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St Peter Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


My name is Miss Obilaso and working alongside me in Year 1 are 

Ms Manesh and Ms Marlene.


Year 1 and 2 went to the Beach! They had so much fun building sandcastles and playing. We also had a fantastic train ride !

On Friday year 1 travelled to Barcellona ! We handed in our Board Passes and had our passport checked by boarding control. We were then greeted by our two flight attendants and set off on our holiday. Year 1 enjoyed dancing on the beach after!

This week Is 'Maths Week'. The children had a fantastic workshop on Monday, where they had to create different pictures using 2d shapes. We have also been carrying out maths investigations in class and in the playground.

Islam week - This week we have been learning about the signs and symbols within the Islamic faith. We were lucky in the Year 1 classroom to have Jean, Rehan and Ms Manesh who have been to a Mosque and know a great deal about the Islamic faith!

Year 1 had fun planting seeds, we planted sunflowers and sweet peas. The children are going to take them home and look after the flowers and maybe when they come back there will be tiny shoots!

Today we looked at the different trees and their leaves. We were able to identify lots of trees through their trunks and leaves.

Year 1 have been looking at poems based around the theme of nature. We recited the poem 'Who?' using instruments and actions.

The children had a debate about whether they should eat peas or not, each side had to persuade one another. In the end we came to a decision, we should eat our peas!

Summer Curriculum Newsletter

Spring Curriculum Newsletter


Science Week - We had fun learning about static electricity. We also had a visitor come into the school and talk to the children about the 'Race into Space' Mission.

Year 4 came down to our classroom today and read with the year 1 children, in celebration of world book day. Some of the Year 1 children even read to the older children!

Year 1 made Pizza's today, we then cut them into fractions.

A visit from 'Book Man'! Today Book Man came into our classroom and showed Year 1 lots of fantastic props that belonged to different books. Year 1 then create a snapshot from one of their favourite books, 'Red Riding Hood'.

Year 1 acted out the story 'Cops and Robbers' in literacy. They then showed their pieces of drama to the rest of the class. They were fantastic !!

This week in science we started our new topic 'Changing Seasons'. The children had to work out which objects and clothing belonged to the season.

Happy Chinese New Year - Year 1 have created masks and learnt all about how people in china celebrate the coming of the year.

We are looking at our senses and identified different foods and objects such as coffee, fairy liquid and mint through smell.

Year 1 are looking at number bonds to 10 and 20. We used the bar model to represent the parts.

What has happened in St Peters Classroom!? Year 1 have been looking at the story Beegu and were shocked to see a visitor had crash landed, in our reading corner! The children wrote a fantastic recount of what had happened.

This week we have been looking at number. We have been looking at patterns within a hundred square, seeing what happens when we count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Great work Year 1!

Autumn Term 2018


Welcome to Year 1


Today we made christmas cookies! Year 1 designed and wrote instructions before making, decorating their biscuits.

The children had so much fun at the Christmas party!

The children designed/created invitations for each other, for our Christmas party and then gave them to one another.

Year 1 received a mysterious package from the North Pole! The children needed to find away of sending Santa's favourite food back to him, without the eggs cracking. The children experimented with different materials, to find the most suitable one.

Today in Numeracy the children are focusing on counting on and back by 1, 2 and 3. The children made a number line, sorting the numbers into the correct order and then the child would jump forwards and backwards. Year 1, then created number sentences based on what they had seen.

Today in science we looked at different liquids. The children then guessed the liquid and put them in order of thickness. We then observed what happened when the liquids were poured on top of each other.

Year 1 and 2 trip to Wilesden Library. Year 1 went on a journey to Africa, stopping off at Egypt, Ghana, Zambia and Kenya. The children all had a fantastic time and learnt a lot about the countries.

We are continuing to learn about the Judaism faith and the children were focusing on the Star of David and what the colours represent. The children created a stain glass window, found in a Synagogue.

This week we are learning about 'Judaism' through literacy. Year 1 were very lucky that Ms Manesh was able to bring in some Jewish clothing to try on.

Year 1 - We went all the way to KS2, to show our art work from our IPC topic 'Who am I?". Year 3 asked lots of questions to year 1 about their paintings.

RE - We are looking at the story of Moses, the children were retelling the story using the characters on the floor.

Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Shape - Year 1 have been separating 2d shapes into Venn diagrams, looking at their properties.

Conscience alley - Year 1 are looking at a new book written by Rachel Isadora called 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'. Ms Nobrega, took on the role of the king in the story and the children shouted out adjectives to describe the kings personality and appearance.

Year 1 had a go at guessing the baby, as part of our IPC topic 'Who am I?' Some of the children were very hard to identify!

This week in Literacy we are continuing looking at the story 'Handa's Surprise', we are writing instructions on how to prepare a fruit salad. The children have been trying to remember their punctuation in their writing, by using 'Kung Fu Puncuation'.

Our literacy focus this week is Handa's Surprise (Written by Eileen Browne). Year 1 have been retelling the story. Today we looked at some of the fruits from the story. They tried some new fruits, describing them using their senses.