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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

Year 3 Class St. Matthew

Welcome to the Summer Term, hope you had a rested break and ready for the Summer Term! We are excited for all the fun things that will be happening this term.

Careers Week

This week, was filled with speakers and talks from people in different careers. We had so much fun dressing up, learning about different careers. In class we looked at job applications and job adverts, we even got to make a job advert for our dream job!

Month of Mary

May is the Month of Mary, and we spent this month dedicating our time at school in a special way to honour Mary. One of the ways we did was by learning about the Rosary Beads and the Mysteries. 


We have been reading the Egyptian Cinderella, and two of the main characters are slaves and servants. We used the ‘fantasics’ to research and learn about the differences and similarities of slaves and servants.



In History, we are learning about Ancient Egyptians. Makena taught us about Tutankhamen and asked us to research about how he died, how long he ruled for and why he became a pharaoh.

Elia was intrigued about Cleopatra and taught us about her life and why she is such a symbolic figure whilst Lean taught us about the famous Pyramids and the significance of them and what they were used for.


Today we used bibles to explore Luke 24:1-12. Luke tells us that Jesus dies on a Friday and that Jewish law said that nobody could work from Friday night to Saturday night (it was the Sabbath) so it was Sunday morning before the women could go to the tomb to place perfumes and spices around the body. After reading the passage, we role played this and drew a ‘bridging’ picture of the characters in this passage who found out that Jesus had risen from the dead.


In science, we have been looking at plants. In groups we got to make our own cress plants, using our knowledge of what plants needs to grow. We had to water our plants when it dried out and measured them daily to see how tall it would grow. One grew as tall as 12cm! 

Hello and welcome back to a new school year at Our Lady of Lourdes. My name is Miss Patel and I will be teaching Year 3 with Mrs Sumney and Mr Coranti. We are really excited to have your children in our class and have heaps planned for the academic year.

We are really looking forward to getting to know you and the pupils in the near future. 

Please see links to FREE parent workshops below that are being provided  by an excellent charity St. Giles Trust regarding county lines and gangs:


  • Caregivers – County Lines and Gangs – Thursday 7th April – Register here
  • Caregivers – County Lines and Gangs – Thursday 21st April – Register here
  • Caregivers – County Lines and Gangs – Thursday 28thApril – Register here

Science Museum


We had the most amazing time at the Science Museum. It was one of the most mesmerizing experiences. One of the fun things was using our body weight to move the windmill above us. We learnt about friction by sliding down different material on different surfaces. We learnt that the grass surface was the slowest and the wooden surface the fastest, because there was less friction. We saw ourselves in front of us and it showed us which part of our bodies was the hottest with the colours of red, orange, yellow and green. We learnt that we lost most of our body heat from our sculps and legs. We learnt about different chemical reactions, and one of them was that a chemical would absorb certain amount of water. We learnt about the sound, where the fire would change patterns with different musical tunes.

World Book Day 

We had fun celebrating World Book Day, by dressing up, as a class we came up with the idea of as a whole class dressing up as characters from Mr Men and Little Miss Books.

As a whole class, we all picked our characters and made our costumes for World Book Day.

We had fun dressing up as some of characters matched our personalities.


World Book Day 


We had fun going to other classes, and spending time with them to read. We got to read to nursery, they had lots of beautiful books to choose from. 

Brain Busters

On Wednesday, we had a workshop called Brain Busters. We had to work in groups to complete the task. My favourite one was building the towers because I tried my best. It was so much fun and I was happy. Also, I played floor lava where we had to use the mats to get to the other side of the hall. I worked super hard and shared ideas with my friends also doing the memory game where we had to remember 30 objects and then write as many as we remembered. 

Ghana Day

We had fun dressing up in Ghanaian clothes, and learning about Ghana and the culutre. 

It was nice to hear the different stories about what life is and was like, when our parents were living there. 

We got to try different foods from Ghana, and dance and play the drums. 


In science, we have been learning about the bones in our bodies. We labelled the different bones found in our body. We then investigated if pupils with taller femurs will jump further. We went outside and all jumped the furthest we could. 


In Literacy, we have been reading a book called The Firework Maker’s Daughter, one of the scenes is where Lila goes to the Mount Merapi a volcano to get the secret ingredient to become a firework maker. We really have honed into understanding volcanoes. We researched about the different volcanoes, the Ring of Fire and how people are affected by volcanoes.

Roots to Food

We had the opportunity to make Chicken Teriyaki. We learnt how to make the Teriyaki sauce, alongside how to cut vegetables safely using the claw and the bridge. We steamed some vegetables and cooked some with meat before adding the noodles. We had fun taking it in turns to cut the vegetables and to stir and mix the ingredients together.


We have a new PE Coach, and we have been enjoying our PE lessons. We have learnt many different techniques in PE and look forward to learning more. 


In Maths we have been looking at multiplication, multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit. We have been learning to multiply using the column method. We learnt that we need to multiply our ones first and then our tens.

Class Noticeboard

Please learn the Christmas Carole Songs- please use Youtube to help with the song. 

Reading Cloud

The barcode is your username and the password is your date of birth in the format of ddmmyyyy.

Westminster Cathedral

We went on a trip to Westminster Cathedral. We got to watch a Christmas Nativity and participate in the Christmas Caroles. We had lots of fun and loved going our first trip of the year.  


We had been given different number lunes, we had to draw them out and put in the missing value. We recognised that each interval needed to have equal amounts of space between them.


In science, we are learning about friction. We investigated how friction occurs when two objects rub together. We used weights to measure how much friction would be needed for the shoe to move. We learnt what friction meant and how friction can stop objects moving. 


In geography, we have been learning about the different continents. In groups we researched the highest mountain in different continents. Once we researched it, we wrote how tall the mountain is and discussed how mountains are measured to know how tall they are. Then we discussed our findings as a whole class and identified as whole class where the different mountains are located on each continent.

African Drumming Workshop

We have been celebrating Black History Month, and today we got to play on the African drums called djembe. We learnt the base is in the middle and the tone is on the outer side of the drum. We learnt the history behind the drums and that the djembe drums has three spirits. The spirit of the animal from which the drum head was made, the spirit of the tree used to construct the hollowed-out shell and the spirit of the instrument maker. 


We had a great time performing our Stone Age Assembly to our family and friend. We really enjoyed the song, and creating actions for it. 


We are starting to learn to play the recorder in Music lessons.  We have been using percussion instruments to learn notation and rhythm.


We had been given different number lunes, we had to draw them out and put in the missing value. We recognised that each interval needed to have equal amounts of space between them.



In Literacy we have been looking at ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We read the story, we discussed the different characters and acted out using expression to s how thoughts and feelings.


This half term, we will be looking at Stone Age, we started the lesson with discussing what the word history means and what we already know about history.

We cut out a timeline and had to put into chronological order of the events during the Stone Age to the Iron Age.