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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

Catholic Life of the School

The Catholic Life of our School

October-The Month of the Rosary-Monday Pupil Led Worship Assembly by Y6 pupils

October-The Month of the Rosary-Monday Pupil Led Worship Assembly by Y6 pupils 1
October-The Month of the Rosary-Monday Pupil Led Worship Assembly by Y6 pupils 2
October-The Month of the Rosary-Monday Pupil Led Worship Assembly by Y6 pupils 3

Year 2 Class Liturgy Thursday 21st June

Year 2 prepared and delivered a beautiful liturgy about Discipleship. They made us really reflect on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how we can show that we are one in our daily lives. 

Brent Deanery Mass June 5th 2018

Year 3 Liturgy Thursday 19th April 2018

Year 3 planned a beautiful liturgy on the theme of 'New Life'. During the first hymn 'Peace Perfect Peace', pupils processed in with signs and symbols of new life. Father Antonio joined us for the liturgy and helped us reflect on the true meaning of The Resurrection. 

March 2018-OLOL Foodbank Collection

March 2018-OLOL Foodbank Collection 1
March 2018-OLOL Foodbank Collection 2
During Lent, we showed our care for our common home and the need to help those in need by holding a foodbank collection for Sufra Foodbank. The Mini Vinnies encouraged pupils to donate various food items and congratulated everyone on their efforts for this collection in Celebration Assembly. They were proud that OLOL was making a difference to those people in our local community who really need our help.

Our Y6 pupils planned and led a reflective Holy Week Liturgy. They shared Jesus' journey through Holy Week by narration, drama and prayer.  It helped the whole school to think about the significant events that happen during Easter and put the season of Lent and Easter into perspective for us as Christians.  

Year 4 Pupil Led Worship Assembly

Br Alejandro's Prayer Sessions

Y3 Praying the Rosary with Brother Alejandro

Y3 Praying the Rosary with Brother Alejandro 1
Y3 Praying the Rosary with Brother Alejandro 2
Y3 Praying the Rosary with Brother Alejandro 3
Y3 Praying the Rosary with Brother Alejandro 4
Y3 Praying the Rosary with Brother Alejandro 5
Y3 Praying the Rosary with Brother Alejandro 6

Year 6 Class Mass November 2017

Year 6 Class Mass November 2017 1
Year 6 Class Mass November 2017 2
Year 6 Class Mass November 2017 3
Year 6 Class Mass November 2017 4

Mini Vinnie Visit to local Care Home

The Mini Vinnies recently visited Victoria Care Home in Park Royal. They delivered Christmas Cards for all the residents, made by our junior pupils and they sang Christmas Carols to the residents. They also enjoyed talking to some of the residents. Our Mini Vinnie group bought great joy to the residents, who smiled and danced along to some of the carols. The Mini Vinnies thoroughly enjoyed the visit and said that it made them so happy to know that they had brightened up some of the residents days and even their Christmas.  We are proud of how they interacted with residents and showed real commitment to helping those in need in our local community. 



 KS2 Visits to the Liberal Jewish Synagogue 



Years 3-6 visited the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St. John's Wood during Judaism week in June. They enjoyed the workshop which was delivered by the headteacher of the school above the synagogue. During the visit they learnt about worship in Judaism and were shown many different artefacts. They showed great enthusiasm during the sessions and applied their new acquired knowledge back in school during their RE sessions through Literacy.

Synagogue Visit Year 3 and 4

KS1 Judaism Workshop

During Judaism week in June, the infant pupils had a visit from a lady from the Jewish faith. She shared many artefacts that the pupils enjoyed looking at and talking about. They focused particularly on the signs and symbols of Judaism. Year One and Two thoroughly enjoyed these workshops and asked some excellent questions. They used what they had learnt in their workshops as a focus for their Literacy lessons for the rest of the week. 
Year 5 Assembly


OLOL Day Friday 10th February 2017



On Friday 10th February, we celebrated OLOL day to mark the feast of the patron saint of our school. The day began by the whole school going to 10am Mass at the Five Precious Wounds. Year Six children escorted the nursery children and Year Five children escorted the reception children. Sixteen junior pupils lead the mass, taking on many readings, prayers and the entrance and offertory processions. During the Mass, Father Antonio blessed our OLOL statue and special OLOL badges with our school logo on, that were later presented to all pupils and staff. Teachers completed activities linked to OLOL day in class with the pupils also. 



Classroom Worship

Daily acts of collective worship are lead by our children and have a focus linked to our current RE topic or events in the Liturgical Year. Here are examples of acts of classroom worship in Year 4 and Reception.



Here are further examples of classroom worships in year three and five with Deacon Julio during the month of November with a particular focus on remembrance.

Mini Vinnies



We are delighted to announce the introduction of 'The Mini Vinnies'. ‘Mini Vinnies’ is the name for a St Vincent de Paul Group for primary aged children. The focus in our school will be helping others in need within our school community. The elected members received their badges and a prayer card in today's celebration assembly and will hold their first meeting next week to begin thinking about how together they can support and help others in need in their school community.  


Take a look at our Mini-Vinnies in the picture below!


Watch this space for further updates on the Mini Vinnies and their plans for helping our local community. 


Picture 1
We recently welcomed Dee Mansi a Saint Vincent De Paul Youth Development Officer to initiate the Mini Vinnies and explain more about the initiative to the whole school. The Mini Vinnies representatives said their pledge and received certificates. They look forward to leading and developing ideas for helping others in their local community and embarking on their first steps to becoming possible 'Vincentians for life'. 

Mercy Boxes

Mercy Boxes 1
Last week on Friday 25th November, the Mini Vinnies delivered an exciting new initiative that they devised during their weekly meetings, to the whole school during assembly. They shared their ideas about 'The Mercy Boxes', explaining that even though the Year of Mercy has come to a close, they would like to encourage everyone to continue being merciful and compassionate. They told pupils that if they see a child or an adult being merciful, they can fill out a mercy nomination sheet and post it in the Mercy Post Box in their classroom. Finally, they showed the rest of the school the mercy tokens that they will receive if they are nominated for an act of mercy. All OLOL pupils are very excited about this idea and are looking forward to displaying and witnessing acts of mercy around the school.   

Christmas Visit to Victoria Care Home


Our Mini Vinnies aspire to help others in need and in their weekly meetings they are always discussing ideas of how to do this. In November, they expressed their interest in wanting to send Christmas cards to elderly people who might be lonely or need uplifting during the festive period. Over a few weeks and many discussions, this developed into the idea for every child in the school to design a Christmas card and write a personalised message inside to each and every resident in a local care home. We liaised with Victoria Care Home and they gave us a list of the resident's names. The Mini Vinnies then delivered this exciting task to their classes. Their idea however didn't stop there, as their wish was to personally deliver all the cards to the residents and sing them a few traditional Christmas Carols. 


On Tuesday December 20th, the Mini Vinnies along with Mrs Ellement were delighted to visit the care home and do just as they had planned. On entering the care home we were met by the manager who welcomed us and soon after the residents began to arrive and gather around us on tables. Their smiles at just the sight of the children, lit up the room. Some residents enjoyed talking to the children and even joined in to sing some of the traditional carols that they sung for them. The children then handed the Christmas cards to many of the residents, whom were delighted and emotional. The experience overall was heartwarming and demonstrated the Mini Vinnie's desire to really help those in need. They said that they felt happy and proud that they had really made a difference to many of the residents' day and even Christmases.  It showed the Mini Vinnie's true spirit to put their faith into action and follow in the footsteps of Christ. We are extremely proud of them!  



Image result for the month of the rosary

During the month of the Holy Rosary classes have enjoyed praying the Rosary with Deacon Julio and Mrs O'Brien. They used the rosary beads to guide them and help them reflect on some special events in the life of Jesus and Mary. 

Year 5 praying the Rosary with Deacon Julio

On Wednesday 12th of October, Year 4 delivered an inspiring Worship Assembly dedicated to the Rosary. They lead the assembly well and created a calm, reflective mood to focus our minds on the importance of praying the Rosary to remember the special events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. The children shared their own prayers about the Rosary and lead traditional prayers such as the Hail Mary. They also shared a beautiful poem about the Rosary and sang the hymn 'As I Kneel Before You'. If you missed the assembly, please do watch the video below. 

St Mark's Worship Assembly

Still image for this video

St Mark's Worship Assembly continued

Still image for this video

Year 5 Class Mass Thursday 26th January 2:15pm

Retelling the story of The Good Samaritan

2016 Communion Assembly & Celebration Breakfast

Easter Reflection in Nursery

Lenten Food Collection

Lenten Food Collection 1

Studying the bible in Year 4

Praying the Rosary - October 2015

Spirituality Week

St. Patrick's Day Celebration Assembly

Discovering the Prayer Table in Reception