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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

St. Matthew- Year 3

Dear Year 3 Parents,


Welcome to the new summer term! I am looking forward to a wonderful summer of exciting learning with Year 3.


A few important notes to help ensure a smooth and successful term:

  • Homework: Homework will be assigned every night. Please encourage your child to complete it diligently as it reinforces our daily lessons.
  • Daily Maths Lessons: We will upload our daily maths lessons onto Google Classroom. This will allow your child to review the material and keep up with their studies even if they miss a day.
  • Summer Uniform: Kindly ensure your child is in the correct summer uniform each day. This helps maintain a sense of school pride and unity.
  • Punctuality: It is essential that children arrive promptly on time to school. This sets a positive tone for the day and ensures they don’t miss any valuable learning time.

We are excited to announce that we are planning some trips this term, which will be both educational and enjoyable for the children. More details will follow soon.

I am looking forward to a wonderful term ahead, filled with learning and fun. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Best regards,

Mr Murphy
Year 3 Teacher



Sports Day

This week, Year 3 had the opportunity to represent Our Lady of Lourdes at the annual deanery mass, where everyone participated with great respect and enthusiasm. We also enjoyed a lively and competitive sports day, filled with fun and teamwork. Everyone showcased their fantastic skills and sportsmanship, making it a memorable day for everyone.

Hello Parents and Guardians,


We had an lovely Friday in Year 3, packed with fun and learning! We went outside for an exciting outdoor lesson where the we recorded digital times using chalk. Then we used the space in the playground to create a large clock, helping everyone visualise and understand the concept of time in a hands-on way. The fun didn't stop there! We also enjoyed a tennis taster lesson, where the children had a great time learning some basic tennis skills and playing games. Take a look at some of the pictures attached to see all the smiles and activities from our day.

Thank you for your continued support!


Best regards,
Mr Murphy
Year 3 Teacher

Careers Week 


We had a fantastic Careers Week in Year 3! Dress Up Day was especially fun, and we saw a wonderful range of careers, including doctors, astronauts, chefs, teachers, and more. Thank you for making it such a memorable week!


Careers Week 


Year 3 are thoroughly enjoying Careers Week! We've had wonderful visitors from the construction and performing arts industries sharing their job experiences. We are also learning about using money and its importance in real life. 

Farewell & Good Luck

This week, Year 3 are sadly saying farewell to one of their peers. Students worked wonderfully together to create a going away surprise card for the student. Lovely good luck and farewell messages were written, followed by a myriad of crafts. The pupils demonstrated numerous school virtues such as friendship, hospitality, kindness, generosity, love of neighbour, and compassion. The pupil will be greatly missed. Good luck and farewell in your future endeavours. 

Farewell & Good Luck

Constructing Abstract Sculptures

As part of this term's art unit, students are investigating abstract sculptures and mixed media in art. Students worked collaboratively in pairs to construct free-standing sculptures using a range of different shapes and joining techniques. Students also investigated how to manipulate 2D shapes to turn them into 3D structures. This included rolling, folding, bending, etc. Students enjoyed sharing their creativity and abstract ideas with each other.

Free Standing Abstract Sculpture

OLOL Easter Egg Hunt

Today, Year 3 participated in the Our Lady of Lourdes Easter Egg Hunt. This wonderful event was set up by the school's Mini Vinnies for all classes to find. The eggs that were searched for were decorated by the Year 3 students themselves. Students had 8 minutes to find as many eggs as possible. Impressively, the pupils were able to find 34 out of a possible 35 hidden eggs. This incredible co-operative effort is a testament to the pupils' growing maturity. Year 3 are congratulated on their effort. WELL DONE!

Shakespeare Week 2024

This week, Year 3 are taking part in the school's involvement in Shakespeare week. Along with lessons about William Shakespeare and some of his work, Year 3 participated in a workshop about acting. They were also learning about the Shakespearean classic: "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Students took on roles relating to emotions and feelings of characters in the story. At the end of the day, Year 3 were part of an overall play by all students from Reception to Year 6. Students enjoyed learning with drama.

Geography - Comparing North America with the other Continents

Today in Geography, Year three were continuing their geography unit based on North America. They were comparing the size of North America to the other 6 continents. They then went ahead cutting out and ordering the continents by size, from smallest to largest. Students worked collaboratively and assisted each other when required. It was an active and hands-on end to an eventful week of learning.

Comparing Continents

World Book Day

Today, Year 3 celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed up as either their favourite characters from books, or what they like to wear when they read at home. We saw characters such as an Oompa Loompa, Willy Wonka, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins and many, many more. Year 3 students also went down to nursery to read with the pupils in nursery. For some, it was a trip down memory lane when they were read to by Year 3 students a couple of Years ago.

SCIENCE: How Do Our Gardens Grow?

Today, Year 3 learnt about water transportation in plants. They learnt about how the capillaries in the stems and leaves of plants move water around the plant to keep it alive. One student even said "capillaries are like the veins of plants". The students worked in teams to create super-large straws that would be tried and used to suck water out of a cup. These straws are imitations of the capillaries in the stems of plants. All students participated and thoroughly enjoyed this design activity.

Science: How Do Our Gardens Grow?

Year 3 Excursion to the British Museum

Today, Year 3 students went to the British Museum to close out their history unit on Roman Britain and Boudica. Students participated in a workshop by museum experts. The workshop highlighted important historical skills such as continuity and change. Students viewed images of money, houses, tools, jewelery, and many more artifacts. Students were also taught about Ancient Greek symbols that were used at the time to indicate the presence of Jesus Christ within Roman Britain society. Afterwards, students explored rooms 50 and 49 of the British Museum. These rooms housed artifacts from the Iron Age and during Roman Britain. Students enjoyed the day out and seeing their learning outside the classroom.

English - Understanding Characters

This week, Year 3 took part in role plays of the characters in our focus text: Fox by Margaret Wild. Students worked in groups to perform short sequences whilst the other students observed and asked questions about the actions of each character. Pupils were able to justify their actions, motives, and emotions due to becoming the characters.

Division With & Without Remainders

Today, students were hands on with their learning as they were developing their understanding of division. Working with remainders can be very tricky, however all the students were able to show me how we can divide. This includes dividing into even groups and even groups with remainders.

Investigating Light Sources and Reflection

We started our new topic "Mirror, Mirror," by learning about light sources.  We went on a walk around school to identify different sources of light.  Next, we learnt about reflections and investigated materials to find out if we could see our reflection in them.

After reading Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ and watching The Muppets Christmas Carol, we were inspired to create our own paper hand puppet creatures. It was a bit tricky to begin with but we worked hard and had lots of fun!

Another busy day in Year 3! We were learning about the Advent Wreath, its use and importance at this time. We then worked together in groups to begin creating our own Advent Wreath from scratch. As you can see, we had so much fun working together!

Christmas Fayre Preparation

Preparation is well and truly underway in Year 3 for the Christmas Fayre. We are creating some decorations to sell on our stall. Watch this space!

Remembrance Day


This week, to commemorate our fallen soldiers we made poppies. It was a reflective time and we will continue to think about them this Remembrance Day.

Year 3 RE and Literacy work using conjunctions

Year 3 Sharing questions about Egyptians for further research

Year 3 Children Learning about Art, English and Maths

Year 3 Math's Lesson focusing on Partitioning Tens and Ones

Year 3 Children working on their ambitions for the future.

Welcome back to Year 3 and our brand new classrooms