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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

St Matthew Year 3

Welcome to the Spring Term

                          Welcome to the Spring Term 1


A warm welcome from Ms Dikir and Mrs Sumney - the Year Three team this year.

We are really looking forward to teaching your children and meeting you all over the year ahead.

We promise that your children will do their best and have fun in their lessons too. 

Year 3 Timetable and Curriculum



In Literacy we have started a new text called The owl who is afraid of the dark. We read the first chapter and acted out why dark is exciting. We used expression to show the characters thoughts and feelings. We pretended to be Plop, mum, dad and the little boy. We had fun acting out and pretending to be different characters from the story.

In Maths we investigated different strategies to solve addition problems. We worked in groups to solve the problems together. We had fun working together and seeing if we both got the same answer. 


We have been learning about the different communities we belong to in IPC. This week, during Art each student designed a piece of art that they felt represented them. Once they all finished, the class put each of their pieces together to create an individual artwork to represent our class.


This month is Black History Month. We are learning about a classic Caribbean tale called “Clever Anansi and The Boastful Bullfrog”. After we finished reading the story the children worked in groups to act out different scenes.


Rocks and Soil

We have been learning about Rocks and Soil in Science.  This week we investigated which rocks were stronger than others and how rocks are made.  We used actions to help us remember the three ways in which rocks are formed.

In Maths we were learning about money. We had fun playing shops and shopkeepers. We had to buy items for up to £1 and work out how much change we would be given and which coins. We used our number facts to help work out the change.