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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

St.John -Year 6

Dear Students and Parents,

I am happy to welcome each and every one of you to an exciting new term in Year 6! As we embark on the summer term, I am filled with enthusiasm and anticipation for the wonderful learning experiences and adventures that await us.

This term promises to be filled with engaging lessons, creative projects, and memorable moments. We will continue to explore new concepts, delve into fascinating subjects, and foster a positive and supportive learning environment.

I encourage you to actively participate, ask questions, and embrace the challenges that come our way. Together, we will grow as individuals and as a classroom community. I am here to support, guide, and inspire you throughout this journey.

Parents, your involvement is invaluable, and I look forward to collaborating with you to ensure the success and well-being of our students. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Let's make this summer term a time of learning, growth, and fun! Here's to a fantastic and fulfilling final primary school term ahead!

Warm regards,

Mr McNally

Year 6 Teacher

Here are the recommended reads for year 6. Enjoy reading these books.

Below are our class timetable and curriculum overview for the year.

Year 6 competing in our annual Sports Day. Well done to everyone who took part. We had a lot of fun.

Year 6 had a fantastic time learning tennis. There will be more information coming next week on opportunities for anyone who would like to learn and play tennis.

Careers Week was a huge success. Year 6 are going into the mid term break full of inspiration and confidence.

Reception Class visited Year 6 this week and got to experience reading in a Key Stage 2 setting, they really enjoyed the change of scenery. It will not be long until they find themselves in this classroom.

Year 6 carried out two inquiries to explore how black holes behave and how they are formed. We learnt about the famous scientist, Stephen Hawking.

Year 6 re enacted the gospel story John 20:1-18 'The Empty Tomb.' Managing to get outside between the rain and hail this week, was our very own Easter miracle.

Year 6 had great fun taking part in the Easter Egg Hunt and designing the eggs. Happy Easter from Year 6.

As part of Shakespeare Week, year 6 took part in an acting workshop. They learned how to perform a scene from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Year 6 received the sacrament of reconciliation and prayed the stations of the cross this week with Fr.Tony.

Happy St. Patrick’s weekend from Reception and Year 6.

Year 6 shared their love of reading with Year 2, you can see all the fantastic World Book Day costumes too.

As part of World Book Week, Year 6 took part in an online workshop via zoom. They interacted with a real life editor, publisher and agent.

Year 6 have been taking a Bikeability course everyday this week. They have been learning how to cycle safely, they even got to practise on the roads.

Year 6 took part in an online workshop this week called “Spoken Word Power.” The workshop helped them to create a poem.

My Voice is excited.

It is full with joy.

It tastes like a slice of cake.

It makes me feel like a flying bird.

It smells like my mothers' pasta.

It sounds like a racing car.

It looks like a flower thriving.

My voice is excited because I love sharing ideas with my classmates.



Year 6

Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality. They used VR headsets to solve maths related problems. They were even transported to the home of Bayern Munich, the Allianz Arena.

Our Digital Leaders showed us how to use the Green Screen app as part of Online Safety Week.

Year 6 were investigating how white light is split up when it travels through a prism. The white light is split up into the colours of the rainbow. Red light bends the least and violet bends the most.

As part of Racial Justice Sunday, Year 6 created some art work based around their chosen saint.

In Science, Year 6 were learning about refraction. We observed how images change when looking through water.

Have a look at Year 6 building their very own periscopes. Knowing how light travels and the laws of reflection were central in this being successful. Maths skills proved useful when creating angles for our mirror slots.

Year 6 were investigating how many cubes are in different sized pyramids. We eventually came up with a formula. This was tricky but the journey to the solution was fun.

Year 6 created a Maths themed art project inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. They used squares and concentric circles to create some beautiful pieces.

Year 6 were tasked with creating a floor plan of their classroom. This involved measuring, converting units and creating a scale.

It was Maths Week this week and year 6 tried to decipher 6 numbers in 5 different scripts. This tested their ability to find patterns and solve problems.

Year 6 and Reception had a chance to catch up with each other after the Christmas holidays. They had lots of fun reading to their buddies.

Year 6 completed a Christmas London Transport Research Quiz. They are now experts on train stations around London.

Year 6 enjoyed their Christmas lunch today and were looking very festive in their Christmas jumpers.

Year 6 really enjoyed the Pantomime performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Well done to the narrators, actors and singers who contributed to a fantastic Nativity Concert.

Year 6 had an unbelievable experience at the Lyceum Theatre watching Lion King. The costumes, music, singing and acting were something unforgettable.

In preparation for Shakespeare Week next term, Year 6 entered a poster competition. Here are some examples of their fantastic entries.

Year 6 have been busy making bracelets that we will sell at the upcoming Christmas Fayre. It’s been like Santa’s Workshop at times.

Year 6 invited parents to take part in a special Advent Liturgy. The theme was to be ready for we do not know the day nor the hour when the Master will return.

Year 6 have been busy preparing for Advent. Our Liturgical Team made a beautiful Advent wreath and crib scene. Our class door depicts the Nativity scene and includes our Advent wishes.

Page Paradise has been created in the Year 6 classroom.

Year 6 have been locating physical features within the UK, such as mountains and rivers using atlases. We even extended our search to look at some of the main mountains around the world using Busy Things.

It was Friendship Week and Year 6 produced poetry, posters and letters to their Year 1 selves.

Year 6 took part in the Junior Citizenship Scheme at Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre. They learned a lot of important life skills that they can take into secondary school.

Year 6 completed a hot seating activity and tried to get inside the head of the main character in our new book. Our new book is called 'The Journey' by Francesca Sanna.

Our Year 6 Liturgical Team continue to keep our Prayer Garden looking great.

Thursday 12th October saw the school celebrate Spanish Day. Lunch was spanish themed and year 6 completed some art work in the style of Pablo Picasso. The cubism style was really fun to recreate. Year 6 continued practising division in Maths but wrote their answers in spanish.

World Mental Health Day takes place every year on the 10th of October. The aim of the day is to help people learn about mental health and understand what it is and how they can look after it. World Mental Health Day also encourages people to talk about their feelings. To acknowledge the importance of this, year 6 took part in a mindfulness workshop on Wednesday 11th October 2023.

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Spanish Theme Day – Thursday 12th October


To enrich our MFL curriculum we will be celebrating all things Spanish next Thursday 12th October.


Pupils are to come into school dressed in the colours of Spain, or traditional Spanish clothing, and will be treated to a Spanish themed lunch.


We will have lots of Spanish based activities to make it a fun-packed day!


Kind regards,


Mr. McNally

Year 6 delivered an assembly on the Shang Dynasty, they performed poetry, traditional Chinese music and gave us lots of information about how the Shang people lived.

Year 6 had their Ancient China Theme Day. Here you can see how we drew some beautiful Chinese dragons.

Some Chinese poetry as part of Year 6's Ancient China Theme Day.

Year 6 sampling some Chinese vegetable dumplings. A big thank you for the effort that went into these from one of our fantastic Year 6 parents. They were delicious.

To celebrate Black History Month and National Poetry Day, Year 6 have been looking at the poet Roger Robinson and his beautiful poem, 'A Portable Paradise'. You can see below how they used this poem for inspiration to create their own poems about their very own version of paradise.

Year 6 took Nursery to our local Church. They completed a scavenger hunt together. They had to find things like the Tabernacle and Sanctuary Lamp.

In R.E., year 6 have been learning about the 7 sacraments in the Catholic Church. They identified all the signs and symbols for each sacrament.

The Year 6 boys expertly maintaining the school prayer garden and keeping it looking great.

The Year 6 girls had a visitor from St Claudine's. The school chaplain, Mrs. Annmarie Sylvester-Charles, explained to them why they should consider St Claudine's for their secondary school destination.

Year 6 took to the playground to practise classifying things using a classification key. We then took this method and applied it to living things.

Year 6 finished their first strand (Place Value) in Maths. We applied all our knowledge to compete against each other through a fun game.

In Literacy Year 6 were looking at a poem by James Reeves called 'The Sea'. We wrote a poem in a similar style and performed them for each other. When performing we had to think about pace, tone and which words we emphasised.

Year 6 met their Reception Buddies for the first time. As the eldest pupils in the school and role models, they welcomed and got to know some of the youngest members of our school community. Every Friday Year 6 and Reception eat lunch together and read together in the afternoon. It was great to see so many new friendships and the love of learning that was taking place.

This week was our first opportunity as a Year 6 class to use the school chapel. We spent some time reflecting on what has went well, what can go better and what we would like to achieve this year. We asked for guidance and strength for the year ahead. We also remembered those less fortunate than ourselves, like the people of Morocco and Libya that we have been reading about in the news.