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St Peter Year 1

Hello Year 1 and welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope you have had a relaxing Easter break and are now ready to start some excellent learning! Miss Beaney and Ms John. 

Today in our Science lesson, we looked at different materials. We were given a box or a bag full of different objects. We had to discuss in our group what material the object was made out of and it's properties.

In our Maths lessons this week, we have been focusing on counting is 2s, 5s and 10s. Today we went outside into the playground and put our counting skills to the test! We counted various things in the playground such as cars, trees and flowers, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Today in our Art lesson, we were using plasticine/clay to make our favourite things. Some children built their favourite food, animal and person. Then, children had the opportunity to present their work to the rest of the class.

During Geography week, we had an exciting visit from Mr Hall. We learnt about maps and did some orienteering in the playground. We worked with a partner had to find various things that were hidden. We really enjoyed this activity and had a lot of fun!

In our RE lesson, we were learning about the story of Pentecost. We acted this story out using instruments and a cloth to act as the wind (the Holy Spirit). Children can now confidently retell the story of Pentecost.

In our Maths lesson today, we played a board game called 'What's the time?'. We worked in pairs and took turns to roll the dice. Whichever one we landed on, we had to show each other the times on our clock.

In our Literacy lesson today we were making capital letters out of sticks. This was a really fun way of making them!

In our Art lesson today, we were creating patterns using paint. We were using different shapes to make our patterns!

In our Literacy lesson today, we were looking at rhyming words. Children competed in a 'Treasure Hunt' in the playground in which they were given words and they then had to hunt for the words that rhymed. Year 1 had a lot of fun with this activity.

During Science Week, children created their own 'Robo-bug'. Children first of all designed their bug by drawing it and then used Playdoh t6o create their very own bug. The children really enjoyed this activity and loved learning more about creatures!

In Maths, children have been doubling and halving numbers. Today, we went outside and starting counting various things that we could see, such as trees, scooters and cars. Children had to double that number and also halve it (if possible).

This week is Science Week and the children have been learning about plants. Today, we went outside to look for some plants and children identified the different parts of the plant that they had learnt about. These parts were the root, the stem, leaves and the flower.

Hello Year 1. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year. Myself and Ms John are looking forward to teaching you on Microsoft Teams over the next couple of weeks. We cannot wait to see the work you do for us. We hope to be welcoming you back into the classroom very soon.  

Here are the class with their Easter bonnets. They all did a fantastic job at creating them.

Year 1 created Easter bonnets. They had so much fun creating their very own Easter hat. They used pom poms, stickers, feathers, tissue paper and chicks to decorate them. The children created some impressive hats!

Today, Year 1 learnt about The Last Supper. All children took it in turns to act as the disciples and act out the story of the Last Supper. Children were given some bread and cranberry juice (for the wine). They now have an excellent understanding of the story.

During our Maths this week, we were looking at finding the difference between two numbers. Children worked in pairs to build towers out of cubes. They then found the difference between the two towers and wrote this calculation on their whiteboards.

In our PE lessons, we have been practicing invasion games. This has involved children learning how to pass the ball to each other and dribbling it. The children have enjoyed learning these techniques!

In our Literacy lessons, we have been reading the story of 'The Bear and the Piano'. Today, children did some hot-seating where they acted as the bear and were asked questions by the rest of the class. We also had a surprise visit from the Bear himself!

In our IPC lesson this week, we were looking at where different fruit and vegetables are from. Children learnt where they were from and then put this into practice by working in groups and placing the fruit and vegetables on different parts of the world map.

In this week's Art lesson, we created plant collages, which included going outside and collecting different types of leaves, flowers and twigs. The children really enjoyed this activity and as you can see from the pictures, they created some wonderful art!

In Maths this week, Year 1 were learning about 'one metre'. Around the classroom, they were measuring objects using a metre stick and had to decide whether it was longer or shorter than one metre.


This is a list of the 100 high frequency words which children should be able to spell by the end of Year One.  You may like to start learning these words, but we will be doing lots of work with them when we are back in school, so don't worry if you don't know them all yet.

Welcome to Year 1!


My name is Miss Beaney and I will be teaching you this year with Ms John. I am looking forward to teaching you all and getting to know you. I know we will have lots of fun learning and you will all be brilliant. 

Spellings Homework - Due Friday 25th September

Writing Homework Due Monday 28th September

Maths Homework- Doubling 29/09/2020

Spelling Homework 5th October

In English, Year 1 did some hot seating. They were acting as Max, the character from the book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. Children asked Max some really impressive questions and those who acted as Max did some great acting.

The class created Christmas cards of the Nativity that will be entered into a competition!

In Art this week, children created a piece of work called Green Fingers. They mixed blue and yellow to make different shades of green. They found that if they mixed more yellow paint the shade of green would be lighter, but if they mixed more blue paint it would be a darker shade of green. The children had fun creating this art work.

In this week's Art lesson, we used Lego and paint to do some Lego block printing. The class had a really fun time doing this and it was great to see their final masterpieces!!

Music - Exploring Pulse and Rhythm

In our Music lessons with Mrs Kent, we have been learning about pulse and rhythm.  We have been using dance moves, clapping and robot arms to follow the pulse in a piece of music.  As you can see, we need to concentrate!

Today in our Science lesson children enjoyed sorting animals into three groups based on what they eat: carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

For IPC, Year 1 wrote on petals what makes them happy. We then turned these into a flower which is displayed in the classroom.

In IPC, we looked at how to keep safe, especially looking at road safety. Children role-played how to safely cross a road and walk on pavements.

In Maths this week, we have been using a 0-100 number grid to help us find what 10 less and 10 more is of a given number.

This week, each child created an acrostic poem about someone they loved (for example, their mum, dad, sister). They all produced excellent poems and worked really hard on them. Their entries will be sent off to a poetry competition and each child will receive a bookmark.

In Art this week, children were recreating Jasper John's 0-9 painting, using primary colours. The children also created secondary colours. They all did a fantastic job at painting.