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Year 6C - St John

Welcome to St John's Class - 

Year 6C



Our Lady guides us, as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be!



Welcome back to the 6C Class Page!

I am Ms Cislo the class teacher and working alongside me is Mrs Sweeney 

 our teaching assistant.

We hope you all had restful Easter holidays.

Children have returned ready to work hard and reach their goals. To help your children be the best that they can be, we have prepared some online learning websites which they can access from home: Myuso, Purple Mash, and Schoolbo. We appreciate parental support and we hope it will continue through the Summer Term.

 As our mission statement says, learning should be fun, so please check this page regularly to see what has been happening in our class recently, as well as the latest news from OLOL

Autumn Curriculum Overview

Year 6s this week have been learning about different types of renewable energy. We have enjoyed learning through drama and experimenting with the wind.

Miss Cislo`s Numeracy group have been researching about the properties of different shapes. In groups we have create posters to present our findings.

In Literacy we have been exploring the graphic novel based on "The Tempest".

this week year 6 were taking part in transition workshop. Children had to work as a part of the team to complete educational activities prepare for them.

Year 6 were lucky this week to have their first Skype Web Chat with our partnering school in Valentia, Spain. We had conversation in Spanish and in English with our new friends.

In Art we have been learning about Mayan calendar. We have used symmetrical patterns to make our own calendars.

Computing. We have used Kodu to write a multiplayer game.Watch this space to see our results...

Our Science topic this term is 'Our Bodies'. We had fun trying to localize body parts and different body systems.

World Book Day. We all have a fantastic time reading to Reception children their favorite books.

Maths: We had fun revisining mental strategies.

6C has been exploring Light and sight. We had to mime different objects that produce light and decide whether they could be classified as a source of light.

Miss CIslo`s Literacy Tutor Group has enjoyed creating spiral poetry.

Our IPC topic this half-term is "What a Wonderful World". For the Entry Point we have been creating calendars with images from the most interesting places in the world.

Congratulations to Miss Belmonte`s team for winning "Roots to Food" cooking competition. If you want to try parmesan cheese, chive salmon cakes, vegetable chop suey with lemon steamed rice at home, check OLOL website for the recipe.

Crime and Punishment

If you didn't catch it earlier, click on the link below to see our fantastic class assembly all about crime and punishment! 




Miss Cislo`s Maths Group has been learning how to calculate with fractions.

In science we have been classifying living things.

Literacy Group: We have been exploring rail development during the Industrial Revolution and how rail travel have changed the lives of people in Britain.

Reading session.

Indian Art consists of a variety of art forms. We have been exploring patterns characteristic to visual and textile art. As a result, we became designers during our Art session with Miss O.

Last Thursday we visited Sky Studios. We were given a tour of the building and shown how the company films, produces and broadcasts its media. We saw the studios and equipment used behind the scenes of sports broadcasting and then had the opportunity to make and film our own news reports in the Sky Skills Suite.

Christmas is coming! In 6C we have been making personalised tree decorations in our art class and getting ready for the Christmas fair that will be held in school this Friday, 11th of December. Parents are invited to attend and share in this festive fundraising event.

This week we were visited by a charity representative from Just Enough UK. She talked to us about slavery, child-abuse and human trafficking. It is not a widely known problem but is still a serious issue effecting many people in the modern world.

Mathematics - we have been studying area and volume. This week we learned about 3D shapes; the names of different prisms and pyramids, how to construct them from paper and how to recognise the nets of various polyhedra.

On Tuesday 17th November, 6C attended the Brent Junior Citizenship Scheme. We took part in workshops teaching various life-skills, including First Aid, cycle and road safety, and good use of public transport services. We scored very well for participation and learned many useful things about travel, responding to emergencies, and personal safety.

Science - Brightness of the Bulb. We investigated the effect of varying voltage within a circuit.

This half-term our IPC topic is 'Making the News.' For our entry point, we participated in a quiz of the week. We competed in two quiz teams, answering questions on current affairs.

In history, we have been studying crime and punishment through the ages. We looked at the justice system in three different periods, and enacted scenarios from the Roman, Medieval and the Victorian eras.

We had fun visiting the Natural History Museum. Firstly, we explored the Dinosaurs exhibition, then we cuddled the gigantic squid and in the afternoon we became scientists, investigating specimens available at the museum.

Rugby tournament. Congratulations to Noelani, Daniel and John who made it to the finals.

Over the next few days, Year 6C will become 'International Entrepreneurs' in preparation for OLOL`s International Evening on Thursday 8th October 2015. We have received a £10 loan from the school. Our challenge is to design and make any product based around the theme of Ghana. We are hoping to sell it on Thursday to repay our £10 loan back and also to  make some profit to raise funds for our PTA. We will be using our Literacy, Maths and IPC lessons to prepare for this event.


Children in Year 6C enjoyed SPAG challenge.

Literacy: Ideas hunt. Children borrowed some ideas from their classmates to use in writing.

Grouping for Maths: Children were investigating number concepts.

As a part of our IPC topic, we have been learning about notable British sportsmen and women. We have created a timeline showing their influence on modern British History.

Our science topic this term is 'Evolution and Inheritance'. Year 6C have been investigating which bird has more chance of survival: a bird with a short beak or with a long one. What do you think?

Art session with Miss O.

Music: African drumming