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St Mark Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 St. Mark 


Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together,

aiming to be the best that we can be! 


Welcome back OLOL students!

We hope you all had a very fun and relaxing summer holiday and have returned ready to work hard and achieve your goals!  


My name is Miss. Belmonte and I am the Year 4 teacher.  This is my third academic year at Our Lady of Lourdes.  Working alongside me is our Teaching Assistant, Ms. Marin and Mrs Husbands, who provides one-to-one support.  As a team we are all focused on, and dedicated to your child's academic progression and success!  


As our school mission statement says, we work to the best of our ability and our learning should be fun.  That is the plan for this year so please check back regularly for updates on classroom events, successes, activities, website links and pictures.  

Autumn 2015 Curriculum Letter

Year 4 Timetable 2015-2016

MATHS: In Big Maths today we added a twist to the classic game snakes and ladders and were faced with challenged where we would have to add or subtract either 9 or 10. The children had so much fun they couldn't believe they were in a Maths lesson!

IPC ENTRY POINT: Our Guess The Baby game was a huge success. The children had a great time trying to figure out who the baby in each picture was. A special THANK YOU to all the parents for sharing your photographs with us!

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Year 4 Class Assembly: Wednesday 4th March 2015 

MUCHAS GRACIAS means THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the parents, carers, friends and family that were able to attend our class assembly this morning.  

Your continued support is always appreciated.  For those of you who were unable to make it, the videos are now available ... ENJOY! 

Year 4 representing Our Lady of Lourdes at the Brent Deanery Mass

IPC Exit Point: Young Entrepreneurs Market ... a big THANK YOU to all those who came out to support the children, Year 3 and 4 raised a total of £84.50 and we couldn't have done it without you!!!

SCAVENGER HUNT: Year 4 did not let the tube strike get them down, instead of participating in the Big Barbican Adventure we solved St. Marks Mysteries!

Kasper in the Glitter has been our classroom book that the children absolutely loved!!! The next book Philip Ridley wrote that was previewed at the end of Kasper in the Glitter is called Meteorite Spoon ... a lot of children have expressed an interest in wanting to read it over the summer :) Happy Reading!

LITERACY/IPC: As another cross-curricular activity, children had to read, understand and follow the instructions they were given on how to make Salt-Dough Hand Ornaments. They later wrote their own set of instructions after carrying out the activity.

NUMERACY: As part of our unit on data the children created surveys of their own, visited other classrooms within the school and collected, presented and analysed their own data.

IPC: Painting our paper mache bowls in preparation for our Young Entrepreneurs Market

IPC/Literacy: As a cross-curricular link children have been making paper mache bowls as part of their Young Entrepreneur unit in IPC which lends well to Instruction Writing in Literacy.

SPORTS DAY!!! What a fun, exciting and HOT day! All children had such a great time! Congratulations to all who participated!

LITERACY: This week we have been learning about the Magna Carta and wrote our own 21st Century version including rights that we feel are important ... ask your child to explain some of the rights to you and what they mean.

SCIENCE: While studying the Water Cycle, children had the chance to incorporate their art skills while creating cut and paste diagrams of how the water cycle works.

'Be Spirited' Week Tuesday: Expressive movement to song using Leona Lewis' song Footprints in the Sand

Harlesden Library Trip: Poetry Writing Workshop with Jared Louche

'Be Spirited' Week Monday: Prayer/Meditation workshop lead by Mrs. Julian and some Year 6 volunteers and exploring nature to find God in our everyday lives.

IPC Young Entrepreneurs Entry Point: Four children were chosen to try and sell their gift-wrapped mystery prize to the rest of the class. They had to use their Literacy powers of persuasion to try and get as many classmates to want to purchase their gift as possible ... Here are some pictures of our fun afternoon ...

LITERACY: As part of our unit on play scripts, children had the chance to build character descriptions through improvising dialogue. Pairs were given the characters they had to play and the emotions they had to portray ... ask your child who they were and how they did :)

IPC EXIT POINT: To conclude our topic "They Made a Difference" children worked in groups to research a significant person and presented PowerPoint presentations in order to teach their peers all about their selected person.

SCIENCE: To celebrate the end of their unit on Circuits, Year 4 explored the wires, batteries, buzzers, motors, light-bulbs and more ... Learning and FUN was at an all-time high and sparks were flying ... ask your child to tell you about the most exciting circuit their group created!

Cocoons to Butterflies: Year 4 would like to say THANK YOU to both Reception and Year 2 for letting us visit your classes and for explaining to us all the wonderful things that have been happening with your caterpillar cocoons (Reception) and the recently hatched butterflies (Year 2)

Long Division: This week Year 4 has been extremely resilient while learning the process of long division. It is not an easy mathematical procedure, but through trial, error and re-trial we have succeeded and I am very proud to post these steps so that you can ask your children to show off and teach you :)

Using technology to extend our learning :)

Year 3 & 4 Trip to the Science Museum and Launchpad: what an excellent day full of fun and learning!!! Special THANK YOU to the parents volunteers from both classes, without you trips like this wouldn't be possible!

LITERACY: To begin our unit on Persuasive Writing, children used our classroom iPads to explore a variety of adverts themed around TOYS! After discussing all of the many features they observed, children then had a chance to write their own.

SCIENCE: Today the children lit up the classroom ... literally! They had a chance to explore how an electrical circuit powered by a battery works and some of them were rather successful lighting up not only one but two light bulbs.

Year 4 Summer Term Curriculum Letter

IPC: Living Together Exit Point - using their team building skills to improve upon games attempted within the Entry Point, a lot more success was had this time around :)

MUSIC: learning to play and sing Katy Perry's song ROAR

SCIENCE: The children explored how sound travels through building string telephones .. ask them to explain their findings to you!

WORLD BOOK DAY!!! Thank you to all the parents/carers who assisted their children with all of their amazing costumes! We certainly had a fun-filled day in class, here are some pictures for you to have a look at.

SCIENCE: This half-term we are examining sound. In this lesson we compared the different sounds that are present within a school versus the many different sounds you can hear when sitting outside a school.

IPC ENTRY POINT: Team building activities. Children had to work together to develop strategies at keeping a number of balloons in the air within a designated area. This proved to be a lot more challenging than they had imagined. The second task was to untie a series of knots within a team rope but without removing a designated hand from it's original starting position. Have a look at how the children did.

PLATINUM TIME: as a reward for working so hard in the first part of the Spring Term, children accumulated enough Platinum Time to take the afternoon off and decorate some Valentine's Day cupcakes.

IPC EXIT POINT: to conclude our unit of Gateways Around the World, children designed their own boarding pass and took a flight to a destination of their choice!

Year 4 Spring Term Curriculum Letter

IPC: Abstract Art. Children examined the different types of art found in airports around the world and then created an abstract piece of their own.

Year 4 using Lego WeDo

Still image for this video

Year 4 using Lego WeDo

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Numeracy: We had fun learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 by using place value charts and playing cards

Numeracy: Leaning how to measure perimeter in the hall with Miss. Collins

IPC Entry Point - Gateways Around the World: Where in the world would you like to travel to?

PE: Introduction to Gymnastics

Literacy: Using Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox as a guiding example on the rules of using direct speech within stories.

Year 4 Autumn Curriculum Letter


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Letters from the trenches and recital of 'In Flanders Fields,

Part 2

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Literacy: Verbal Instructions using Imperative Verbs and Time Connectives

Science: Animals including humans (How do our teeth compare to animal teeth?)

IPC: Learning about and practising the art technique of pointillism ... Come and see the completed results at our Art Gallery

Numeracy: Exploring 2D shapes and their properties.

Numeracy: Exploring doubling and halving

Football Training with Coach Gavin

Creating raps in Music class with Mr. Bainbridge

IPC Exit Point: Paintings, Pictures and Photographs Art Gallery - a big THANK YOU to all the parents and family members that visited the gallery and helped support the mini-bus fund!!!

IPC Entry Point: CHOCOLATE !!!! Can you guess whether you are eating: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

Literacy: Performing Poetry (children focus on their expression, volume, tone, pitch, actions and movement while reciting poems)

R.E: Exploring different types of prayer, specifically the Lectio Divina

Place Value: As part of a Big Maths lesson, children participated in an interactive whiteboard game to reassure their knowledge of digits and place value.