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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

St. Paul - Y2

Welcome to the Summer Term!


It's the final term of Year Two before the pupils go onto Key Stage 2! 


We are looking forward to continuing to watch all the children progress and grow throughout the year. Check out this page weekly to see photo updates of all the fun learning taking place. 


Please see below a link to the Year 2 Curriculum outlining all the exciting learning opportunities your child will experience this academic year.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 




Miss Patel



We have been learning about the Mustard Seed Parable, we enjoyed planting our own mustard plant. 

Wacky Hat

We enjoyed making wacky hats at home and donating £1 to the St Johns Hospice.


We enjoy playing the glockenspiel in Music. We learnt new notes. 



Every week, we get to go to the library. We get to take out new books and enjoy reading as a group or individually. We love the library. 


In RE, we have been learning about the Catholic Social Justice Teachings, the theme is dignity of the human person.  We learned that when we help and love another with all our strength then we can do much more because we are very strong.

We carried out a series of experiments to test the meaning of strength in numbers. We discussed why working together we can achieve more than alone. We enjoyed building towers and experimenting how long it would take to fill a jug with water using a teaspoon.


We enjoy our PE Lessons outside with Coach Tim, we get to use the hoops and the ball to roll and run around the hoop. 


We have had lots of fun in computing using Scratch and creating different objects. 

Middlesex Cricket

We had a fantastic session with Middlesex Cricket, we got to bowlers and fielders. We even played a game of volcanoes and craters. 

Careers Week

We have had lots of fun this week during Careers Week. We got to meet lots of different people in different work fields and got to see  and use first hand how the hose is used in a fire! 

We enjoyed dressing up as what we would like our future careers to be. 

Church Visit

In RE, we have been learning about the Easter Vigil. We got to go to the church and learn about the significance of light and water. We learnt lots about those symbols and why they are important during the Easter Vigil. 

Afternoon Tea

We had a fun filled afternoon with an afternoon tea and a quiz! We had so much fun and with our parents and doing the quiz!

Royal Dress UP

We had lots of fun dressing up for the King's Coronation. We enjoyed our day. 

D&T- Carriages

We used our shoe boxes to make Royal Carriages. We looked at different carriages before beginning to make ours. Our favourite part was painting the boxes and putting on the wheels. We have left them to dry! We will be taking more pics of them after we have finished them. 

Art Collage

We have been learning about the King's Coronation and getting ready for our Afternoon Tea. 

We have enjoyed learning about the History of King Charles, we learnt about his earlier life and about his family. 


We have had lots of fun learning the a song about the Coronation and coming up with actions. 


n English, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We already know some information about the Great Fire of London as we have been learning about it in English. We read some diaries from Samuel Pepys and we used the shapes to identify the different features of the diary. 


In maths we have been learning about capacity. We learnt the difference of the meaning between capacity and volume. We had been given different volumes of water, we had to pout into the beaker, we had to check which beaker could be used become of the beakers capacity was 200ml and others could be up to 100ml or even 1l.

Hello and welcome back to Year 2!


We are delighted to welcome everyone back to what I am sure will be a busy and fulfilling term. 


Keep up to date here on our class page to see all the exciting work we are doing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 


Ms. Patel

Maths and English​​​​​​​

In maths we have been learning about measurements and weight. 

We got to measure out  and weigh the ingredients to make pancakes.  In English, we have been reading Mr Wolf's pancakes and learning about instructions. We used the instructions of how to make pancakes to make our own. 



In Art, we have been learning about clay and we looked at an artist called Clarice Cliff before making our own clay pots, we spent the lesson exploring clay. 


 In Science, we are learning about plants, using our instructions we created last week, we grew our own runner beans, that we will be growing, over this half term we will be observing the beans to see what it needs to stay alive.

World Book Day 

We had a fantastic day dressing up for World Book Day! We got to dress up as our favourite characters and some of us dressed as characters we knew from books we have read. 

We spent the day doing World Book day activities and telling the class what we dressed up and re-told the story. 

World Book Day Reading 

We were lucky to have year 5 to come and read with us. We got to pick some of our books from the library and Year 5 read with us and listened to us read. We had so much fun, some of us even got to read with our brothers and sisters. 


In maths, we looked at what it means to be equal groups and how to make them. We had to make money into equal groups, we had to count to a certain amount and then put them into equal groups.

We had to write the number sentence when found the equal groups.



This week, we went to our chapel and did our collective worship. We got to reflect on what kindness is and how we can be kind to one and other. 


For Maths week, we have been learning about money. There were three different stalls in the class where we could make purchases. We then had to figure out how much change we would get.


In groups we looked at the different objects and put them into groups. We learnt that some objects were once alive because the material had come from trees and animals. For example, Dry leaves on the ground are dead, but they were once part of a living tree. Bones were once part of a living animal that now is dead. We discussed that anything metal, plastic or stone has never been alive.


We had to come up with questions to ask the red crayon how he felt, and what would make the red crayon feel better. We learnt that the red crayon felt over-used during the holidays and did not feel appreciated.  Some of us got to play the red crayon and hot seat how it felt.


First, in partners we had to retell the story and answer questions about Samuel Pepys and why it took Samuel Pepys a long time to get out. We un picked the story and in groups we acted out the story and came up with our own ideas of why it took so long for Samuel Pepys to come out.

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Welcome to Year 2!


My name is Miss Patel and working with me to support the children is Ms John. We are very excited about the year ahead and are looking forward to seeing your child thrive.


Please drop in weekly for updates on all the exciting activities and learning opportunities that the children will engage in.


Recommended Reading List

Please find below, a recommended reading list for year 2. Please send a note in, if you would like a particular book to be taken out from the library that week. Hope you enjoy reading these books!


We learnt about a Jesse tree and found out the Jesse tree is used during the Advent to tell stories from the Bible. We had fun making ornaments for our own Jess tree and used symbols related to Bible Stories.

Class Assembly

This week, we had the pleasure of doing a class assembly on Remembrance Day. Thank you for coming to watch our class assembly. 


In art, we have been looking at different ways we can use tissue paper. We made poppies for Remembrance Day using different shades of Red.


In maths we have been learning addition and exchanging. We used dienes and our whiteboards to draw the tens and ones on our whiteboards.  When we had more then ten ones we exchanged it for a ten. Then we counted how many we had altogether, to complete the number sentence.

Black History Month


Book Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door by Lola Moraya (Pen name of two creative artists Tola Okogwa and Jasmine Richards and illustrated by Cory Reid)


Year 2 are celebrating Black History Month by reading the book called Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door we will be creating a nonfiction report on Nigeria. It is our first chapter book, and we are so excited to see what happens next. We acted out what had happened in the first chapter, where Aziza hears a loud knock from the secret door. We then acted out what we think might happen after she opens the door. We cannot wait to read chapter 2, to find out what is really behind the door.  Year 2 Ndongo


Tọlá Okogwu

is a British-Nigerian children’s author, journalist, and hair care educator. She believes it’s important for children to read books that are reflective of their own experiences, as well as other cultures and she seeks to create these opportunities through her books and wider writing.


Jasmine is an author, former children’s publisher, screenwriter and founder of Storymix an inclusive fiction studio with a social purpose. Storymix creates children’s stories with diverse casts of characters in an organic, joyful and authentic way. The studio also works with emerging and established writers and illustrators from BME backgrounds to offer pathways into publishing.

We've just finished this brilliant chapter book about a magical toy world! I loved the idea of a magical world that can be secretly visited at night made me wish I could go there every night. We raced through the book as we wanted to see if Aziza would catch up with the Gigglers and get her door knob back. This is book you must read, you will wish you had a secret door- Year 2


Anyone who likes fairies, unicorns and shapeshifting bears will love Shimmerton. My favourite part was when Felly, Kendra and Noon threw slime at Aziza, Tiko and Peri. You never know what will happen next! The characters were funny, kind and curious except for the Gigglers, who were rather annoying with their mean tricks. If I was Aziza I might have just stayed in Shimmerton it seems like a nice place to live because I would love to fly and meet a unicorn. I would definitely like to read the next book in the series if it’s going to be as adventurous and funny as this story. -Year 2



In Art, we have celebrating Black History Month by looking at African Prints. We then created our own self portraits using bright colours and African patterns.  We had lots of fun using oil pastels.


In Literacy, we have been reading about Aziza’s secret fairy door. It is our first chapter book, and we are so excited to see what happens next. We acted out what had happened in the first chapter, where Aziza hears a loud knock from the secret door. We then acted out what we think might happen after she opens the door. We cannot wait to read chapter 2, to find out what is really behind the door.


In Maths we have been looking at numbers’ lines up to 100. We drew our own number lines and put the increments in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Our partner had to identify the number that we had drawn the arrow to. We used 100cm rulers to help us identify the numbers. 



We did an investigation to check which different textures of materials would not absorbed the water, if it had absorbed water. We then turned the material around and coloured a patch of material with a crayon to see if it would absorb.



In Literacy, we have been reading the story of the Little Red Reading Hood. We went to our local area park, and pretended we were in the woodlands. We used the Fantastics, to explore the environment through the various lenses. We took pictures to remember what the woodlands looked like, and created a word bank in the park using alliteration.


In RE, we are learning about the Genesis Story, we read the story from the Bible, and had to retell the 7 days of the world being created. We pretended to be the different parts of the things that God created over the seven days in the Genesis Part 2 story. This helped us learn the order of how the world was created over the 7 days.