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St Mark Year 4

The Mystery of the Missing Football Cup

Tooth Decay Experiment with Eggshells

Why the Whales Came - Messages in the sand

Smoothie Bike

Spring Term 2019

Spring Term 2019

Welcome to Year 4 



Y4 Trip to Kidzania

This week in Literacy, to learn more about the characters of our story and understand the plot better we role played a conversation between Griffin and Layla. Here you can see pictures of the children planning their conversation. Feel free to ask pupils for updates on our story 'Perry Angel's Suitcase

This week in IPC the children looked at their new topic: 'Paintings, Painters and Photographs'. They were given a small piece of Van Gough's 'Starry night' which they then replicated. They worked hard to put the pieces back together to make their own version of original masterpiece. 

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to Year 4


Welcome back! My name is Ms. Chacon, I will be the class teacher for the 2018-2019 school year, side by side with Ms. Walker. 

We have been looking forward to working with your children! This year, we have exciting, interactive activities to enhance your child's learning.  We are really excited for this school year! 

Ms. Walker will be helping out the school's choir, and also will also be helping me in class.

Ms. Cislo and Mrs. Ross will be working with small groups to support reading and writing.


These are some of the exciting activities we have worked on so far, looking forward to adding more pictures of our projects!


Year 4 Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

In Science, we conducted an investigation involving Evaporation and Condensation. These are the results of our condensation investigation.

In Literary, we have started learning about play scripts. Here, we are reading through extracts from scripts. Our job was to discover which play it was from.

Figure It Out Friday! Today, in maths, we had a mini Jeopardy game to review the topics we have been learning, for the last few weeks.

Figure it Out Friday! To wrap up our column addition/subtraction lesson, we had a 'silent auction'. Wit our partner, we looked at the word problems under a variety of pictures, if the answer was correct, we could buy the painting.

In science, we have been working on Changes of State. In this lesson we learned how temperature can change the state of an object.

In RE, we began our topic Advent to Christmas. In groups, we first took turns answering questions about Advent. As a class, we then discussed our answers and came up with ways to prepare for advent.

In Literacy, we were focusing on Judaism but most importantly about the places of worship. We were fortunate enough to visit the Wembley Synagogue. We were accompanied by Year 3.

Our Black Culture Performance

In Literacy, we read a variety of Caribbean and African stories. We especially focused on stories about the trickster spider, Anansi. We learned all about 'Ashanti Kente' which is pattern full of geometric shapes found in West African clothing. 

We received our first official visit from Brother Julian. He talked to us about the rosary and what each bead represents. We also prayed a section of the rosary together.

To prepare us for anti-bullying week, we received a visit from a lovely police officer. She talked to us about ways to prevent bullying and how to stand up to a bully.

Figure It Out Friday! We were given 15 cards with the numbers 1-15 on them. We needed to only use the numbers one, to make them fit into an equation.

In Science, we were learning to place living things in a classification. As a challenge, we classified everyday objects into various categories according to shape, function, colour, material, etc.

At the beginning out our science lesson, "Grouping Living Things", we had to place living and non-living things into separate sections.

To refresh our minds, we practiced our number bonds to 100 by building a spider web! We took turns adding number bonds to 100, once we shared a number, we held onto the yarn. Look at our finished web!