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St Matthew Year 3

Welcome back St Matthew's I hope you have all had a lovely well-deserved break and are all as excited as I am to have fun learning for the rest of the term!

Week 2

We had such an amazing second week in Year 3 and we did so many fun activities together!!

Week 1

Hello Year 3, I hope you and your family are well and have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

I've attached a copy of our remote learning timetable as I will be going live each day Monday to Friday for Maths and English.


Please make sure you are on Microsoft Teams at the relevant times ready to go. I look forward to welcoming you all back into class soon.

Week 6


A massive well done to all of year 3 for doing such a magnificent job this half term! I know it hasn't been easy, so I’m especially proud of all of you for your hard work with remote learning you have all put in so much effort and perseverance and I'm incredibly impressed! I hope you all have a fabulous half term; it is really well deserved.


Week 5


Here some of the fantastic pieces of work produced by year 3. Well done, year 3 keep it up!​​​​​​

Week 4 - Wonderful examples of Home Learning 

Examples of fantastic home learning! Amazing effort everyone so keep up the hard work!

In Literacy we are reading the story Fantastic Mr. Fox, this week we been learning about direct speech. We created a script between two characters and acted out our script. 



In science this term we are learning about forces. We looked at the different types of forces. We carried out an investigation to see how different surfaces will affect the force of objects when pushing and pulling. 

In Literacy we have been looking at Judaism. We played detectives and researched about the religion. We read the story about Hanukkah and had the discussion about why Hanukkah is celebrated. 

This month is Black History Month, in Art we looked at contemporary African patterns and we created our own. We used water colours to replicate the design but used our inspiration to decide what colours to use. 

In Literacy we have been looking at the book entitled ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl.

Children worked together in groups of three to decide who will be Mr Fox (or one of the farmers) and who will be the interviewer first.

 Children devised possible answers that Mr Fox or one of the farmers may give to questions raised from the lesson input.

Children took turns asking ‘Mr Fox’ or one of the farmers’ directly some questions about their lives and reasons for their behaviour.

We read the chapter ‘The Shooting’, we discussed the different characters and acted out using expression to show thoughts and feelings.


Please feel free to complete the homework as you wish. You can either print it out and complete it or write the answers on a paper and take a photo. 

Currently, the school is working on the usernames and passwords which will be given out over the next week, for the homework to be submitted onto the school blog. Instructions on how to use the blog will be placed here as well. Once it is up and running, pupils will be informed. In the meantime, continue to work daily on the tasks and keep a copy until it can be uploaded onto the blog.