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Our Lady guides us, as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be!


Welcome to the 6R Class Page, I am Mr Rodney  the class teacher and working alongside me is Mr Campbell, our teaching assistant.

We are all focused upon, and dedicated to your child's academic progress and success. As our mission statement says, learning should be fun so please check this page regularly to see what has been happening in our class recently as well as the latest news from OLOL.


JCA Parent Presentation 2016

A big congratulations to all the children in Year6 on their SAT's tests. I was extremely proud of the way they tackled the tests; all of them mature, hard-working and resilient. Well done Year 6! We are also learning lines, practicing choreography, and singing our way through the rehearsals for Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat that will be performed mid-July. We are really excited!

Please look at the St John curriculum letter and curriculum timetable to see what we will be learning in the coming term.


"A Virtuous Life" is our new RE topic and we started off by thinking about "our neighbour". This was a thought-provoking debate. We finished off by performing a drama sequence depicting these ideas.

Year 6R had a transition session that was engaging, enriching and informative. We are confident that they will all know what to expect when they go to secondary school.

Year 6 were extremely lucky this week to have their very first Skype Web Chat with our partnering school in Valencia, Spain. We had conversations in Spanish with our new friends and helped them polish up on their English.

Mr Rodney's Math Group enjoyed experimenting with and designing their own tessellating patterns.

Year 6 are thoroughly enjoying their History AD900 IPC topic. We are currently learning about the Mayan civilization.

The videos below show news reports the children wrote and performed based around the numerous creations and inventions the Mayan's introduced to the world- some of which we still use today.


Please copy and paste the links below to view the videos.

Here are some of our examples of diary entries, as a Mayan Priest.

The children are looking at the Mayan Calendar as part of their IPC topic linking to Art this half term. More pictures to come

"Our Bodies" is the Year 6 Science topic for this term. The children first drew round each other and annotated their bodies adding as many different organs and muscles as they could. We have moved on to learning about the circulatory system and how exercise affects pulse rate. More photos to come in the following weeks!

Year 6 turned detectives in an exciting Forensic Science workshop as part of their Science and Engineering week learning.

6R enjoyed decorating and preparing Easter baskets this week.

"Buddy Reading" took place on World Book Day whereby Year6 read to Reception class. Lots of fun was had by all.

Year 6 were given a useful and important talk about staying safe in the community. They thoroughly enjoyed it but also learnt valuable lessons.

Mr Rodney's Maths group have been using cubes to express algebraic formulae and find the nth term in a sequence.

6R have produce beautiful painted patterns influenced by Persia and Africa designs.

Mr Rodney's literacy group used a Beast Quest game to inspire an adventure story. High quality writing was produced by all.

6R explored their local environment using a mustard solution to classify different types of earth worm. The mustard solution brought the worms to the surface and the children observed the earth worms for certain characteristics in order to classify the worms into different types. This was part of our learning for their science module "Classifying Living Things".

Year 6 took pride in constructing and programming their "Lego WeDo" models bringing them to life and making them move. As you can see- this isn't easy in the slightest, however the children persevered resulting in success

Mr Rodney's Literacy Group used a "Dinosaur Simulator" ipad app, game to help with their non-fiction letter writing. The children produced high quality, well considered writing as you can see below.

Sky Skills Studio was "the best trip ever!" according to the children. Have a look at the photos where we had our very own guided tour of the different studios and then see how the children put together their very own news report

6R have thoroughly enjoyed their science topic "Changing circuits". They have carried out experiments and tested their theories about how different components and variables in a circuit can affect the brightness of a bulb and volume of a motor. This has enabled them to find causal relationships and set up further comparative tests using their predictions and results

Year 6 enjoyed an informative and eye-opening educational talk from the charity "Just Enough UK". The children found out about modern day slavery, how people are forced into slavery and the signs that we should be watching out for in our communities.

6R attended an extremely informative afternoon at Bridge Park learning about staying safe, dealing with emergencies and how the London transport system worked. The children were a credit to the school receiving full marks and glowing reports from the police, ambulance, fire service and tfl staff.

Making the News!


On the 11th November, 6R performed an incredibly entertaining assembly, sharing all of their learning from the topic 'Making the News'. 


6R produced high quality non-fiction newspaper reports based on news articles from around the world. This involved them researching on ipads, using atlases and of course writing to make sure they were using all the features of a newspaper report successfully.

Mr Rodney's Maths tutor group explored 2D and 3D shapes this week naming and describing properties. In these photos children found and compared different nets of 3D shapes, documenting their evidence on IPADs.

6R used state-of-the-art "Mbots" in their ICT lesson this week. this educational STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Robot is brilliant for both programming, electronics and more. As you can see, the children were naturals programming the robot independently using their prior knowledge of "Scratch"!

6R have become "International Entrepreneurs" and have produced (to sell) products based around the the theme of the United States of America.


6R were given a £10 loan from the school and were challenged to make a product that they could sell on at an "International Evening" to pay back the £10; make a profit and raise funds for the PTA.


They have come up with some great ideas! (all their own) so make sure you visit the school on Thursday afternoon to see what 6R and the rest of the school have been doing. 


Here are some photos of our preparations. As you can see we carried out a market research survey around the school as to what product the children liked best. We analysed our data and produced pie charts and found the fractions and percentages of children who were interested in our products. We have also baked authentic American Brownies. This will all be advertised on our very own individually designed promotional posters for the event.


6R have thoroughly enjoyed their science topic "Evolution and Inheritance". We have looked at the evolution of different species; natural selection and how certain creatures have adapted to live in specific environments. The topic has culminated in children designing their very own species suited to a particular environment.

Mr Rodney's Maths tutor group have enjoyed carrying out place value and decimal investigations. They are now working on algebra equations; finding unknowns and using trial and improvement. Tricky!

In their Art lessons, 6R are focusing on sketching the human form.

6R had great fun doing their obstacle course entry point for their first IPC topic of the year, "Fit for Life"

6R are polishing up their rugby skills in P.E; gearing up in preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2015!