Wales, a voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty in all its forms. Our OLOL Mini Vinnies meet to pray, discuss and support however they can to help make a difference in their communities. 


Mini Vinnies truly turn concern into action as they use the simple formula of ‘see, think, do’ to find people in need and help them. They  help by: 

  • Writing cards for people in a local care home
  • Visiting local care homes to sing or play games with the residents
  • Packing emergency packs for the homeless
  • Running food collections for a local foodbank

Talking Homework Responses Wk commencing 5th September

Mini Vinnie Meeting Friday 16th September 2022


Our Mini Vinnies came together for their first meeting of the academic year. They were excited for the year ahead and shared lots of ideas for how they wish to help people in our local community and further afield. 


We looked at the new outdoor prayer area space and discussed what we hope it will look like and how special it will be. 


The Mini Vinnies were then set the task of planning and designing what they think the Prayer Garden should look like. They split into three groups and created detailed plans. They then shared these with Ms. Halpin who was very impressed with their wonderful, thoughtful ideas. 


The Mini Vinnies will present their plans to the whole school on Friday 23rd September during Celebration Assembly. As a school we will then decide on a final plan to put forward to complete our Prayer Garden. 


Watch this space.... 

Talking Homework Week Commencing 19th September

KS2 Pupil Led Worship Monday 26th September 2022

Talking Homework Week Commencing 26th September

October-The Month of The Rosary


The month of October each year is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary. Praying the Rosary is a cherished Catholic devotion. In school, all prayer and liturgies are dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. 

You are invited to pray the Rosary with our Mini Vinnies every Wednesday at 8:30am during the month of October:

-Wednesday 5th October

-Wednesday 12th October

-Wednesday 19th October

Please join us in the School Hall for these prayer sessions. The school will provide rosary beads and prayer cards.


On Wednesday 5th October, Year 6 led us on a reflective, thoughtful Worship Assembly that reminded us why this month is special and why and how we as Catholics pray the Rosary. 

Year 6 Month of the Rosary Worship Assembly

Prayer Table During The Month of the Rosary

Monday Worship Assembly 10th October, Led by Year 3

Year 6 Worship Assembly 17th October-The Month of Mary

Sufra Foodbank Collection for Harvest Festival

Bishop John Sherrington Visit Tuesday 1st November 2022


We were delighted to welcome Bishop John Sherrington back to our lovely school again recently to celebrate an All Saints' Feast Day Mass and to bless our new Chapel. 


He praised pupils for their reverence during Mass and for their beautiful singing voices. He also praised our readers for speaking in a confident and clear manner and for learning their lines off by heart.


After Mass, the Mini Vinnies excitedly led Bishop John to our new Chapel, where he gave a blessing. He enjoyed talking to the Mini Vinnies and congratulated them on what they have achieved so far in their roles. He was particularly impressed with their Prayer Garden Plans which they shared with him. The Mini Vinnies enjoyed talking to Bishop John about his role as a Bishop and asked some thoughtful, intriguing questions.

From Advent To Christmas Autumn 2 RE Parent Newsletter

Our Lady of Lourdes – New Mission Statement


On Friday 11th November 2022 the whole school community came together to gather ideas to create our school’s new Mission Statement. This was a fantastic day for the school, and a day that all pupils and staff will remember. 


The day was led by Sr Judith who is a regular visitor to our school.  From whole school discussions in the hall, to focussed class and small group work, everyone worked enthusiastically to come up with two Mission Statement options, and as in all good democracies, the final decision was made following a whole school vote.


We are proud to announce that our new Mission Statement is:


Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other-learning to continue Christ’s Mission.


Here are some images of the day…….


Celebration of our New Mission Statement Friday 18th November

Advent Mass at Five Precious Wounds Monday 28th November 2022


The whole school attended Five Precious Wounds Church to mark the beginning of Advent. Our Mini Vinnies read beautifully and bought up the Offertory. They were also called up during Fr. Tony's homily to admire and discuss the Advent Wreath. The children impressed Fr. Tony by telling him that the wreath is in the shape of a circle because it symbolises God's everlasting love for us. This week when we light the purple candle on the Advent Wreath, like the prophets in the Old Testament, we hope for a Messiah to save us from the sin in the world. We anticipate our Savior’s arrival.

Year 5 Prayer and Liturgy Session in our New Chapel

OLOL New School Prayer-Created by Year 3 Class