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St Mark Year 4


In Literacy we have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine. We had a very fun lesson using the outdoor classroom to work in groups to apply the different persuasive features we have learnt this week to persuade the public to buy our medicine. We really enjoyed being in the outdoor classroom.


In Figure out Friday, we had to use the clues which price in the boxes were correct. We then needed to use more than three coins to make this amount. And discussed which coin had the highest value and how much change they would get.  For the last question we had to figure out how we could pay without any copper coins.


In science we have been looking at the digestive system. We used crackers and juice to see how it would digested through the organs and what each organ did. We noticed that some of the food would be stored in the body for energy and to help the body and other parts of the food that was unwanted would be discrete.

Class Assembly- Buddhism

This week we have been learning about Buddhism. We learnt about the different festivals and celebrations and the importance of Buddha Day. We learnt about how Buddha Day was originated and its significance it carries across the world for Buddhists. 


In IPC, we researched where grassland areas are found and how animal’s habitats are impacted from the weather. Using the Ipad, we located grassland in different countries and wrote down what animals needs to survive and live in those areas and why it was different across the world.


We had a workshop, where we got to look at maps and discuss the different symbols. Then we were given compasses to look at the magnetic directions and had to put the red arrow on the V's and a specific angle. We were given a map of our playground and had to look for the flags and write down on our maps the specific location of the flag. 


This half term we have enjoyed playing cricket. We learnt new skills and even got to play a game of cricket. We learnt how to bat, how to through under arm and how we need to have our hands in a v shape to catch the ball. 


In maths, we have started a new topic Money, we discussed how many pence make a pound, why do we write a decimal point between the pounds and pence and how we would we write 343 p using a pound sign. We were given different amounts of money and we had to find different ways to partition it. We used whole part model to partition to see how many ways we could partition the same amount.


In Wellbeing, we have discussing how it feels to fail and understanding why mistakes are important. We considered our mistakes we had made and it has taught us. We gave an example of the mistakes we made and how we learnt from them.  We recognised we can celebrate mistakes by understanding how important they are. By recognising and describing how failure  can make up feel when we do not succeed at something and suggesting strategies to overcome to succeed in dealing with a problem or manage these feelings.


We used playdough to make our own teeth, and laid out in how they would be found in the mouth. We noticed that incisors are the eight teeth in the front centre of your mouth and Premolars are used for tearing and crushing food. Whilst canines are the next teeth that develop in your mouth and molars are the largest teeth in your mouth. 


In Literacy, we looked at different covers of the Firework Maker’s daughter. In groups we discussed the different covers and which one we were attracted too and why. We discussed which photo covers looked old-fashioned and how it didn’t reflect the story. We then researched about Philip Pullman and the books he has written, and discussed why he is a significant author.

Science Workshop

We have kicked off our summer term with Science Week. We had a fun filled day with a science workshop called Mars Lander. We had to make our own spacecraft to see if it would land safely. We learned about the rockets that have gone to Mars and learnt the challenges that engineers and NASA face when sending rockets into space. 

Easter Bonnet Hats

This week we have had fun creating their Easter Bonnet hats. 


We used different electrical components to investigate where the wires needed to be to make a complete circuit. We identified that a complete circuit was only complete when both ends of the wires, regardless of where placed was touching the battery.


In music we listened to Beethoven Fur Elise which related to the book we have been reading in Literacy called the Bear and the Piano.

We listen to the piece of music that was composed by Beethoven, we discussed who he was and the music he composed.

We listened to Fur Elise a few times and created a word bank of what emotions the composed piece made us feel.



For IPC, we continued to focus on geography. In groups we were given a school map and a set of directions with a compass. We had to use the compass and set of directions to find the names of some of the famous explorers from the past. 

Welcome back year 4, I hope you had a lovely, restful break and enjoyed time with your family. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all for the live lessons for the upcoming weeks and cannot wait to see the amazing work you will be producing. 


Remote Learning Timetable

Week 6

A huge well done to all of Year 4 for doing a fantastic job this half term with remote learning. Each week, you all have continued to show the OLOL Values through your learning and how not only you successfully completed each task but also your determination and effort put into approaching the task at hand. 

Mrs Sumney and I thank you for all your hard work and hope you have a lovely, restful half term.

Week 5 

Here is what year 4 have been working on this week.

Week 4

Here some of the fantastic pieces of work produced by year 4. Well done, year 4 keep it up!​​​​​​

Week 3

Another fantastic week of home learning! Well done year 4! 

Week 2


Well done Year 4! You have done a fantastic job of home-learning. Keep it up! 
First Week- Some great pieces of work produced on the first week back!

Welcome to Year 4!

I hope you had a well deserved break and are ready to get into fun learning into a new school year at Our Lady of Lourdes. 

My name is Miss Patel and I will be teaching Year 4 with Mrs Sumney.

We are really excited to have your children in our class and have heaps planned for the academic year.

We are really looking forward to getting to know you and the pupils in the near future.


Please feel free to complete the homework as you wish. You can either print it out and complete it or write the answers on a paper and take a photo. 

As of the week commencing 5th October, pupils will be asked to complete the following on Purple Mash.  All log ins will be distributed to ensure they can access PurpleMash and MyMaths. 

Monday- Spellings

Tuesday- Maths (My Maths)

Wednesday- Chocolate

Thursday- Talking Homework

Friday- Writing Homework. 



Welcome Week

We had a fun week, settling back and seeing our friends again. We did great activities to get to know each other.  Coming back to school was very exciting and getting back into a routine again. 



In science we carried out an experiment to see how the liquid will turn into gas, and what particles will be left on the string. As this is what cannot turn from a liquid into gas.

We added the same amount of water to each bowl and placed the different bowls around the classroom to see if that will have an impact on the process of condensation.


We researched facts about whales and wrote them on the whiteboards. We discussed what we thought about whales and how we felt. In pairs we wrote about what our favourite whale was and why.



In IPC, we have been learning about chocolate. We looked at the background of where chocolate came from. From the research, we recognised that chocolate was invented during the Aztec times and how they used chocolate. We found a reciepe to make to try and make it and see how it tastes. 


In art we watched videos about sketching. We used a mirror to sketch a portrait of ourselves.


In our Literacy lesson, we learnt what Apartheid laws were and what this meant for black people living in South Africa. As a class, we were given Apartheid rules to follow, we discussed how we felt and the punishment we would have received for not following it and what a system of unfair rules must have been like black people.  


In Art this week, we looked at how we can interpret symbols and what it means to us. We used charcoal to draw different images for what the words meant to us. Then, as a class we had to guess what each image was and what it signified. 


In RE we discussed the three Sacraments of Initiation- Confirmation, Baptism and Eucharist. We discussed and explained what actions, symbols and words are used to describe each Initiation and what it means. On sugar paper we brainstormed in groups and wrote what we knew already and then researched what other actions, words and symbols are used and why.


In groups we went around the playground and pond to see what dangers were posed for living things. We made a list of our observations and what could be done to help reduce the dangers.


We took turns to write four digit numbers and our partner had to round the number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. We checked to see if they were correct and then swapped roles. We learnt when to round down when the digit is less than four and when it is 5 or greater we round up.



In Literacy we have been looking at ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We read the story, we discussed the different characters and acted out using expression to s how thoughts and feelings.