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St Mark Year 4


Hello and welcome back to the new academic school year.


Mrs Ellement and I (Miss Phelan) will be teaching Year 4, along with support from our teaching assistant Mrs Sweeney. We are looking forward to working with your children to ensure that every child achieves their full potential.


As our school mission statement says ... Together, we aim to have fun learning together and aiming to be the best that we can be!


Please check back regularly for updates on classroom events, successes, activities, website links and pictures. 




We were very lucky to have our own private screening of Diary of a Wimpy Kid at the cinema today! We had a great time and really enjoyed the movie!

Year 4 Class Assembly - Summer Term 2017


This week we are studying Judaism. We had the chance to visit a synagogue to learn about the Torah and wear a kippah and tallit.

To end our topic ‘They Made a Difference’, we went to Kidzania to learn about real jobs! Take a look at how much fun we had!

We have had a great time this half term working with Coach Jenner on our basketball skills! This afternoon we got the chance to display what we have learned in a year 3 and 4 basketball festival!

In science this term we will be learning about human nutrition. This week we got hands-on to discover more about how our digestive system works. Take a look!

This term our IPC topic is ‘They Made a Difference’. We were lucky enough to have a police officer come and visit us for our entry point! He told us all about how he became a police officer, what types of jobs police officers do and what types of equipment he wears and carries. We also got to take a closer look inside his police car!

Happy Easter from everyone in St. Mark year 4 class! See you all in the summer term! smiley

Our IPC topic this term has been ‘Different Places, Similar Lives’. We have been connecting with children in other parts of the world to learn about their lifestyles. Here are some of the letters we received!

The focus of British Science Week this year is ‘change’. Today we experimented with how some materials were changing to make our rockets blast off! Take a look!

Today to celebrate Lent Fast Day and as part of our Big Fish Little Fish CAFOD almsgiving initiative, we wore our own fish hats! Take a look at our fantastic designs!

Happy World Book Day from St Mark year 4 class! We shared our love of reading with the year 2 class today to celebrate!

Today we began exploring how to make circuits using a variety of tools. Ask us about how we made the blub light up!

Today we were very fortunate to have the chance to go on a virtual expedition! We took a trip to Varanasi and the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Barrier Reef and even blasted off into space with a visit to a space station!

Today we had the chance to visit the Willesden Library to learn all about the Anglo Saxons who lived here in Brent many years ago! We learned all about the clothes they wore, items they used and where many place names that we still use today came from!

We had a wonderful time in our African drumming workshop with Kwame this week! He taught us about the type of drums we were using, drumming techniques and rhythms to play together!

We had a fantastic time learning all about the Ancient Romans on our trip to the Roman Amphitheatre and the Museum of London! At our first stop we found out how the amphitheatre was discovered by archeologists and learned all about what happened there years ago. We even got to handle some ancient artifacts, ask us about the objects and what they were used for! Our next stop was the Museum of London to learn even more about the lives of the Romans!

As part of their IPC topic, Year 4 have been designing computer games.

We started the spring term off on the right foot by keeping fit! Today we talked all about how to stay healthy by  learning about the foods we need to eat in order to make a healthy plate. We used what we had learned to create a healthy snack and play a relay game that got our bodies moving! We topped off the day, and had so much fun using our energy to power a blender and make delicious smoothies on the smoothie bike!

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from St. Marks year 4 class!

This half term we will be learning all about chocolate!!! We had fun describing and taste testing various snacks and chocolates!
We have been working on our problem solving skills in maths this half-term! Here are some pictures of us working out today's Figure it Out Friday problem!
As our first half term has come to a close this week, the year four students had a chance to design and construct their own shelters based on what they had learned throughout our IPC topic of "Do you live around here?". Everyone worked extremely hard on their shelters and we came up with a variety of different design strategies!

As part of our 'Grouping Living Things' science topic, we went on an exploration hunt for living things in our local environment. We searched the school grounds for evidence of living things and we thought about why particular living things are suited to particular habitats. The children were excited to search for living things and in some cases were surprised with what they found. Can you spot some of the living things that we found in these pictures? 


Year 4 had a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Fryent Park today. They demonstrated excellent behaviour and the ability to work as part of a team. This trip was planned as the entry point to their IPC topic 'Do you live around here?'. During the day the pupils constructed mini shelters for a soft today out of natural materials from the environment.

Class trip to Fryent Country Park


Watch this space for photographs

Reminder ....

Year 4 class trip to Fryent Country Park on Wednesday 14th September 2016. Don't forget to bring a packed lunch and arrive at school promptly. 

Year 4 Curriculum for 2016-2017