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St Luke Year 5

In Science this term, year 5 are learning about types of change. They conducted an investigation, making predictions about which solids would melt and the reasons why.

We had ideal weather recently for our sports day. Year 5 took part in the three legged race as well as the traditional running races. The children enjoyed the sun and cheering the other pupils on during their races.

Year 5 recently took part in a class debating contest, debating on whether museums should have free entry. Some very interesting points were made and there are certainly many debaters in the class.

To celebrate the recent Royal Wedding, the children came to school dressed as wedding guests. They took part in a variety of related activities throughout the day which they engaged with fantastically. On the same day, year 5 won the attendance cup for 100% attendance! Well done year 5!

Year 5 are continuing their work on Separating Mixtures and today were concentrating on filtration. They were applying their knowledge of the topic to filter dirty water and were then asked what they could do/make to make the water even clearer.

Year five recently went on a trip to the National Gallery to explore different paintings by different artists. In literacy this term, they are concentrating on famous paintings and the artists who painted them. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and even had the opportunity to do some quick sketches of paintings by Monet and Van Gogh!

Year 5 have been learning about debating in literacy recently. They took part in a class debate with the motion 'All art galleries should have free entry' and thought of a variety of points for the proposing and opposing side.

The topic for Science this term is Separating Mixtures. Pupils were learning recently about solutions and how they are formed. They tested a number of solids to see whether they were soluble or not with some surprising results!

More pen licences were handed out this week for beautiful and neat cursive writing. Keep up the good work!

Our topic for IPC this term is 'What a Wonderful World' and as an entry point each group were required to make a calendar depicting this. Well done to all groups and particularly to Newton who were crowned the winning group.

Congratulations to some of our recent pen licence recipients for their ongoing neat and cursive handwriting. Keep up the fantastic work!

During our recent Easter Bonnet Parade, some year 5 pupils created fantastic Easter hats! It is clear a lot of effort went into creating these masterpieces. Well done!

Year 5 recently had a fantastic trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew. They learned about various types of plants and climates and attended a workshop about evolution and adaption. A great day was had by all.

During science week, year 5 had a fantastic time in the science dome. They learned all about earth and space which linked perfectly to their current science topic. They also created fortune ice blocks. Each pair created a positive fortune and froze it in a block of ice. A few days later they then had to find the quickest way of melting the ice to reveal their fortune. As you can see, they thoroughly enjoyed it.

World book day was celebrated on March 7th in Our Lady of Lourdes this year with a host of characters from a variety of books coming to life. Pupils arrived in fantastic costumes representing one of their favourite characters. In year 5, the pupils also had the opportunity to participate in some acting and read to some year 2 pupils. They all looked fantastic and had a great day.

As an entry point for their IPC topic, Weather and Climate, year 5 were studying life in Antarctica. Luckily, that week the pupils had a rare opportunity to experience a little about what life may be like in Antarctica with our recent snow fall.

Year five were recently treated to a Roots for Food workshop where they learned how to make a delicious stir fry with meatballs made from scratch! It's clear to see that there are a lot of budding chefs in the class.

Year five spent a part of their half term researching the topic Earth and Space, our Science topic for this half term. The results were simply out of this world! Here are just a few samples of the fantastic work carried out. Well done year five!

It was Our Lady of Lourdes Day on February 11th this year. Year 5 were lucky to have Brother Alejandro pay them a visit, to speak about why Our Lady is special and why we celebrate this important day.

In science this half term, the children are learning about life cycles. They were learning about metamorphis and in small groups had the opportunity to recreate metamorphis of their chosen animal. As you can see, they really enjoyed themselves.

Pupils are studying AD900 as their topic for IPC this half term. They have enjoyed researching the ancient Maya tribe as well as creating some artwork to share this information.

Congratulations to the three latest recipients of our much sought after pen licence. Keep up your excellent hand writing!

Year 5 Spring Curriculum Letter

Welcome to the Year Five Class Page.


My name is Mr. McCarthy and I will be the class teacher of Year 5 this year alongside Mr Coranti and Mrs Sweeney.


We look forward to working with your children to make learning a fun and interesting experience that can be used both inside and outside of the classroom. We look forward to a fun, productive and rewarding school term. 


Mr Coranti will be teaching Spanish across Junior Classes and will be assisting the development of PE across the school. He will also be helping me in class.  Mrs Sweeney will be working with small groups to support reading and maths.

Year 5 have been making sculptures and houses using a new piece of software called Google SketchUp Make - take a look below.

The topic for IPC this term is Fit for Life. The pupils engaged in an exercise activity through dance together with year six. All pupils then had the opportunity to create their own healthy juice drink in groups which they thoroughly enjoyed.

This term year five are studying Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones. The school was honoured to have Rob visit the school today and have a discussion with the children surrounding Wild Boy, his work as an author and how he began creating his novels.

Year five are currently learning about materials in science. Most recently they learned about thermal insulators and thermal conductors. The children participated in an investigation surrounding this topic. They examined the effect that a thermal insulator (pupils in green bibs) has on frozen iced lollipops (pupils in blue bibs). The pupils in red bibs played the role of hot air. They discovered that the thermal insulator can keep the iced lollipops frozen if completely protected from the hot air.

The topic for IPC this term is Fit for Life. The class discussed what they do to stay fit while having fun. In groups the pupils created one obstacle for an obstacle course, then concentrated on their individual design of their obstacle. Finally, their obstacle course came to life and they had an opportunity to try it for themselves. They certainly brought the fun into fitness!

Year five and six paid a visit to Kensington Science Museum today, attended the 'It Takes Guts' workshop learning about the digestive system. Some pupils also had the opportunity to assist in various parts of the worship as well as touring parts of the museum which they thoroughly enjoyed. Having lunch on the steps of Kensington Garden next to The Albert Memorial was an added bonus, particularly the October sun!

This week the first two pen licences were awarded in year five for continuous neat handwriting and exceptional work. Well done to these pupils!

Well done to everyone in St. Lukes class who won the attendance cup at this week's celebration assembly for 100% attendance. Keep up the great work!

The topic for IPC this term is Making the News. For an entry point, year five and six participated in a news quiz together. Each house had two representatives from each class. All pupils were involved and given the opportunity to win more points for their house. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the quiz and had fun learning.

Two more happy recipients of a pen licence in year five recently for their consistent neat cursive writing both in their work in school and homework. Well done! Watch out for some more recipients coming soon.

The topic for this science this term is forces. The pupils have been having lots of fun learning about gravity, friction and air resistance. This included making and testing different sized paper spinners to show the effect of air resistance. As you can see here the pupils really enjoyed themselves!

Year five have been busy learning how to write instructions recently. They put what they learned into practice, writing and drawing instructions for a tinfoil man as well as creating their own version.

St. Lukes are most certainly in the festive spirit at the moment. During the week, they had a fantastic time creating and customising their own Christmas hats. They then wore them while eating their scrumptious Christmas dinner.