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St Pauls Year 2

The summer term is here!


Welcome back. Miss Chapman and I are aiming to do our very best to make sure your children have fun learning and make their best effort in all that they do.

We will be taking our SATs tests in Reading, Writing and Maths soon so please help your children at home.

Watch this space to see all the fun we have learning this last term in Year Two.

ROAD SAFETY WEEK: Year 5 wrote and illustrated picture books to teach us all the rules of the road ... ask us what we learnt!

IPC Entry Point: Say Cheese!

During history, we had fun comparing our own toys to toys from the Victorian age.

During science we had fun experimenting which conditions plants grow best in.

My name is Miss. Delaney and I am the Year 2 teacher. Working alongside me is our Teaching Assistant, Ms. Matthews.  As a team we are all focused on, and dedicated to your child's academic progression and success!  


As our school mission statement says, we work to the best of our ability whilst having fun learning. This year's expectations will be striving for nothing less than their personal best!


Please check back regularly for updates on classroom events, successes, activities, website links and pictures. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Year 2 Curriculum for 2016-2017

Today we had fun sorting shapes into a Venn diagram!

We had fun using imperative verbs whilst making Diva lamps!

Figure It Out Friday!

Having fun learning about Carroll Diagrams!

Figure It Out Friday!

During RE we had fun praying, singing and acting out Psalms.

Our minibeast hunt!

IPC Entry Point: Who Am I?

How to prevent, detect and escape from a fire