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"Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together, aiming to be the best that we can be"

St Luke Year 5

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Dear Parents and Guardians. My name is Mr McNally and I will be teaching Year 5 this year along with Ms Nobrega. We are looking forward to the year ahead and meeting you all in the near future.

We began our first science lesson of the year by looking at materials and their different properties.

This week in Mathematics we were using the notes app on the i pads to help us add amounts of money using column addition. The important thing to remember was to line up the decimals.

In science we carried out an experiment. The aim was to see which material was the best insulator. We wrapped ice lollies in different materials and then measured how well the material kept the ice lolly cool. We had to make sure the test was fair. We were extra careful when it came to making sure the test was fair.

This experiment was all to do with conductivity. We formed a circle around the classroom and joined hands to create a complete circuit, this allowed electricity to flow and the bulb to light. We also looked at the inside of a plug and the dangers associated with electricity.

Prayer session with Brother David.

We have been studying Judaism in our Literacy this week On Tuesday we visited the Jewish Museum and learnt about the different aspects of Judaism.

Today we watched a powerful performance on anti-bullying, performed by the Box Clever Theatre Company.

This week in Science we carried out an investigation to test the grip strength of our shoes. We have been learning about how friction acts on moving objects.

Brother David visited us this week. We practiced our responses and hymns for the Remembrance Mass next Thursday with Bishop John Sherrington. Our singing voices were like that of Angels.

Our Remembrance mass was a special moment for all involved. We created our own poppies and included someone we would like to remember in the middle of them.

We have been studying air resistance in science. This led to us building our very own parachutes. Each parachute was attached to an egg in a cup. Would the parachutes deliver the eggs safely to the ground? We had to use everything we had learnt so far about materials and forces to do this. Thankfully, our egg astronauts landed back to earth in one piece.