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St Luke Year 5

WELCOME BACK from what I hope was a blessed, relaxing and memorable Easter Break.  This new term like every other, will present your child with even more learning opportunities and heightened expectations but still an abundance of fun!  I can not possibly stress the importance of READING and HOMEWORK especially as your children begin final preparations for their Year 6 experience.  Continue to check back regularly for classroom updates.  Happy Summer Term! 

Year 5 Summer Term Curriculum Letter

ART: Still life drawings outside ... enjoying the weather ...

IPC: Bake It! This album will be updated throughout the term, check back regularly to see all the delicious baking we have been doing!

Year 5 Boys Taster Day at Newman Catholic College ... they sure had a busy, fun-filled morning of learning, have a look ...

Year 5 Girls visit The Convent of Jesus and Mary for a secondary school taster day ... they certainly put the word 'taster' into action! :)

ROAD SAFETY WEEK: Year 5 learnt all about the different Road Safety Rules and then turned their knowledge into a picture book to share with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Lots of fun and learning was had, have a look ...

BOTTLE ROCKETS!!! ... this was quite the learning experience! Ask us about our failures and successes.

Year 5 Curriculum for 2016-2017


THANK YOU to those who were able to attend our class assembly this past Wednesday.



WELCOME BACK from what I hope was a blessed, relaxing and memorable Christmas Holiday.  Thank you to those of you that attended school on Friday 6th January for FUN FIT FRIDAY, the pictures of all our fun can be found below.  We also created some amazing workout videos that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home, those videos will be posted shortly.  This new year, like every other, will present your child with even more learning opportunities and heightened expectations but still an abundance of fun!  Continue to check back regularly for classroom updates.  Happy 2017! 




My name is Miss. Belmonte and I am the Year 5 teacher.  This is my fourth academic year at Our Lady of Lourdes.  Working alongside me is our Teaching Assistant, Ms. Marin.  As a team we are focused on, and dedicated to your child's academic progression and success!  


As our school mission statement says, we work to the best of our ability and our learning should be fun.  This year's expectations will remain high as I am very familiar with the abilities of each child therefore they will be striving for nothing less than their personal best!


Please check back regularly for updates on classroom events, successes, activities, website links and pictures.  

SCIENCE DOME: these pictures do not justify the experience that the children had, but just gives you a little sample ... be sure to ask them all about it!

RE ASSEMBLY: Lenten Common Good and support for Sufra Foodbank. A very big THANK YOU to all the parents that took time out of their day to come and see their children, it was a brilliant assembly!

Happy World Book Day 2017!!!

WORLD BOOK DAY: Buddy Reading with Nursery - Year 5 students wrote and illustrated their own version of the Three Little Pigs to share with their friends in the Nursery.

WORLD BOOK DAY 2017 - Outstanding effort by all the children - WE LOOK EXCELLENT!!!

FIGURE IT OUT FRIDAY: 2 brains are better than 1 and when we put ours together, we can achieve ANYTHING!

DEACON JULIO visits to speak about Ash Wednesday and the beginning of LENT

DEACON JULIO spent some time in class with us today discussing the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount ... ask us about our class discussion.

ART: We have been working on our sketching skills, this lesson we sketched Tigers, have a look!

PE: We are 3 weeks into gymnastics now, have a look at some of our moves ...

NUMERACY: today we worked on investigating properties of numbers and how we know whether or not they are multiples of: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 ... ask us about some of our tricks!

SPANISH: We've begun to learn how to give directions in Spanish ... ask us to teach you, we are excellent with our language skills!

LITERACY: This week were are look at Narrative Poetry, poems that tell a story. On Tuesday we had a chance to recite/perform pieces of a narrative poem ... ask us about it!

We have been busy spreading Christmas cheer and love ... have a look at some of the cards we made for the residents of Victoria Elderly Home

Year 5 and 6 class trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for SONGS OF WINTER

SCIENCE: We have been exploring FORCES. This week we made boats to test both air and water resistance ... watch this space for our results!

PE: Our dance moves are developing more and more each week .. ask us to show you some moves!

IPC: Miss. Perkins brought our Literacy scripts of Robin Hood to life during a drama packed IPC lesson ... ask us all about our use of levels, facial expression and tone/pitch of voice - we are actors/actresses in the making!!!

FIGURE IT OUT FRIDAY ... we love exploring numbers!

SCIENCE: We've been creating PARACHUTES in order to explore AIR RESISTANCE ... ask us which parachutes were most successful!

NUMERACY: we've been exploring counting in decimals, ordering decimals and rounding decimals... have a look and ask us a challenging question.

Deacon Julio came to visit again and this time our focus was on the beginning of Advent.

RE: in our lesson today we were deepening our knowledge of the 'O Antiphons' by creating symbols for the meaningful words within them ... have a look and don't forget to ask us about them!

SCIENCE: this term we are exploring various types of forces ... ask us about the investigation that we planned today - 'Grippy' vs 'Slippy'

P.E: We have been dancing our hearts out this term and having a blast while doing it ... have a look!

ANTI-BULLYING WEEK: displays and winners of the 'Power for Good Friendship Awards'

ANTI-BULLYING WEEK: role play, group discussions, freeze frames, rich reflective conversation ... ask us about it, it was definitely FUN learning!

It's that time of year again ... we are preparing for our Christmas Fayre by painting ornaments that the PTA bought for us! Be sure to come and purchase your child's ornament which will showcase a lovely picture of them!

Figure it out Friday: we have been examining and exploring all the properties of angles.

R.E: we examined the Bible passages that the O Antiphons originated from, made information posters and taught each other about the scripture

SPANISH: we had so much fun learning the different body parts and different features of our face!

SCIENCE: today we learned about WEIGHT vs MASS and got to practice using a NEWTON METRE ... ask us the difference and what we found out!

Deacon Julio visits for a worship session. Today's focus was for those who have passed away.

OLOL GLOBAL CELEBRATION WEEK: this week we have been learning all about the Caribbean Islands. We have taken a virtual trip to the Dominican Republic, celebrated Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, had children bring in sharing items from St. Lucia and Jamaica and then finally got to make our own head-pieces for our very own Carnival celebration ... we hope to see you at the assembly on Monday!

Figure it out Friday ... WHAT A TASK! We explored numbers and sums in mixed groups today - ask us what our challenge was and see if you have any success!

WEMBLEY CENTRAL MOSQUE: Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to visit Wembley Central Mosque in order to extend our learning during 'other faiths week'. Ask us about our experience, we would love to share ...

LITERACY: We wrote group performance poems today about all the nagging our parents do ... Don't worry Mum and Dad, they get to write about their TEACHER tomorrow!

SCIENCE: today's investigated tested whether or not a variety of materials were SOLUBLE or INSOLUBLE - ask us about our findings!

PE: This term our PE topic is DANCE! Have you seen our moves yet?