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Catholic Primary School

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Our attendance for year 2020-2021 was 97.5%

Academic year 2020-2021 our target was 96.0%

We exceeded our target by 1.5%.



Our Vision is to ensure that every child at this school is provided with the best opportunities to be successful citizens of the future through an excellent education with access to the best teaching, curriculum resources and learning environment possible.


We aim to provide a broad and balanced global curriculum to encourage independent thinking and encompass teaching about a wide variety of cultures and faiths. 


As a Catholic School, we provide pupils with principles and teaching of the Catholic Church.  We promote key Christian values of honesty, endurance, hope, courage, empathy, self- esteem, self-control and humility to strengthen their understanding of common good and positive societal values.


We aim to support every child to achieve their full potential and leave the school prepared to meet the challenges of the next phase of their education and future career.


Poor attendance and poor punctuality have a detrimental effect on children’s learning and hinder our efforts to achieve the development of the full potential of each child in our care.  The importance of regular attendance and punctuality is regularly emphasised to children and parents.  This policy sets out the strategies which are being developed to improve attendance and punctuality



We aim to:

  • Provide an environment where all pupils feel valued and welcome.
  • Maintain an attendance level of a minimum of 96%
  • Maintain children’s and families awareness of the importance of regular attendance and good punctuality.


Good attendance is important because:


  • Statistics show a direct link between poor attendance and under-achievement
  • Regular attenders make better progress, both socially and academically
  • Regular attenders find school routines and school work easier to manage
  • Regular attenders find learning more satisfying
  • Regular attenders have an easier transfer to secondary school.


Parents/carers can help by:

  • Ringing on the first morning of all absences with the reason for absence and an indication of when the child is expected to return to school
  • Arranging dental and doctor appointments out of school hours or during school breaks
  • Sending a note to school explaining the reason for absence on a child’s return to school
  • Keeping school updated, either by telephone or letter, if a child has an extended period of absence due to illness.


School will:

  • Follow up any unexplained absences by telephone, text or letter as soon as possible
  • Remind parents/carers of the importance of regular attendance and punctuality in assemblies, newsletters and the school brochure
  • Acknowledge and reward good attendance and punctuality.
  • Publish the child’s attendance on their annual report
  • Inform parents/carers of any concerns regarding their child’s attendance and punctuality


Any child who is absent from school at the morning or afternoon registration period must have their absence recorded as being authorised, unauthorised or as an approved educational activity (attendance out of school).  Only the Head teacher or a member of staff acting on their behalf can authorise absence.  If there is no known reason for the absence at registration, then the absence must be recorded in the first instance as unauthorised.



Attendance during one school year

Equals days absent

Which means this number of lessons missed


9 Days

45 Lessons


19 Days

95 Lessons


29 Days

145 Lessons