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St Matthew Year 3

Welcome back to a new term. We hope the summer term will be a fun and rewarding one!

Together, we aim to have fun learning, aiming to be the best that we can be.

We have many trips and fun lessons planned. Pictures will be posted weekly. 

Watch this space

For History, we have been learning about the original Olympics in Ancient Greece. Check out what we wrote and acted out.




As part of our IPC, we learned about the different muscle groups and how to work them out. We are now designing our own workouts which we would like to present to parents. Come down on Thursday 13th July at 2pm.

For our IPC topic, we are learning about how to make a healthy meal. We cooked a delicious couscous dished inspired by the Ancient Greeks. The recipe is in our IPC books!

For science, we are learning about what plants need and for that we planted different seeds in different environments to track how they grow.

As part of our IPC entry point, we did a fitness circuit. We had four finalists who did the best times! It was so tricky though.

As part of Judaism week, we visited a synagogue and got to read the Torah and try on a kippah and a tallit.

In order to learn about real life and real jobs, we went to Kidzania.

As today was our last day with our basketball coach, we had a basketball festival with Year 4 where we played each other. It was so much fun!

Today, we were very fortunate we had a nurse come in to tell us all about her job!

In maths, we are learning about different weights. We all got a potato to weigh and ordered them in our table groups. Help us learn more and allow us to weigh things at home too!

In the context of our IPC topic, some police officers came in to give us a talk about their profession. We got to use their siren in their police car.

In science, we have been learning about the life cycle of a plant and were dissecting flowers to be able to see the different bits of it that contribute to its reproduction.

In science, we have been learning about photosynthesis of the leaves, we observed the prints they made and saw how it works.

Today we were fortunate enough to have Deacon Julio and Father Antionio come into our classroom for our Class Liturgy.

Year 3 have started a special PE lesson with a basketball specialist. We are learning how to be the best at dribbling!

As we won the Big Pedal challenge, we were fortunate to play bikes and scooter games with Alison. It was so much fun!

In the context of our IPC Topic: They made a difference, we had a visit from the firefighters who taught us how to keep our homes safe from fires and all about their work. We even got to try their water hose.

Year 3 Curriculum for 2016-2017

Today we went to the Brent Museum where we learned all about Ancient Egyptian mummification. We got to mummify our dolls and make our own amulets. It was so much fun! We will take home the amulets once they have dried.

To start off Science week, we tracked our shadows throughout the day. We found out that they changed, ask us to explain to you how it works!

In History, we have been travelling through time with our amazing time machine!

In Science, we investigated how shadows get larger or smaller. Through thorough testing, we figured out that the closer an opaque object is to the source of light, the larger the shadow.

For Figure out Friday, we tried figuring out what we could do in 1 minutes: for many push ups, star jumps, write our names, sit down and stand up... In the end, we found out that 1 minute is actually longer than we expected.

For RE, we went on our Lent journey learning about all of the parables of Lent and how they relate to this season.

Happy World Book Day! To celebrate, we have been sharing reading time with Year 1.

To practice our times tables, we started using times tables balls. It is so much fun!

We visited Varanasi in India, Antartica and the Moon through the virtual reality

Deacon Julio came in to help start celebrating Lent and teaching us about the behaviour we should have during Lent.

Our best storytellers of the week went to tell their stories to Reception and Nursery. We all shared a lot of laughs!

For our IPC exit point, we got to try our friends' games and critique them.

We went to the Museum of London where we met a woman from the Iron Age who taught us how she builds her house, makes her own clothes, makes bread and tools; following this, we went on an artefact hunt.

We were very fortunate to have an African artist come to our classroom to teach us his craft.

For our African tales week, we studies 3 different tales from Ghana and Nigeria, we even acted out our predictions

For our African day, we had an African drumming workshop with Year 4. We had so much fun and learned the rhymes to This is Africa.

As part of their IPC topic, Year 3 have been designing computer games.

In PE, we have been learning about gymnastics. Check out our amazing moves.

For figure out Friday, we had fun pairing fractions of money together.

Year 3 Assembly


Merry Christmas, Love from St Matthews!

Today was our Christmas party that we shared with Year 4, it was so much fun!

For our IPC Exit point, we made chocolate truffles to give to our loved ones as Christmas presents

In Literacy, we are writing instructions so we made rice kripsy snowmen and wrote how to make them for Mr Doherty to make at home.

In maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes, today we got to make different 3D shapes using different materials.

In Science, we have been looking at the level of friction on different surfaces by playing a game that we made up inspired by french boules.

As our IPC entry point for Chocolate, we did a chocolate tasting. Our favourite was white chocolate and our least favourite was chocolate with 85%cocoa

This week in Maths, we are are learning how to measure things in cm and mm. We measured each other's limbs using different apparels.

In Science, we are learning about Magnets and Forces. Today, we have been applying different forces with an elastic band on a toy car and saw the result: the more we pulled on the band, the further the car went.

This Thursday, to help with our Prayer time, Deacon Julio came in to talk to us about the day of Saints and Souls.

This week is OLOL Cultural week. In Year 3, we have been learning about the Philippines through poetry and even learned to dance the Tiniklin (a traditional Filipino dance), if you want to see four of us dance, come to our Assembly next Monday at 9am.

Today, we tasted Filipino sweets. They weren't all to our taste but we wrote poems about them. Here are a few samples.

Here are two poems about the Meijo sweets written by us. Count the syllables, can you spot a pattern?



There was a a nice sweet called Meiji,

It was very tasty and sweet,

And it was peachy coloured,

It had a picture,

I was jammy and strawberry.


Marvelous Meiji

There was a young boy who one tried

Meiji on Wednesday at his house

It felt very crunchy

It smelled a bit sweet

You should try it from any time.

Today, we recreated models of homes that are earthquake friendly. It was very tricky but some of us managed to build a strong structure.

We went to the Natural History Museum where we learned to identify fossils from other rocks and shells, dug out our own dinosaur skulls and identified which species they belonged to.

In maths, we have been using the help of Freddy the Frog to subtract. We acted out how it works.

In History, we are learning about the Stone Age. Today, we experienced how hard daily activities were like for Stone Age people by painting hunting scenes in a cave, making tools out of stone, building shelters out of straw, sewing clothes without using needles. We enjoyed it a lot but were glad it wasn't our lives everyday!

Today, Deacon Julio came to our class to help us in our prayer time for the beginning of the Month of the Rosary.

In Maths, this week we are looking at 3D shapes: describing them, organizing them and comparing them.

In IPC, we have been looking at homes from around the world. We shared pictures from our home, placed them on maps and made an awesome display.

In Year 3, we love our PE lessons as it helps us to keep healthy and fit.

This year, on Friday's we do Figure it out Friday where Miss Peneau gives us a challenge that we need to figure out by ourselves. Today, we were figuring out how many different ways we can add and subtract consecutive numbers.

For our IPC entry point for "Do you live around here", we went to Fryent Country Park. Our guide showed us around the forest then built shelters for our toys that are wind resistant, waterproof and shatter proof. We had a picnic before leaving. It was so much fun, we even saw a heron!