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St Matthew Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


My name is Miss McGrath and working alongside me in Year 3 is Miss Walker.   We are both very excited about the year ahead!

Last Thursday, Year 3 took part in cricket lessons with a trainer from Middlesex cricket. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and for many of the children, they had never played cricket before. They were enthusiastic about learning a new sport and had a very exciting morning. 
Last Friday Year 3 took part in what was a wonderfully successful Sports Day 2018 at OLOL. Both children and adults had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Recently, Year 3 and 4 visited the National Gallery to link to our Literacy topic in which we looked at the work of famous artists including Monet and Picasso. The children had a wonderful time exploring the many hundreds of famous artists and sketching the work of the artists that appealed to them the most. Once again we had a fantastic time and the children represented their school with pride and were model students. 
Last Friday, we had a fantastic day celebrating the royal wedding. The children were dressed beautifully and really enjoyed the puzzles and activities linked to the theme of the royal wedding. 
Recently, Year 3 have been studying the artist Picasso and his work. In class we decided to recreate some of Picasso's cubist work. We drew our own portraits using bright, bold colours and reassembled them to create a cubist version of ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the art of Picasso as we found it imaginative, colourful and thought-provoking. 
As our topic in Science this half term is 'Parts of Plants' we decided to conduct an experiment to explore how water travels in plants. We discovered that water travels up the roots of the plant and through the stem to provide nutrients for the flower. 

Our Art Gallery

This half term in Literacy we are focusing on different artists. We studied the impressionist painter Monet during the first two weeks and re-created some of his famous work earlier this week. For the next two weeks we will be looking at one of the most famous artists from the twentieth century, Picasso and comparing and contrasting his work to that of Monet. We are having lots of fun exploring and analysing the methods and techniques of these amazing artists. 

This week Year 3 celebrated their Liturgy, focusing on the theme 'New Beginnings' which was suitable for the start of this school term. The children put great thought and planning into their Liturgy and showed reverence and respect throughout, while conveying our important message to the parents. 

Welcome back to everyone after a well deserved Easter break. This week Year 3 started basketball which will run for the 6 weeks of this half term. For five weeks the children will be practicing their basketball skills and on the final week there will be a mini tournament held. The children really enjoyed learning new skills and playing outside, especially as the weather has greatly improved!!!
Last Wednesday, we visited the British Museum as part of our IPC topic on Ancient Egypt. The children had a fantastic day exploring the museum and learning about mummies, ancient Egyptian burials and pharoahs. It was an exhausting but rewarding day and the children represented themselves and the school proudly. 
Last week it was British Science Week. We had a lot of fun in school making predictions, conducting experiments and making observations about the world around us. On Thursday we were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Science Dome. They showed us the constellations in the sky and how the Egyptians used them to tell the seasons. 

Worship Assembly

On Monday morning, we were responsible for our weekly KS2 worship assembly. We chose to reflect on the Gospel of Matthew and his account of Jesus' resurrection because of this special time of Lent and our preparation for the celebration of Jesus' life. The class put together a wonderful worship assembly, that was very reflective, for this special time of year. 

Light and Shadows

For our Science topic of Light and Shadows, we were looking at our shadows in the classroom and the silhouettes our shadows created. We used black sugar paper and white chalk to trace our silhouette when our light source (torch) shone against the black paper. We can now confidently list many examples of light sources and light reflectors in the environment around us. 
During 'Healthy Living Week' we had a smoothie bike visit our school. We made delicious, healthy smoothies using fresh fruit by taking it in turns to cycle on a bike that powered the smoothie machine. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed tasting our yummy smoothies after all our hard work. 
This week in school we are celebrating healthy living week. The children were lucky enough to receive a visit from the company 'Roots For Food' in order to teach them to cook a healthy and nutritious meal, as well as the importance of maintaining a balanced diet. They learned lots of new cooking skills and developed a tasty and well balanced meal using the main food groups. We thoroughly enjoyed sampling the delicious cooking!!
Year 3 and 4 put together a fashion show to end their very innovative and exciting topic of Fashion for IPC. The children worked very hard to research, design and create their own fashionable items of clothing as well as showcasing their own international dress. It was a great success and both children and adults enjoyed their wonderful performance!!!

Year 3 Fashion Designers

Year 3 have recently been studying the topic Fashion for IPC. They have decided to create their own futuristic costumes to wear for their fashion show next Thursday. We look forward to welcoming you to share our talents.
Year 3 have started learning about division and sharing out objects including calculations with remainders. We have also looking for patterns with division and our times tables. It has really helped us to see and understand what division really is by using concrete materials, such as blocks, and telling stories about our number calculations to help it make sense. 

Welcome Back

Welcome back and I hope you all had a wonderful break over the Christmas holidays.

This half term we are promoting reading through the author Michael Morpurgo. Year 3 will be reading his book 'The Butterfly Lion' through literacy classes and will have lessons based around this novel. Over the holidays the children did lots of research about the author and began to read some titles from his collection.

Also, we are reading the novel 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl during Whole Class Reading. The children are thoroughly enjoying the book as I'm sure many are familiar with the story. Each half term we focus on a different novel and author for Whole Class Reading and it is very important that it is a novel and author the children greatly enjoy in order to promote a love of reading.

We hope you continue to encourage your children to read as much as possible at home and ensure they continue to enjoy reading for pleasure.


Happy New Year,

Miss McGrath and Miss Walker


Year 3 and 4 Science Museum Trip

Year 3 recently visited the Science Museum, with Year 4, in order to attend a demonstration about their topic in Science, Magnets and Forces. We had a fantastic day out and learned lots about magnets, forces and friction. We also visited the Wonderlab which allowed us to partake in many hands on scientific experiments so we could explore and discover many interesting facts about the world around us.

Advent Prayer with Brother Alejandro

In Year 3 we love looking at problems and working as a team to try and solve them. Here is an investigation we completed recently by looking at patterns in 2 digit numbers when you add or subtract a multiple of 10.
Recent artwork completed by Year 3 to convey the meaning of community in their eyes. The standard of work was very high and the children put a lot of effort and thought into how they would express their version of community.

Year 3 Church Visit

Last Friday 13th October, Year 3 visited our local church in order to learn more about the symbols associated with the Sacraments of Initiation. We were lucky to meet Andrew, who is training to become a deacon, and he explained to us about many important symbols, we see in church every Sunday, that are vital to the Sacrament of Baptism, the Eucharist and Confirmation. We learned lots and enjoyed this special visit. 

Author Visit - Rob Lloyd Jones

On Tuesday 19th of October, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from the famous author Rob Lloyd Jones. Year 3 and 4 have been studying his novel 'Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake' since we returned to school. We all thoroughly enjoy reading about the adventures of Jake. Rob Lloyd Jones shared his secrets of writing the perfect adventure story with us. We cannot wait to put his tips into practice!!