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St Pauls Year 2

Welcome to St Paul's

Year Two Class

Our Lady guides  us as we have fun learning together,

aiming to be the best that we can be.


Summer has arrived!!!

Welcome back to the summer term. The children are very excited to welcome Ms Sumney as our Teaching Assistant this term.

A familiar and well loved person is always appreciated.





Watch this space for photographs of their work.


Learning to tell the time using our playground clock!!!

Summer Term!!!!

We have been so incredibly busy this term!! We have said goodbye to our butterflies, continued to have fun learning through our 'Active Maths' lessons, spent time reflecting during spiritual week and visited Ruslip Lido for our summer term  school trip.

Our butterflies!!!!

We packed up our lunch bags and took a trip to Ruislip Lido for the day!!!


 During our day trip we  had a sandcastle building competition, a train ride through the woods and enjoyed the adventure playground!!!!

Please find attached the curriculum letter for the summer term.

Our children have been filled with awe and wonder this term as our much awaited caterpillars have arrived. Over the next few weeks we will be observing the changes our baby caterpillars go through during their life cycle.

The children of St Paul's are currently thinking of ten names for our ten baby caterpillars.

Our baby caterpillars

Spring Term is now here and

we have lots of exciting topics to

study and explore.

Mr Rusbridger and I will be sending home

the curriculum letter so parents can support

their children at home and share in the  learning

with us.

Hello everyone welcome to the second part of our spring term!

We have only been back a few days but we have been very busy learning, exploring and investigating.


In our Active maths this week the children were set a task that enabled them to work in pairs to solve a problem. They needed to assemble a hundred square grid in order to identify the missing numbers.



                   World book day - March 2015

We are Dino- mad!!!!!

Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about Dinosaurs through our literacy lessons. Last term Year 1 were lucky enough to have had a dinosaur visit their classroom during the night!!!!


 This term the same dinosaur has returned but instead of leaving its huge foot prints, it left the children of St Paul's a gigantic dinosaur egg!!!!

We worked in pairs to think of some really interesting answers for the questions that we had about our mysterious dinosaur egg!!!

All our ideas helped us to create an adventure story!!!


During Science we investigated which material would make a good solid wall.

We used plastic lego bricks, wooden sticks and paper straws. Our findings were really interesting because we found that if we made a solid base this really helped our wall to remain standing regardless of the material that we used.

We had such great fun learning about people from the past during IPC.

We learnt about many famous people: Florence Nightingale

Samuel Pepys and  Mary Seacole.


 I know that so many mummies and daddies shared with me the fact that their children really enjoyed their weekly homework quiz which was set on what the children had learnt during the week.


See if you can answer some of the questions that the children in St Paul's now know the answers to, so very well!!!


Samuel Pepy's kept a special:




             3. diary


Florence Nightingale was a famous:


                1. nurse

                2. teacher

                3. queen


Mary Seacole was born in: 


               1. England

               2. France

               3. Jamaica



We painted pictures of the Great Fire of London that Samuel Pepy's was an eyewitness of!!!


Active Maths- Fun while we learn!!!!!!


 Our 'Active Maths' lessons have allowed us to work in small teams to solve word problems, use white boards in pairs to calculate and answer number sentences and use a shopping list to purchase pretend food from our class shop. smiley

During our RE lessons we have been learning about the importance of the Bible.

We learnt about where some of the key events are found in the Bible. We know that Jesus' birth can be read in the New Testament and that God's creation is found in the old Testament.


Today as a class we have been reading about the story of Moses!!!

 Where do you think the story of Moses is found, in the New or the Old Testament ?


Still image for this video
Take me back to dear old Blighty.....

Our theme for Literacy this week was Superheroes.

We had great fun acting as a super hero, writing stories in character and even creating a superhero comic strip using onomatopoeic words.

Having Fun Learning in St Pauls!

This week we have been learning about centimetres  and meters.

We measured objects in our classroom, estimated the length of a drawn line and even measured each other!!!


In Science we have been investigating which liquid (drink) is most damaging for our teeth.

We placed three real teeth into three separate containers. In each container we added a different liquid.

In the first container we poured Coca-Cola. In the second we added orange juice and the third we poured water.

As a class we made predictions, then we left our the teeth submerged in the liquids for 7 days. Everyday we have been observing the changes.

Which container do you think will show the most damage to our teeth?

Container A? (Coca-Cola) 

Container B? (Orange Juice)

Container C? (Water)

Watch this page and we will soon share our findings with you!!

The results from our science investigation revealed that Coke Cola was the liquid that was the most damaging to the tooth. Water was the liquid that did not change the tooth during this experiment.


Were you surprised????

We had fun learning about the importance of writing for a particular audience.smiley
The children worked in small groups to compare and contrast different posters. The children needed to identify features of a poster that they thought were affective and not so affective. The children will be creating their own posters based on their findings from this lesson.

Take a look at our posters!!!

IPC- People of the Past

This term we have been learning about people from the past. We used ipads to research a lady called Florence Nightingale.


"This topic is so much fun Miss Storey, it's nice to find out about people who lived such a long time ago" a child in year 2 shared with me.