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St Luke Year 5

This week we had a science workshop on separating mixtures.

We took part in the Power Challenge today. We had to build circuits using play-doh.

In science we wanted to test if temperature affected the speed of dissolving. We carried out an experiment to find out if it did.

This week was Geography week and we had a visitor in our school who showed us how to read maps and use a compass. We had to find different flags around the playground using these new skills.

We were creating fractions from a piece of A4 paper and then using this to add and subtract fractions. We created mixed number in this process.

This week in Math we have been looking at percentages, fractions and decimals.

We have been enjoying learning the game of Rounders in P.E. over the past few weeks, now we are able to play a full game.

We used number lines to help us round 6 digit numbers to the nearest 1000, 10,000 and 1000,000.

On Tuesday May 4th at 9:10am, Year 5 will be delivering a special assembly to celebrate the Month of Mary. Hope to have you all present via Microsoft Teams.

In Math we were learning about negative numbers. We played Connect 3 to help practise this. Each player rolled two dices and could add or subtract the two numbers to create a number on the board. The first player to get three numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally won.

Our first week back is Science week and we took part in an online workshop. We had to design and build a device that would land an egg safely to the ground. Much like scientists trying to safely land a rover on Mars.

Welcome back Year 5, hope everyone had a great Easter Break and you are excited for our Summer Term.

We made hats for our Easter Bonnet parade this Thursday.

During Holy Week we have been looking at scripture and the special actions we use each day.

We created 3D shapes from 2D nets in Math, we looked at prisms and pyramids.

We recreated the crucifixion scene in our art lesson using sugar paper.

We looked at day and night in Science this week and how and why they occur.

This is our most recent online learning timetable.

Here you can see some examples of the home learning we have been doing this week. Great effort everyone and keep up the hard work.

Please find attached a copy our new timetable. We will now have a live Computing lesson every Thursday at 1.30pm.

Hello Year 5, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Please find attached a copy of our remote learning timetable. You will see from this that school will carry on very much as normal, the main and obvious difference being you will be working from home. I will be going live each day Monday to Friday for Math and Literacy so make sure you are on Microsoft Teams at the relevant times ready to go. Work hard over this time and stay safe.

For Christmas this year we will be watching an online pantomime. Part of this involves creating a fantasy map from a dark forest to an enchanted castle. The winner will get to take part in the pantomime. You can see Year 5's entries below.

Year 5 created Christmas cards that will be entered into a competition. We used paint and a silhouette to create the scene of the three wise men travelling to see the new born king.

We created our very own Advent Calendars this week in R.E.

In Math we have been doing division using the bus stop method.

This week we have been learning about Judaism as part of other faiths week. We created a Hamsa using water colours.

Our half term homework is related to Black History Month. We will research Dr Maggie Adenn-Pocock and write about her on Purple Mash. Hope everyone has a nice break and see you all when you get back.

We had an online safety workshop this week with Ruth from the London Fire Brigade.

This week in Art we were looking at the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. We reimagined buildings in his style.

To help us celebrate Black History Month we were looking at the work of Magdalene Odundo in our art lesson.

Today we carried out an experiment in Science that looked at the relationship between surface area and buoyancy.

This week we were studying multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We used place value charts and pegs to help us understand this.

We had our first virtual assembly this morning and here you can see our first award winners of the year. Well done.


Please feel free to complete the homework as you wish. You can either print it out and complete it or write the answers on a paper and take a photo. 

Currently, the school is working on the usernames and passwords which will be given out over the next week, for the homework to be submitted onto the school blog. Instructions on how to use the blog will be placed here as well. Once it is up and running, pupils will be informed. In the meantime, continue to work daily on the tasks and keep a copy until it can be uploaded onto the blog.