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Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Growing together in faith, hope and courage, we inspire each other, learning to continue Christ’s Mission.

St. Matthew - Y3

Welcome to Summer!


New term. New learning adventures.


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Wackey Hat Day: Year 3 raising funds for St. John's Hospice

Interfaith Week: Islam - Building our mosque using clay

Middlesex cricket coach with year3

Careers Week: Excitement when meeting the Fire Brigade

Careers Week: What are our strengths?

Careers Week - Life as a Paramedic

When they grow up they would like to be...


Proud of our finished collages

Royal Crowns...A Crowning Glory

Year 3 - Food waste Poster Competition

Year 3 Showing they Care

Year 5 joining Year three in Liturgy

New Year. New Adventures!

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can't wait to see all of you back in class and ready for the new term.


Warmest regards,


Ms. Yousif


Hello and Welcome to Year 3


We look forward to watching all the children progress and grow throughout the year. Check out this page weekly to see photo updates of all the fun learning taking place. 


Please see below a link to the Year 3 Curriculum outlining all the exciting learning opportunities your child will experience this academic year.



Please see below the recommended reading list for year 3. If your child would like to borrow a particular book from the library, please kindly send a note to the class teacher. 


SCIENCE INVESTIGATION: What liquids damage our teeth?

SCIENCE: Investigating the effects of different liquids on egg enamel


Maths Week

Roots to Food

Our Mission Statement

We used the words from our new school mission statement to create beautiful stained glass windows.  These will go on in display in the school chapel.

~English and Drama~


This week we have been reading the story book called “The Journal of Iliona a Young Slave”. In our English lesson, we started off with watching a selection of scenes about Spartacus, and how the Gladiator slaves were trained in preparation for fighting. Then we worked in pairs acting out a scene play of two Gladiators; the rest of the class observed. At the end of the lesson, we discussed as a class and shared our thoughts about which gladiator may have had the worst experience in the arena.


“Gladiator Idara defeated gladiator Muzamil like a tiger trying to hunt for its prey.” - Antoni


“Gladiator Antoni defeated gladiator Tiwa with a shiny sword as sharp as an iceberg.” - Angel​

~ Judaism Week - Learning about Place of Worship ~


We have been learning about the Jewish faith in our R.E lessons. We had an amazing day visiting the Jewish Museum. We worked on a range of workshops from, exploring and identifying different symbolic objects that are important to Jewish people. We also had the opportunity to learn how to write our names in Hebrew, along with creating our own handmade candles.


“I enjoyed my time in the Jewish Museum because I was able to learn how to write my name in Hebrew”. - Dean


“I had lots of fun making my candle out of wax.” - Denisa


“ I had so much fun making my mini candle, which represents Havdalah.” - Akeem

~ Science - Investigating the Porosity of Rocks ~


We did a practical investigation to test how much water each piece of rock can hold through its pores. We began the lesson by observing the surface of each rock using microscopic images, and this allowed us to identify that some rocks have more pores than others. Then we recorded the mass of each rock before and after it was placed in the water. This experiment allowed us to explore which rock was more permeable than the others. By the end of the lesson, we were able to explain that the number of pores of each rock affected its ability to hold water.

~ Black History Month ~


For our Black History Month, we have been reading the book, ‘To liberty – The Adventure of Thomas Alexandre Dumas’ by Catherine Johnson and Rachel Sanson – he is truly a fascinating figure that fought for freedom. We have done a range of learning activities in appreciation of Black History Month. We started our month by taking a moment to observe the front cover of the book in order to make predictions about the story. Following on, we researched about his family and his life achievements. Most recently, we enjoyed the role play which helped us understand his relationship with his father. We were able to feel the hardship he lived and the life of a slave during the French Revolution.

~ Maths ~


This week we have been learning to add and subtract in 100s, 10s and 1s. In pairs, we went on a quest to crack a code for Mr Digits. We used place value grid and counters to help us solve different Maths problems, as well as create our own. We applied our mathematical knowledge to solve the code successfully, which was ‘inverse’ itself. By the end of our lesson, we understood inverse and was able to share examples to the class.​


~ English - Drama ~


We have been reading the book, “Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp”, by Philip Pullman. In our English lesson, we worked in groups and acted out the scene where Aladdin was trapped in the cave. By acting out the scene, we were able to understand how Aladdin may have been feeling, which in turn helped us be creative with our writing.


Aladdin could see sneaky scavenging bats all around the cave. -Tiwa


When Aladdin was stuck in the cave he saw rough bumpy stone walls as black as a panther’s fur. - Jamie



~ St. Matthew's Feast Day ~


On Wednesday 21st September we celebrated St. Matthew’s feast day. Our teacher had planned various exciting tasks for us to complete. We started with a fun treasure hunt activity and found lots of interesting facts about St. Matthew. Then, we worked in pairs to research about St. Matthew’s life and designed an informative magazine article. Towards the end the day, we thoroughly enjoyed recreating art work on St. Matthew. Most importantly, we learnt the value of our class name after listening to the story of St. Matthew. This taught us the importance of giving people a second chance, just like Jesus did.​

~ Science - Observing and Classifying Rocks  ~


In science, we have been learning about different types of rocks. We have observed and classified different pieces of unknown rocks by describing their physical characteristics. We learnt there are many different rocks, but they all fall into one of three categories: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.