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Year 6


Year 6 have been designing their own buildings using Google SketchUp

Year 6 have been editing videos taken of our computing lessons to make a video about what computing looks like at our school.  They have been practising clipping videos, adding music and visual effects and narrating.

Year 6 have built more advanced Lego WeDo models. They have then programmed the computer to control these.

Still image for this video

Year 6 used Lego WeDo to make a fan that switched on when something came near it. There were no instructions for this one!

Year 6 have been using the LGfL's Web Tech Tutor ( to practise their web page designs skills using HTML.  They have begun to make some simple this space!

Year 6 have been making apps for iPads and iPhones!

Summer Term - 2nd half
Summer Term - 1st half
Year 6 have been building their own worlds using a programme called Kodu.  They have learned how to control an object using precise language and have even learned about conditionals (if Kodu hits tree, then tree disappears.)
Spring Term
We have just had a class set of Lego WeDo kit delivered to the school which will help the children understand about computer modelling.  Year 6 were one of the first year groups to get their hands on the new kit!  Check out the Year 6 Lego WeDo videos here.

Year 6 exploring Lego WedDo

Still image for this video

LEGO Education WeDo Construction Sets

Enables students to build and program simple LEGO models that are plugged into a computer. The software is very intuitive and the pupils can also design their own programs. Activities awaken kids' curiosity and their interest in problem solving. The children become really engaged that they want to continue with the exercises even when the class is over.

Autumn Term - 2nd half

In the second half of the autumn term, Year 6 have been making games using a programming language called Scratch.


Take a look at our Scratch Studio that will be growing over this half term.

Autumn Term - 1st half

In the first half of the autumn term, Year 6 have been using a programming language called "Logo" to produce patterns and learn about repeat commands, procedures and variables.


Take a look at our latest attempts at Logo on our blog pages!