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Year 4

We've started to build simple procedures and used these to make patterns

We've started to explore a programming language called Logo and have attempted to draw our initials using it.

Take a look at the AMAZING games we have made!

As part of their IPC topics, Year 4 have been designing computer games.

In Year 4 we have continued to use the mBots to build more complex sequences of instructions.  We have made a simple Google Car which detects and follows a path.  We are now trying to design the London Heathrow Parking Pods using our mBots....wish us luck!
Our new robots called mBots have arrived in school!  Before they could use them though, the Year 4 children had to build them!!  Year 4 have then been learning how to control the lights and buzzer and additionally have learned how to make the robot move and "sense" its surroundings.

Year 4 programming the mBots

Still image for this video

Year 4 building and programming the mBots

Year 4 have been learning about spreadsheets and how we can use them to store and sort information. They went around the school measuring the temperature, sounds levels and lights levels.  You may be surprised by the results...ask a Year 4 child to tell you where the hottest place is in the school!

Year 4 have been using Logo to write procedures and make patterns

Summer Term - 1st half
Year 4 have made some very basic apps - in one lesson!  Take a look by using a QR reader to scan the QR codes below.
Spring Term - 2nd half
Year 4 have been learning how useful spreadsheets can be for calculating!  They've tried to make a times table help sheet using Excel formulas - can you spot any formulas in our work below?
Spring Term - 1st half
Year 4 have begun to use Lego WeDo to build models (dancing birds, a spinner and drumming monkeys) which are then controlled by the computer.

Still image for this video

LEGO Education WeDo Construction Sets

Enables students to build and program simple LEGO models that are plugged into a computer. The software is very intuitive and the pupils can also design their own programs. Activities awaken kids' curiosity and their interest in problem solving. The children become really engaged that they want to continue with the exercises even when the class is over.

Autumn Term - 2nd half
In the second half of the Autumn Term Year 4 have been using email to communicate with each other and have been learning about the etiquette of using email safely and sensibly.
Autumn Term - 1st half

Year 4 have been using a programming language called "Logo" to produce patterns and learn about repeat commands and procedures.


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