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St John Year 6



Children painting Virtuous characteristics tiles for our RE wall.

Year 6 doing Friday's Maths number treasure hunt...with Mrs Ellement, Mrs O'Neill and Mr Savage as adjudicators!

Year 6 creating Pentominos during Maths week

Year 6 on their recent trip to Hyde Park. They visited the Serpentine gallery to sketch some of the exhibition as well as enjoying a day in the sunshine.

Children measuring their resting heart rates and then completing intervals to see the effects of exercise on the heart rate.

Children used calculators on iPads to conduct Fermi estimates of difficult to count amounts

Year 6 conduction measuring using Egyptian and modern measurements

Year 6 exploring Fractals in maths

Day 3 of shapes with Year 6: Translations, reflections, rotations.

Year 6 painting in the style of Fred Fowle - the famous fairground artist

Year 6 doing Spanish word searches.

Year 6 working on Fractals - infinite repeating mathematical shapes

This week Year 6 went a fantastic (and very muddy) trip to Fryant Park Nature Reserve

Year 6 Recent working walls.

Children in Year 6 reading to children in Reception as part of World Book Day

Learning to sew. As part of our IPC project we are learning to sew with fabrics donated by tailors on Savile Row.

Brainwaves - children beginning our new topic of brain development by work their muscle memory!

In Science this week the children used IMovie on the Ipads to make short films about how the heart works.

Year 5 and 6 had an exciting day at Kidzania this week where they got a chance to be grown ups for the day!

Curriculum newsletter Spring

In science we are studying Our Bodies. We are looking at how they work. This week we made blood! We created plasma using a sugar/water solution which is what plasma is really made from! We used jelly beans to simulate red and white blood cells and sprinkles for platelets.


Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to Year 6


Year 6's incredible models after 4 weeks of painstaking work and dedication! Well done to all of them.

Year 6 building their WW2 model tanks, bomb shelters and planes.

Year 6 Mapping the town of Little Weirwold from our class novel Goodnight Mr Tom

Year 6 concluding and writing up their findings on growing single cell organisms (mold and bacteria) in Science

In literacy we used Bloom's Taxonomy to work in team studying a broad range of vocabulary connected to our topic WW2. We had to create own categories in which to place the words and then justify our choices of category headings.

This week we began sketching and equipping our WW2 models for Design Technology. We are building tanks, fighter planes and bomb shelters.

Year 6 visit to The Jewish Museum






St John's Curriculum Newsletter

In class we have been learning algebra! The children performed an investigation using algebraic geometry

We have been studying slavery through poetry. The children wrote some INCREDIBLY powerful poems of their own.