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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

St. Francis - Nursery

Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Nursery class. My name is Mrs Szymczak and working alongside me is Mrs Hopkins. We are very exited about the year ahead.

We know that starting school is a huge step and our aim is to create calm, friendly and fun environment to ensure your children settle well. 

Watch the space to see all the fun and exiting things we do in class!



As we are now coming to the end of term, Nursery and Reception came together to enjoy a picnic with each other. Children made their own jam sandwiches and most of all they enjoyed making bubbles.

Nursery children worked so hard in Phonics and now enjoy writing CVC words!

On Friday children were so excited to bake mermaid cupcakes.

Nursery children were overjoyed with the Goldilocks and the three bears assembly. Thank you Parents for attending this special event!

In Maths children were building under the sea castles and talked about the shapes they had used and their properties.

We continued with the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’, children enjoyed retelling the story using small world setting.

We read the book 'The Little Mermaid' this week, children enjoyed making the mermaid tails, afterwards children had an opportunity to wear them.

Caritas in action - God made me and loves me very much. Children stuck their pictures onto the centre of the heart with a phrase underneath - God loves me very much. Afterwards, we gathered together in a circle, each child held their picture up and showed it to their friends. Pupils were invited to come forward one at a time and placed their picture by the candle. While doing this, the children were saying together: Name of a child... ‘Is very beautiful’.

This week children were introduced to the new topic ‘Adventures under the sea’ and they were happy to explore the new role play area.

We finally released our beautiful butterflies!

As it was Careers Week, on Thursday, children came to school dressed up as a person they would like to be when they grow up. They looked fantastic and enjoyed the day very much.

During Careers Week nursery children really enjoyed the Fire Brigade visit. They had an opportunity to sit in the fire engine and use the water hose.

Children also had a chance to play different roles during this week, they were firefighters, doctors, police officers, teachers and many more.

Careers Week

Careers Week runs from 22nd to 26th of May, it will be a fun week where pupils can explore their aspirations and dreams.

On Thursday 25th, children are invited to come to school dressed in the clothing/uniform of a career that interest them.

In numeracy this week children went on a vegetable number hunt in the playground. Their task was to work in groups, find the vegetables numbered 1 -10 and then arrange them in the correct order.

Children were very engaged in the’ Oliver’s vegetables’ story, they enjoyed activities linked to it.

Welcome to Summer Term!

A warm welcome back to the final term of Nursery. We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and we are happy to see the children again. 

We read the book ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and talked about the life cycle of a butterfly. Children were very excited that real caterpillars have arrived. Pupils are looking forward to see them grow and become beautiful butterflies.

To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, nursery and reception organised a Tea Party in the playground. We had a great time, children took part in preparations for the party and they were very excited to see their parents joining in. Thank you parents for attending and all the support to make that day a special occasion.

On Wednesday nursery children took part in a ‘Peter Pan’ drama workshop , they really enjoyed singing and acting out.

We continued with the story 'Handa's surprise' for this week, children made fruit collage portraits inspired by the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

In literacy we read the book 'Handas Surprise'. We talked about the fruits from the story and after a tasting session we made a tally to represent our favourite.

Caritas in Action - Discovering God's beautiful creation.

Nursery children with assistance from Year 5 pupils went on a special walk to see how many parts of God's beautiful creation they could find. Afterwards they created collages of the different aspects of creation, like water, plans and animals. 

Nursery children had fun with reception at the end of term Easter party.

Nursery children went on Egg-cellent hunt

Nursery Children had great fun on their Easter Egg hunt.

The Easter bunny left the children to find and solve the different clues in order to move forward and find the next one. When the children found and solved all the clues they were treated to a yummy Easter egg!


Easter Hamper Raffle
Thank you to all our families who have sent in Easter Eggs. To ensure that we have an abundance of Hampers, we are asking for Easter egg donations. If you would be willing to donate an Easter egg please send it in with your child, or you can drop it into the school office. Many thanks for your support.

Easter Disco

This week’s focus in Nursery was all about pets. We talked about what pets need and how to look after them. We had a fantastic guest who came to visit the nursery children – the friendly dog, called Nipsy. Children had an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about how to look after a pet. They were very excited to be able to hug and stroke him.

World Book Day Thursday 2nd March 2023


As World Book Day will be on Thursday 2nd March 2023, pupils can come to school dressed as their favourite book character.

This week we continued with the story of 'The three little pigs', children acted out the story with props and lots of expression.

Which animals are heavier than the Three Little Pigs? In maths children investigated the weight based on’ The Three Little Pigs’ story. Children were testing the weight of different animals using the balance scale to find out which ones weighed more than three pigs.

In the nursery we read the story of 'The three little pigs'. We investigated the materials the pigs used for their houses to see which one would be the best. We used our lungs and the 'wolf hairdryer' to test which material is the strongest. After we made our own straw, stick and brick houses with junk modeling.

We talked about Shrove Tuesday and made some pancakes of our own. Ask your children if they can remember the ingredients we used. Can they talk about the changes as the pancakes being cooked - did they look any different?

In nursery children learnt about healthy food, they made delicious fruit kebabs while discussing ‘fairness’ and making sure that everybody took turns and had enough to eat.

This week we read the story 'Room on the broom'. Children were retelling the story independently and drew some healthy food for the dragon's lunchbox. They also attempted to write the initial letters of the items.

GOD IS HERE THE WAY WE LOVE EACH OTHER. In RE lesson we talked about love. Children decorated heart shaped biscuits and gave them to the people in class who show that God is here by the way they love us.

Nursery children worked hard building bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

We read the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, children were retelling and acting out the story. They were so good at it!

Friday 20th January will be ‘Wear a Number to School Day’ when we are inviting all pupils to come to school wearing a number. Pupils can wear their own clothes but they must be wearing a number e.g sports top or hat etc. Please do not purchase any items. If your child does not own such an item, then simply stick a number of choice to their clothing. 

Friday – Number Day – We’re going on a number hunt... On the last day of the Maths Week, children went on a walk around the school to find numbers in the environment! They were very engaged and found many numbers!

Thursday – Comparing sizes! Nursery children had so much fun working in pairs to build towers and comparing their sizes afterwards.

Wednesday – Obstacle Course. We set up a simple course with, for instance, bench to balance along, hops to jump in, tunnel to crawl through and planks to go over or under. Children were encouraged to tell what they are doing, for example: ’I’m going over, under, through...’

Tuesday - Shape – Up! Children enjoyed spontaneous exploration of geometric shapes and talked about them.

MATHS WEEK – Monday patterns. We began our maths week by playing with patterns. Children enjoyed working together and creating different patterns. They had so much fun making patterns with paint and stamps.

Children listened to the story 'Bedtime for monsters'. They took part in many activities related to the book, but making their own wonderful monsters they enjoyed the most.

Every Tuesday nursery class have an opportunity to learn computing. They really enjoy it!

Happy New Year Everyone and welcome back! We hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We are very happy to see the children back and looking so excited and refreshed. This week in Nursery, we have started our new topic ‘Imagine’ and children have been exploring our new role play area - Space. We have also enjoyed getting back into the Nursery routine and playing with our friends.

Happy New Year!


Welcome to the Spring Term!


It has been a pleasure to watch your children settle and grow, we will continue to upload this page to show their brilliant work.


Kind regards

Nursery Team 




PTA Newsletter

Children enjoyed dressing up for the Nativity!

Christmas Lunch & Christmas Jumper Day
Our Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day will be on Tuesday, December 13th.
Pupils are allowed to wear their Christmas Jumpers over their school uniform polo shirt and tracksuit bottom.

Children made a music/action map of the repeated text from the story 'We're going on the bear hunt', e.g. long wavy grass – waving arms and making a sh sound, river – splash water in a sealed bottle, mud – stamping feet, forest – waving crackly paper, snowstorm – shakers, cave – drum bang. After we decided to go on a bear hunt. We went through the wavy grass, cold river, oozy mud, dark forest and swirling snowstorm. Finally, we found a bear in the cave. Some of us got scared!

Children enjoyed watching the Aladdin pantomime this week.

In nursery class we read the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Children took part in many activities linked to the story, for example: we discussed woodland animals, described characters from the story, made a collage, counted food that was in the basket and retelling stories through movements.

In nursery this week children used natural materials to create patterns.

We began to hold our class worship in our beautiful chapel where we reflect and pray together.

The Three Bears Porridge. Children enjoyed making a nutritious breakfast as they read the story of 'Goldilocks and the three bears'.

We started nursery Stay and Play sessions today. This is a fantastic opportunity to see how your child is learning in the class environment. Children really enjoyed having their relatives in class.

Other faith week - Judaism. This week nursery children have been learning about Judaism. Children tried some traditional clothing and made a Menorah, which is one of the Jewish symbols.

Thank you parents for dressing the children in beautiful consumes. They all looked fabulous for the Cultural Assembly.

During RE lesson nursery children were looking at the Bible. They listened to the story of Noah's Ark and enjoyed retelling it trough play. Children also explored colour mixing as God created beautiful colours.

Dear Parents,


On Friday the 21st, we will have a Whole School Cultural Assembly. Children are welcome to wear their cultural clothes on that day.


Kind regards

Mrs Szymczak


To celebrate the Black History Month, we have been focusing on a Black British Poet - Jospeh Coelo, who wrote the poem 'I Spy'. We continued learning about ourselves. We had so much fun counting our body parts, exploring through movements how our body parts work, singing and listening to different styles of music. We discussed similarities and differences between people and made a diversity chain.

We went on a listening walk around the school and heard lots of different sounds. Kaiel - Kai said 'I hear a hammer.', Khalil said 'I hear a motorbike', Liana said 'I hear a train'.

This week nursery have listened to the story of 'Owl babies'. The children retold the story themselves using small world props and created their own owl babies using different materials. They also explored the den to experience the dark wood.

On the 4th of October nursery children have made animal cookies to celebrate St. Francis, the patron of our class - saint of nature and animals.

'How old are you?' Children enjoyed making birthday cupcakes using playdough. They were placing number candles in them and then adding plain candles to match the corresponding number.

This week in nursery we have been very busy. We have started to explore our new topic All About Me. The children discussed about themselves and has made lovely self portraits, which they really enjoyed.

Welcome to Nursery to all our new children and families! We had a busy, but exciting week exploring our environment and making new friends.