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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

St Mark Year 4

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Hello and welcome back to the new year at Our Lady of Lourdes. I am looking forward to our Spring Term and have lots more engaging and interesting activities planned to do with them. I look forward to meeting you and sharing your children's work on open evening in February.


Miss Davies and Mr Marshall


Tin Man Hot Seat

The children were fantastic during our Hot Seating activity today. They were able to ask really interesting questions to the Tin Man to find out more about his thoughts and feelings. The children were also really good at pretending to be the Tin Man using great expression in their voices when answering the questions,

Wizard of Oz Workshop

Today the children had a wonderful workshop all about the Wizard of Oz! The children played a variety of games and had lots of fun applying what they knew about the story from our Literacy lessons to get the most out of the experience.  

Melting Experiment

During this science lesson the children were investigation how fast ice melts using different methods. This first method was using our hands to melt to ice. The second method was putting the ice cube under running water. The third method was wrapping the ice cube in tissue and the final method was leaving the ice cube in a cup of lemonade. We discovered that wrapping it in tissue meant that the ice cube stayed cold and took the longest to melt!

Bishop John Sherrington

Our topic this half term for Science is Changes of State. We have been learning about the different properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases the children absolutely loved dancing to the solid, liquids and gases song whilst chanting all the properties!

Solids, Liquids and Gases

As part of our new IPC topic Inventions that Changed the World the children had the opportunity to make complex paper airplanes. We did this by watching a nine minute tutorial however it took us a lot longer than nine minutes! They then went outside to test them as you can see by their faces they were very excited!

Inventions that Changed the World

The children had a fantastic day at the Jewish Museum today. They participated in lots of fun and engaging activities about a variety of Jewish festivals. The children also had the opportunity to make their own candle which they really enjoyed. Well done to all the children for their fantastic behaviour on the trip!
As part of today's Literacy lesson we were learning about how Jewish people prepare for the festival of Shabbat. The children were able to try some Jewish bread called Challah and some natural grape juice. We also tried some Jewish crackers which are eaten after dinner.

Challa Bread and Grape Juice

Brother David has been coming into class for thirty minutes every two weeks to help the children pray the Rosary! He has also been helping the children to learn all the responses for the Mass. The children have also really enjoyed singing their favourite hymns with him.

Brother David

This week we are learning about Judaism through Literacy. Today the children conducted interviews in pairs to find out more about everyday life for Jewish people. It was great to see how confident the children were when performing to the class!

Judaism Week

In preparation for our Cultural Assembly the children have been making some Kente design tee shirts. The children have tried their best to use bright colours and be creative with their designs. You will be able to see them in their beautiful tee shirts on Friday at the Assembly!

Traditional story oral retelling

In English this week we are practicing for our cultural assembly. The children will be orally retelling a traditional African tale. They will have to focus on projecting their voices and speaking with expression. We have watched lots of videos of people orally retelling stories to give us a better understanding of how it should be done. We look forward to performing to the parents on Friday.
Our science topic this half term is Grouping Living Things so we were lucky enough to make a worm garden. The children absolutely loved looking for worms in the playground and with all the rain we have had over the past week the children were able to find loads! We are making sure that we put leaves and water inside the worm world for the worms to eat.

Roll on the Wall

This is an activity where the children had to focus on a characters thoughts and feelings. We focused particularly on the character Wilbur who is the pig in Charlotte's Web. On the outside of the drawing they had to write what other characters think about Wilbur. On the inside the children had to write how Wilbur feels about himself. This aided children with writing a paragraph afterwards.