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St Luke Year 5

Summer Term 2019


Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 pupils attended a taster day in both the Convent of Jesus and Mary and Newman Catholic College. They were treated to a variety of activities and thoroughly enjoyed having a taster of what secondary school is like.

PC Rose recently came for a visit to talk about the safe use of smartphones. Many thought provoking questions were both asked and answered.

In Science this term, we are concentrating on Types of Change. Pupils took part in a whole class investigation using a variety of methods to separate a mixture.

In year 5, we recently looked at the short film 'The Piano'. Pupils took part in hot seating in pairs, pretending to be key characters from the film. They then took part in whole class hot seating which provided them with an abundance of information about these key characters.

Wow! Congratulations to year 5 who won both the Gold Lunchtime award and Learning award this week. Amazing work, keep it up!

In Literacy, the pupils have been reading 'The Lost Words'. It is a poetry book about words involving nature that many children no longer use. They read the poem 'Otter' and had to interpret the poem through acting and a dramatic reading. A wide variety of interpretations were seen which showed their creativity.

Year 5 have recently been learning how to use a protractor to measure angles in Maths. A tricky task however each pupil approached it with determination and are now confident in measuring angles accurately.

There was huge excitement in Year 5 this week. They have planted their own mini vegetable garden in class. They will be responsible to monitor the growth of the vegetables and water it appropriately. Fingers crossed we will have some vegetables in the next few weeks.

Another delighted recipient of a pen licence in year five due to her determination to improve her handwriting. Well done!

In Science, we have been looking at how to separate a mixture through filtration. We concentrated on planning a fair test to ensure we were getting accurate results. As you can see, the children thoroughly enjoyed the investigation.

Geometry is being focused on in Maths currently. Children have been investigating through trial and error whether it is possible to draw 2d shapes with a specific amount of parallel lines.

In Science this half term, we are focusing on the topic Separating Mixtures. Children recently investigated what solids would dissolve in water to form a solution. They also investigated whether the solute 'disappeared' or was still present in the solution.

Spring Term 2019


Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 were delighted to welcome back Roots for Food to learn how to make yet another delicious, healthy meal. The children learned a variety of cooking skills and had fun doing so.

For healthy eating week, the pupils had the opportunity to take part in a 'Smoothie Bike'. They learned how to make smoothies, the nutritional benefits of them and how they could have fun making them!

For British History, the pupils have been learning about the Tudors. Recently they learned about the Battle of Bosworth and presented what they learned through acting out a live television report. Through the use of drama, the children were able to not only enjoy learning about the Battle of Bosworth but also remember key facts.

Year 5 recently visited the Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College for a dance recital. They thoroughly enjoyed the recital and were extremely impressed by their dance skills!

For Science week, year 5 have been busy creating their own Lunar Rover! Pupils designed one individually to begin with before coming together in pairs to design one. They then planned what recyclable material they would use to create their Lunar Rover model before creating them in class! I am sure you will agree they made fantastic models and had fun learning.

Our IPC topic this term is 'Brain Wave' and involves learning how the brain works. The children were given a selection of words to remember by creating a story. This words were connected with wool, just like neurons send signals to one another in our brain. The children really enjoyed making these fun and creative stories.

For World Book Day, the pupils dressed up and visited year 2 to read to them. Both classes enjoyed the experience and displayed their love of reading!

Congratulations to two more recipients of a pen licence. Keep up the hard work!

Brian Bookman visitied OLOL recelty for a workshop with all classes. Mr. Bookman had a special superpower, he knew every book ever written! However he lost his powers recently and the pupils had to help him remember all those books again. The pupils were involved throughout and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Year 5 have been learning about fractions recently in their maths lessons. They have been concentrating on changing mixed numbers into improper fractions and improper fractions into mixed numbers. The use of concrete resources in class really helped their understanding of the concept.

Year 5 received a talk from PC Rose recently about the importance of road safety. Pupils were engaged throughout, answering and asking many questions. Pupils come to school each morning in a variety of ways therefore it is extremely important for pupils to be aware of road safety.

In RE, pupils have been learning about being a Sacramental person. They recently analysed a thought provoking picture book about breaking and repairing a friendship. Pupils were placed into groups and asked to mime a scenario where they heal a broken friendship. Pupils really enjoyed this activity and discussing how they could be a sacramental person by repairing a friendship.

During their Music lesson recently, year 5 took part in song writing in groups. It allowed the pupils to show their creative side and to express themselves through music.

Yet another pen licence was awarded in year 5 for neat, cursive handwriting. Thoroughly deserved!

In Science this term we are learning about life cycles. Year 5 have recently been learning about complete and incomplete metamorphosis. They had the opportunity to research an example of this, act it out for their peers and guess what metamorphosis was being acted out. They certainly had fun learning!

Wow, what a trip! Year 5 and 6 recently visited Kidzania in Shepherd's Bush. They got to work as adults for the day, earn and spend their own kidZos (the currency used in Kidzania). Everyone behaved impeccably and thoroughly enjoyed their day out.

A group of pupils in year 5 were learning about measuring weight in grammes and kilograms today. They were asked to estimate the weight of a variety of books before discovering their actual weight. Some very accurate estimations were made!

Some recent well deserving recipients of a pen licence. Many other pupils are near to being awarded a pen licence so keep up the hard work!

What a busy Maths class! Today Year 5 learned about the different types of triangles, how to identify them and also how to use a protractor to measure the interior angles of the triangles. Hard work and determination was seen across the classroom which is the sign of great mathematicians.


Autumn Term 2018


Welcome to Year 5


My name is Mr. McCarthy and I will be the class teacher of Year 5 this year alongside Mr. Coranti.

We look forward to working with your children to make learning a fun and interesting experience that can be used both inside and outside of the classroom. We look forward to a fun, productive and rewarding school term.

Mr. Coranti will be teaching Spanish across Junior Classes and will be assisting the development of PE across the school. He will also be helping me in class. Mrs. Sweeney and Mrs. Ross will be working with small groups to support reading. 

On the last day of the Winter term, year 5 visted the year 2 classroom to read to the pupils. Year 2 also had the opportunity to practice their reading by reading to year 5! Both classes interacted and behaved impeccably and should be very proud of themselves.

Christmas is fast approaching and year 5 recently had their Christmas party. They had snacks, watched 'The Snowman', listened to music and danced. It is certainly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Year 5 have been busy recently making both Christmas bags and Christmas crackers from scratch! They thoroughly enjoyed both activities, which I am sure you will agree is clear to see.

The whole school were treated to a scrumptious Christmas dinner recently where they got to wear Christmas hats that they made themselves! A special visitor also paid a visit during their lunch, see if you can spot him...

Christmas is getting closer, as is the annual OLOL Christmas Fayre! Children were very excited to get the opportunity to create snowflakes to help to decorate the fayre.

For the last two weeks, pupils have been learning about writing instructions. They took part in an obstacle course recently, being lead around by their partner as they had their eyes closed. This helped to clarify the importance of giving clear and detailed instructions. The pupils had lots of fun learning!

Year 5 recently had a fire safety talk in class. They learned about preventing the liklihood of a fire occuring and also what to do in the event of a fire. The children were engaged throughout and asked many questions to extend their knowledge.

To conclude their work on the Victorian era, year 5 pupils began making zoetropes. A zoetrope creates the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings and was popular with children in the Victorian era. Stay tuned for the final product!

During our time studying the Victorian era through Literacy, the pupils learned about Victorian schools and the difference there is compared to schools today. They engaged in some drama in small groups and then performed in front of the class.

To begin our British History topic, the Victorian era, the pupils had to organise themselves in a timeline. The timeline ran from the coronation of Queen Victoria to her death and included many key events during this time period.

After attending attending a mass regarding All Souls Day, we were lucky to welcome Brother Julian to discuss what All Souls Day furthur in our class. The pupils were very reflective and engaged in a whole class prayer.


A police officer recently presented a workshop on bullying to the pupils. The pupils were engaged throughout and responded fantastically with many thought provoking questions.

Year 5 and year 6 went on a trip to Wembley library recently for a workshop regarding Black History Month. Pupils were involved in discussion, drawing and writing during the workshop. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and further enhanced their knowledge about Black History.

In RE, pupiils have been looking at the topic 'Beginning with God'. They were examining metaphors for God in the Bible and stating how God is similar or different to these metaphors.

Year five have recently been studying 'Letter Writing' in Literacy lessons. They have been identifying formal and informal language as well as changing words and sentences into the opposite format.

Congratulations to another well deserving recipient of a pen licence. This was achieved through producing neat, cursive writing throughout all books in school.

In Science, year 5 were identifying thermal insulators. The pupils in blue bibs acted as the ice lollies. The pupils in the red bibs acted as hot air which melted the ice lollies. The pupils in the green bibs acted as the insulators, protecting the ice lollies from the hot air. Lots of learning and laughs took place!

In RE, pupils have been looking at Human Experience as one of the sources of Revelation. They analysed a variety of KS1 picture story books to identify where God was present in the story. Pupils were not surprised that God was present in many different ways throughout the books.

St. Luke's have been learning about adding decimal numbers recently. They engaged in an addition dice challenge where they created numbers in pairs, in the hope of adding them to create the largest answer possible!

Today in Science, pupils were identifying different materials within the classroom. They also discussed why some objects may contain more than one material.

Congratulations to the first two pen licence recipients of the year! They were awarded for writing in a consistent, neat cursive style.

Congratulations to Year 5 who won the 100% attendance trophy today! Well done and keep up the hard work.

Year five are studying Materials in Science this half-term. They were examining the properties of a variety of materials and stating the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Express Yourself is our opening topic in IPC this year. Today the pupils had their photo taken as part of our entry point. Keep an eye out for the upcoming final product!