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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

Year 2 Class St. Paul


Year 2 have been learning about scientists! The first scientist we investigated was Louis Pasteur. Louis Pasteur spent time researching how diseases spread. We took this learning to do our own investigation. We put glitter on our hands and we shook hands to see how far germs can spread. This helped us to see the importance of washing our hands and keeping our hands to ourselves!

Pancake making!


Year 2 had a very exciting week learning to follow instructions for making pancakes! We used our literacy lessons to practice our instruction writing and were also making sure we were following instructions all week. Our pancakes were delicious!



We had a very exciting week in Year 2 learning about Neil Armstrong and the moon! We discovered some interesting facts about the Apollo 11 mission. We wrote invitations to friends inviting them on a journey to space with Neil Armstrong as it linked to the book 'Look Up' we were reading this week. We even did an experiment about the moon to find out how craters are made! We finished off our topic by doing a moon walk and creating our own moons using different media in art. We've enjoyed being researchers, scientists and artists this week!





Year 2 have been having a great time learning all about the oceans, seas and continents! We explored all of the above using an atlas, a globe, Google maps, aerial photographs and even some puzzles! We have also started learning about islands which is very interesting. More photos of island building to follow!

Hot seating!


Year 2 had a busy afternoon using all their knowledge about questioning! We used the drama technique 'hot seating' to become the character 'Oliver' from the book 'How to Catch a Star'. We took turns becoming Oliver and asking him questions about his adventure in the book to find out more information and practice our questions!

Happy New Year!


Welcome back year 2! We have lots of new exciting things planned for our Spring term that we will have so much fun learning about!


Ms. O' Shea & Ms. Duncan

Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to school! My name is Ms. O' Shea and I will be the teacher of Year 2 this year with Ms. Duncan and Mr. Reid. We are all very excited to welcome your children back to Year 2 and we have lots of fun and exciting learning planned for this year. We are also looking forward to getting to know you this year. 

Check in on our class page for regular updates.

Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn Term



This term we will be exploring different types of habitats! We started the lesson by looking at familiar habitats which then brought us into a discussion on micro habitats. As part of this learning we went outdoors to see if we could find any micro habitats in our school grounds.

We took pictures of some of the habitats that we found!



We have been on a musical safari!  We identified different animals from the noises they make and then used a range of instruments to create our own animal sounds.


We have been using primary sources to investigate what happened during 'The Great Fire of London'. We discovered a diary entry that we had to put back together to find out some interesting facts!




We have been using drama techniques to recall a story! We had so much fun acting out the different parts of the book for our classmates and becoming the characters from the story we're learning about!



We were working in pairs during our numeracy lesson creating challenges for each other. We had to figure out how many tens and how many ones were in a number by drawing the cubes that would represent that number. We then corrected each others work!



African Drumming!


We had an excellent time on Monday afternoon learning how to play some songs we know on the African drums to celebrate Black History Month. We also had a chance to share our knowledge about Africa which was very exciting! 



We were very lucky to have year 4 come up to our class on Friday afternoon to read some books to us! We enjoyed listening to them as they read the stories and answering any questions they asked us about the story. They were excellent role models!




Learning about animal welfare!


This week we had a guest speaker visit us in year 2 who was teaching us all about how we should look after animals. We learnt lots of new facts about caring for animals and the important things we should remember if we own a pet!

Homework - 15/11/21



We had a lot of fun this week doing our science experiment! We are learning all about food and this experiment showed us what sugary foods do to our body. First we made some predictions of what we thought might happen. Then we mixed baking soda with vinegar which made the balloon expand. After the experiment we wrote what happened!

Parent's Evening:


Dear Parents/Carers,


Parents evening will be held in the Year 2 classroom. 

Homework 22/11/21







Please ensure children are wearing their full winter uniform on Monday 29th of November. A photographer will be in the school taking pictures of various activities taking place that promote the OLOL values.

Homework 29/11/21



Safety Talk


We were very luck to have some local police officers come into our class to inform us about staying safe in our community and while travelling from one place to another. This included modes of transport and walking. We also learnt about staying safe around strangers.

Spring Term Timetable

Homework 6/12/21





Children have been invited to Google Classroom as this will be our new platform for homework. Children will be supported to log in to their accounts in school and a piece of work will be uploaded this week.

Spring Term Newsletter 2022

Year 2 Curriculum Overview 21/22