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Welcome back from the Easter break!


It is the Summer Term and the final term of this academic year. In St Luke's Year 5 class this term we will be learning new and exciting topics and preparing the children for their transition in to their final year at the school.


I am Mrs Barrett, the class teacher.  

Working alongside me is Mr White and our Teaching Assistant Mrs Aliu.

 We are all focused upon, and dedicated to, your child's academic progression and success.


As our school mission statement says, we work only to the best of our ability and our learning should be fun.


 Please check back regularly for updates on classroom events, successes, activities, website links and pictures.

Supermarket Chaos! There was a packaging error at Mr White's supermarket and some of the dry goods got mixed up. The children had to discover how to separate the mixtures using scientific processes.

Science and Engineering Week! OLOL Crime investigators solved crimes using their knowledge of DNA

Triangle investigation - Year Five had fun today investigating

Year 5's excellent class assembly

"Should children be allowed to use social media sites?"

We love reading! Whether it is on our own or with a friend, we love spending time choosing from the large selection of books in our school library.

Our IPC Topic this half-term is The Holiday Show. For our entry point, we got to be estate agents and promote a city in the world. A vote will then be taken for the best promotional power points. These are the finalists...

Merry Christmas from Year 5 St Luke

Boat Race! Today we made boats to race tomorrow. We had to use all our scientific knowledge of forces to design a boat which has the least amount of water resistance acting upon it!! Watch for photos of our race tomorrow.

Maths, we love practical maths activities! Today we read, ordered and rounded decimal numbers in our groups.

We have research inventions that have influenced how we broadcast the News. Then we presented our findings to the class

We used all our knowledge of angles and constructed our own angles today. It was fun!

Today we linked IPC (making the news) with ICT. We became real journalists for a day where we got our own newsroom. Information was sent to us and we had to record it, order it and write our own article

In RE we wrote our own Liturgy and did it as a class

In IPC, we have been learning about how the News and stories were told before writing was invented. For that, we played the messenger game and learned that if the News wasn't clearly communicated, long and involve people's name, it was spread incorrectly

Forces - Our Gravity Models! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN LEARNING

Our new IPC topic this half term is Making the News. We have been watching Newsround and discussing it as a class. On Friday, we had a quizz about News Events. 3 teams drew and we beat Year 6! We will carry on to watch Newsround so that we can learn lots about National and International events as well as have things to write when we will learn about Article and Report writing in Literacy

For our Fit For Life exit point, we performed the workouts we had designed. Some of the children acted as our PE teachers for this!

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, we have been learning how to play tag rugby. This Friday we had a tournament between all the KS2 classes. In our class, we had four teams: a New Zealand girls team and a New Zealand boys team, an Australian girls team and an Australian boys team. One of each went to the final versus Year 6!

International Evening: over this week, the whole school took over a project to become "Young International Entrepreneurs". We represented Ireland and learned about Irish History and their tales, we even learned a traditional Irish song in our Music lesson. We sold Pot of Gold themed cards and a competition that Hilary in our class won.

This week in Literacy we looked at recipes for national Food Week. We linked this in with healthy foods as our IPC topic. We wrote instructions on how to make Fruit Animals which we then followed.

In Science, we are looking at different materials. This week we had to build a house for Bob the Bird who had to stay in the UK despite his family migrating back to Africa for the winter. Our houses had to be both strong and waterproof for Bob to survive the winter. We tested them before choosing three that were good enough for Bob.

In RE, we looked at the message in different books. One of us had to read a story to the rest of the table and we had to find the hidden message or the metaphor of God in each story.

This week in IPC we looked at how to workout effectively in order to get Fit.

We even designed our own workouts!

For our music lesson, we were very lucky to have the help of a musician TA Mr Bowie.

We had our first lesson on percussions

For our new IPC Topic: Fit for Life, our entry point activity was an obstacle course.

It was so much fun! Bridget won the best time and bonus points, Jamie and Fredick tied in second place and Mary won bronze!