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Year 6 Leavers Message Booklet

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Year 6 Leavers Message Booklet Instructions

Year 6 and Year 7 Transition

Have a Great Half Term!

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Welcome Back

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Today, April 3rd, marks the beginning of your Easter holidays! I hope you have been enjoying your independent learning at home and taking the time to revise areas which you may have found tricky. All your hard work will really benefit you next year when you move onto year 7. However, now as it is your Easter holidays, it is time for you to take a well earned rest for two weeks! Enjoy this time of rest, help out your family at home and enjoy one anothers company. Stay safe, enjoy and we hope to see you soon!


Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Coranti.


Maths for Parents

The attached document is a helpful guide for parents who are helping their Year Six children with Maths at home.

Spring Term 2020


Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 took part in a World Book Day workshop recently. They were provided examples of fairytales with a rather boring conclusion. They then had to work as a group to adapt the story and perform this adaption to make it more interesting!

Our IPC topic this half-term is Mission to Mars. During the half-term, year 6 pupils made their own Mars rovers from a variety of materials, many of which were recyclable! Below are just a selection of the fantastic work completed.

For British History week, year 6 studied the Battle of Britain. The classroom was set up similar to a group of Anderson shelters with an air raid siren playing. They then wrote about how they felt in their Anderson shelters.

In Maths, year 6 have been working on measurements. This included estimating measurements before taking accurate measuremetns themselves.

In Maths, we have been concentrating on shape. The pupils were concentrating on the nets of a shape and how even though the net may look different sometimes, it is still possible to create a specific shape.

This term, the Science topic is 'Our Bodies'. Pupils had to trace around someone in their group and fill in any of the body systems that they were familiar with.

Year 6 began their swimming lessons this week. They will be swimming every afternooon on a Friday. It is great to see so many smiling faces after an enjoyable lesson.

One of the most popular workshops throughout the year in OLOL, Roots For Food recently came to visit. Each class in KS2 made a delicious Rogan Josh curry from scratch!

Autumn Term 2019


Welcome to Year 6

My name is Mr. McCarthy and I will be the class teacher of Year 6 this year alongside Mr. Coranti.

We look forward to working with your children to make learning a fun and interesting experience that can be used both inside and outside of the classroom. We look forward to a fun, productive and rewarding school term.

Mr. Coranti will be teaching Spanish across Junior Classes and will be assisting the development of PE across the school. He will also be helping me in class. Mrs. Ellement will be working with groups both in Maths and Literacy. Ms. Passsarelli will be teaching Art and DT this year and Mr. Lamptey will be teaching P.E.

Year 6 Class Timetable & Curriculum

For our exit point for 'Making the News', children watched Newsround and groups worked together to present their own version of a topical news story.

Year 6 were busy recently making 3D snowflakes for the Christmas Fayre. There was a lot of teamwork involved and the pupis were delighted with the result.

Year 6 took part in another weekly news quiz this week, linking to our IPC topic 'Making the News'. There was a buzz of excitement with the winning team winning extra table points!

In Maths, we have started learning about algebra. At the beginning, everyone was a little aprehensive but now they are confident in their learning and are even writing their own algebra problems with two unknown numbers.

Year 6 were recently treated to a workshop surrounding the book 'Wonder' which we are reading in our whole class reading sessions. This helped the children learn more about the characters and the plot.

Our IPC topic this half term is 'Making the News'. This week we had a quiz about topics in the news currently. Pupils work in groups, learning from one another and displayed their knowledge of the world around them.

This week, Year 6 attended a Citizenship workshop . There were a variety of stations including healthy eating, fire safety, knife crime and travel safety. Everyone was actively involved throughout and learned a lot about making the correct choices.

In Maths this week, we were learning about Ratio. We used different ratios of yellow and red paint to show the difference in colour. We also made cross curricular links with Science, stating reasons why it may not be viewed as a fair test e.g. type of paint, amount of paint.

For British History week, PC Rose came to visit to tell us about the History of Crime and Punishment. The pupils were shocked at how severe the punishments were at this time which were often for very minor crimes!

"Sir, can they visit again?" was a quote from a pupil at the end of a fantastic day today. Year 5 and 6 were treated to a powerful performance and workshop from Box Clever about bullying. It was an extrememly engaging and thought provoking workshop which the pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed.

What a joy it is to hear children coming into school in the morning asking to play Countdown! The children are able to strenghten their number operation skills through Countdown and love the challenge it creates.

This week was Other Faith week and we were learning about Judaism in Literacy. We visited the London Judaism Museum where we took part in a variety of workshops including writing in Hebrew, tasting different foods and a treasure hunt in the museum! It is clear to see that the pupils had a fantastic day.

Brother David recently visited the year 6 pupils for the first time. He will be based in Five Precious Wounds and will be visiting each class every two weeks. This week he taught the pupils about the Rosary. We welcome Brother David, an already popular addition, to Our Lady of Lourdes School.

In Computing, we have been concentrating on Internet Safety. The Internet is a fantastic resource however only when used sensibly. The children were learning about digit footprint and what information should not be put online about themselves.

In IPC, our topic is Fit For Life. We were creating some stop motion art, representing a specific activity or sport through a freeze frame. Can you guess the activities?

In Religion, our topic is 'In the Beginning'. We have been looking at Gensis 2:4b-25 in particular, The Garden of Eden. We were working with playdough to recreate how God made both man and woman. A great example of how active learning can strengthen understanding.

Year 6 recently attended a Gang Workshop. They were informed about what gangs were and how to recognise recruitment into a gang. It was a very eye opening and insightful workshop.

In IPC this term, our topic is Fit For Life. Year 6 measured their heart rate for one minute at rest. Next they ran for one minute and measured their heart rate once more. They noted that their heart rate increased significantly after exercise.

Our topic in Science this term is Evolution and Inheritance. Pupils had to work in pairs to put significant historical events regarding Evolution and Inheritance in chronological order. Although they were unsure of the correct order, they had to work in pairs and discuss the order which they thought was correct. At the end of the topic, we will revisit these timelines to see the correct order.

Year 6 have been playing dice games to strengthen their understanding of place value and are having fun learning!

Year 6 have been concentrating on a key area of Maths since the beginning of the term, Place Value. A strong knowledge in Place Value helps out in all aspects of Maths. They were working together creating 6 digit numbers, adding and subtracting them trying to reach a target number.