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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

Year 1

We have become so independent on the computers!

Year 1 have been using Busythings to write some simple sentences.

Year 1 have been artists this term and have been learning to use different aspects of a paint package through PurpleMash.


Have a look here!

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Summer Term - 2nd half
Watch this space for Year 1's learning in the second half of the Summer Term!
Spring Term - 1st half

In the first half of the Spring Term, Year 1 have been programming objects on screen with code.  They have been learning that an action (such as clicking, swiping or pressing a key) tells a computer to make a reaction (such as moving an object on screen.)  This is called coding.


Take a look at Year 1's apps!

Autumn Term - 2nd half
In the second half of the Autumn Term, Year 1 have been learning what to do if they find something online that they don't like or makes them feel upset.  Year 1 have also been practising their counting skill with the help of some computer programmes.
Autumn Term - 1st half
Year 1 have been learning how to move a bee-bot around a map and then trying to do the same on a computer!