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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

St. Peter - Y1

Welcome to the Summer Term!


It is the final term of Year 1 before you go into Year 2!


We will be updating our class page weekly to showcase all our learning that takes place.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Mister Coranti and Miss Duncan

Here are some of the last pictures of Year 1 children before our well-deserved holidays. On Tuesday, we did a 'time treasure hunt' and today we had our End Of Year Party. Enjoy your summer holidays and come back to Year 2 full of energy and eager to learn even more.

Here some Year 1 pictures from Sports Day!! Have a nice weekend!

Year 1 has had a busy timetable: We finished our finger puppets, we watered cress seeds as we have been learning about the Mustard Seed Parable in RE. Furthermore, we meditated and even had a Mandarin lesson. Here some photos of the events. Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday afternoon has been quite busy for Year 1. We began our afternoon singing and dancing 'Macarena' and they are getting pretty good at it. Also, right after the dancing, we calmed down and did Collective Worship Assembly. Apart from that, we finished our Friday by starting to sew our hand puppets. They are ready now and they will be decorated by next Friday. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Year 1 created human clocks in the KS1 playground this week. You can ask your child the time they are representing in the images.

This week Year 1 had a cricket lesson and they really enjoyed it. Apart from that, we had an airport and a train station in Maths where they had to buy tickets paying the exact amount of money. They were a bargain! Children loved it too.

It was Careers Week in OLOL and it turned out to be such a fun and productive week. We had Paramedics, Fire Fighters, Doctors, Doggy Day Care Staff, Dentists and all sort of professional workers. They talked about their jobs and hopefully they have inspired the children to select what they want to be when they grow up. We also had a shop in Year 1 where they had to buy lots of items from the shopkeepers using coins. It has been such a fun week. Here some pictures. Have a lovely half -term!

As part of our RE lesson, Year 1 had to work together as a team to solve different challenges like puzzles and charades. Also, they created two types of posters that involved teamwork: "How to look after ourselves" and "How to look after our school and community".

This Thursday Year 1 went out to the KS1 Playground for an Australian Animals Treasure Hunt. They had so much fun and it got quite competitive. We spoke about their favourite animals and their habitats.

This week has been hectic for Year 1. We had our Class Assembly on Thursday morning and the Class Party in the afternoon. Furthermore, we have also been doing some Coronation Activities.

On Thursday, Year 1 had to build castles with Legos. There were different aspects to look out for and award points: teamwork, design, presentation of their final product and originality. We talked about the different features of the castles and what would make a great and impenetrable stronghold or fortress.

Today Year 1 created the shields for our St. George's Assembly. We used cereal boxes and painted them in white and red, just like the English flag. Thank you for bringing the cereal boxes.

This week Year 1 have been mastering addition and subtraction up to 20. We have been using the number line to help us and we made sure we learnt the number will get bigger when adding (moving to the right) and the number will get smaller when subtracting (going to the left on the number line).

This week Year 1 have been learning about Palm Sunday and The Last Supper in Religious Education. We recreated the Palm Sunday step by step; how Jesus' two disciples got a donkey and how they entered Jerusalem cheered by the disciples/Israelites waving palm leaves. There are also some unhappy Pharisees in the crowd, let's see if you can spot them.

Today we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in OLOL. The children in Year 1 enjoyed some Irish dancing and music. Also, we decorated an Irish hat and created a St. Patrick's Day card. It has been such a fun day!

This week Year 1 students have been working on capacity and volume. We have been using jugs, cups, water, sand and cubes to measure the capacity of different containers.

This week Year 1 has been measuring and comparing the mass of different objects in the classroom using cubes. We used a scale to find out the mass in cubes of those objects and make predictions. And talking about predictions, today we moved onto capacity, and most of the children assumed that the taller container would hold more water than the shorter but wider one. We had to demonstrate the result visually.

Year 1 has been focusing on measuring the length of some objects of the classroom. The children first measured the objects using cubes and paper clips, having them both levelled up with the object they were measuring. After that, they measured different objects using a ruler starting from 0 (giving the length or height in cm).

Chapel - Collective Worship

Number Day

Well done Year 1 for making a great effort for Number Day. The children were challenged to order themselves using their own numbers. Great team work!

Year 1 Class Liturgy

Well done Year 1 you learnt and performed an amazing liturgy about the Holy Spirit! 

Wednesday Word

Maths - Ordering Numbers

In Maths we are looking at number sequences. The children need to be able to order the numbers and fill in the missing gaps of a sequence. Well done Year 1 for working together to complete the numberline. 

PE - Throwing and catching games

In computing the children have been beginning to look at basic codes. They have been using the basic codes to move different objects from one place to another. 

Hello and welcome back to Year 1. 

It has been a pleasure to watch the progress the children have been making during the last term. We are looking forward to another fun, exciting and productive term. 


Keep checking our page for weekly photos. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 


Miss Davies and Ms Duncan.

Time in the Chapel

Grandad’s Island - Acting out the story

The past few weeks we have been reading the story Grandad's Island the class were acting out the key scenes in the story. Each group had to guess what part of the story each group was acting out. Great team work Year 1. 

Month of the Rosary

The Minnie Vinnie's came to visit our class to pray the rosary. They taught us what each section of the rosary means and how we can use it to help us pray.  

During history we have been looking at Castles. The children had the chance to build their own Castles in a team. They had to try and include as many features of a castle as they could. Well done Year 1. 

Black History Month - Imani's Moon

We are celebrating Black History Month by reading the inspiring story Imani's moon. It is a story about a girl who is extremely brave and inspires others to never give up. Here the children are freeze framing scenes from the story. 

Recommended books to read with your child.

Making number lines

The children were making number lines using their shoes, cubes and dominoes. They were able to match the correct amount to the corresponding number. 

The Way Back Home - Acting out the story.

The children were re-telling and acting out the story The Way Back Home. The children worked in pairs to show key parts of the story through speech and drama. 

Maths - 1 more and 1 less

In Maths the children have been learning how to count 1 more and 1 less. They have been using counters and number lines to identify the number and count backwards or forwards. 

RE - In the Beginning

During our first RE lesson we listened to the creation story and discussed what God did on each day. The children took it in turns to read a section of the story. Well done for such great listening skills Year 1! 

Hello and Welcome to Year 1


My name is Miss Davies and I will be teaching Year 1 alongside Ms Duncan. We look forward to watching all the children progress and grow throughout the year. Check out this page weekly to see photo updates of all the fun learning taking place. 


Please see below a link to the Year 1 Curriculum outlining all the exciting learning opportunities your child will experience this academic year.


Please join us for our Curriculum Expectations Evening on Tuesday 20th September at 3.45pm.  The meeting will be held in our classroom.