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St John Year 6

Year Six have been learning how to play Rounders during their PE lessons and will continue to do so until they have completed the entire unit! They have been learning how to stay safe with equipment and how to complete skills based activities which will enable them to play rounders competitively later in the term! Let's hope the sun stays shinning so we can continue to complete our lessons outside. 

Light and Sight

Our Science topic for this half term is Light and Sight. We began the topic by completing a very simple investigation about light sources. The children had to investigate how and why they could see the counter in certain positions. All children were able to work in a group to find out the answer to their predictions.
Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the week - we have already completed a wide variety of fun learning tasks. The whole school is focusing on the text The Bear and the Piano, it is a picture book which we will be turning into performance poetry. It has been wonderful to see everyone face to face after being behind a screen for so long! 
A massive congratulations to everyone in Year 6! You have achieved so much over the past few months. Be proud of yourselves, we have so much to celebrate when we get 'back to school.' We have been busy preparing and organising the classroom for everyone to return to school. We are so excited to see all your grown up smiling faces. There will be a lot of time to talk and share all of your experiences. See you on Monday! Miss Davies and Mr Coranti. 
Week 2 - pieces of work to be proud of! 

Spring Term 2 - Week 1 


Welcome back Year 6! Myself and Mr Coranti have loved seeing your smiling faces on Teams. Remember to complete work daily and really push yourselves to complete all the work set to a high standard. As we are in Spring Term 2, it is time to become even better independent learners. 

Week 6 - Home Learning Update


A huge well done to all of Year 6 for successfully completing six weeks of Remote Learning via Teams. I have been amazed by your determination each week and how you have approached each task with confidence and creativity. Make sure you spend next week relaxing but also keeping fit with the variety of fun exercise ideas I have assigned for you. This will give you a chance to have a well deserved break, away from your screens! Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you back on Teams at 9am Monday 22nd February. Miss Davies and Mr Coranti. 

Week 5 - Home Learning Update. 


I have been extremely impressed with Year Six this week. They have shown great maturity and independence with their Home Learning. During live sessions, they have been able to interact using video links and interactive websites. They have also had the confidence to share their ideas with their peers, myself and Mr Coranti. We created a mini word cloud during our Well Being session, about Sir Tom Moore recognising his achievements and how we feel about them! Keep up the excellent work Year Six, I know you can do it.  

Happy New Year, Year Six! The beginning of this term will be a little bit different as we will not be in school. There will be work set on Microsoft Teams daily, I will attach a timetable below so you can see what you need to complete each day. It will be a big learning curve for everyone - we will just try our best, I know you will be fantastic! laugh

Maths Mania

Today in maths at the end of the lesson the children played 'Maths Mania'. The children have to choose a category from the card and work out the answer. Whoever has the biggest answer gets to take the card. Whoever has all the  cards at the end wins!

Kodaly Rhythms

Still image for this video

Today in music we were looking at Kodaly Rhythms. The children worked in groups to create different patterns of music. Here is one groups excellent performance!

Remembrance Day

Lectio Divina

In RE we have been learning about a prayer called Lectio Divina. Prayer is an important part of Advent, this uses Scripture from the Liturgical year readings to help us focus and think. The name means divine or Sacred Reading.

Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

Today we started our new RE Topic 'Advent to Christmas' we learnt about the symbols and key words of Advent. The children then had a chance to make their own Advent Calendar which we will look at each day and try our best to complete each act of kindness challenge.

Art / Science

Classifying Living Things

Here the children were tying to come up with different ways to classify animals. We know that scientists have five different animal kingdoms which helps them to organise living things into different categories.
As it is Black History Month we have been focusing on a range of texts. Our text focus this week has been Dr Wangari Maathai Plants a Forest. This story explores the issue of racism and deforestation in Kenya, the children have been able to put themselves into Dr Wangari's shoes and think about her thoughts and feelings. They were extremely confident at answering questions from her point of view. The class was also able to come up with a wide variety of questions for her to answer.
This morning Year 6 had the challenge of ordering three place decimals without being about to talk! They worked really well as a team to organise themselves into the correct order. They didn't make any mistakes. Well done Year 6!

Month of the Rosary

Here are some beautiful examples of children's art work from this Half Term.

Beak Adaptation Experiment

Our Science topic this half term is Evolution and Inheritance. We have been looking at how animals adapt over time in order to survive in the environment they live in. Today we had to use different ends of the wooden spoons to get the beads (food) out of each container. The narrow beak in the wide container was able to get the most beads in one minute.The wide end of the spoon was unable to retrieve food from the skinny beaker.

Conscience Alley

Today is Literacy we were debating whether or not animals should be used in war. Each side of the alley had to express points from a different view point. The person walking down the middle had to decide which side of the alley had the most persuasive points.


All homework will be set through PurpleMash. The children will receive feedback on each homework task they complete.