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St John Year 6

Welcome to Year Six!

Year 6 Production - Hoodwinked


Catholic Schools' Mass

Year Six attending a beautiful Mass for Brent Catholic Schools.  Their behaviour was excellent and the children enjoyed an opportunity to worship with pupils from other schools.

Creating Board Games

This week, the children in Year Six made Maths board games for the children in Years Three, Four and Five.  We tried out some existing games for inspiration before designing our own.  Themes included pirates, space travel and football.  Maths topics included percentages, decimals and multiplication and division.  We wrote instructions during our English lessons and then delivered the final products to the other classes on Friday.   We hope you all enjoy playing them!

Well done, Year Six!

A big "well done!" to all of the children in Year Six for working so hard during SATS week.  You all tried your best and you were amazing.  We were very proud of you.  Mrs Bickerstaff lead the school in giving you a well deserved round of applause in assembly.  (Read on to find out how we've been celebrating!)

Royal Wedding Bunting

We made some beautiful bunting to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  It looked fabulous in the hall for Friday's very special Celebration Assembly.

Royal Wedding Fun

Everybody looked amazing in their smart, wedding guest clothes!  We also enjoyed playing some new communication games.  This will help us to develop skills we'll need in our next schools.


We enjoyed baking, decorating and eating some delicious fairy cakes.  It was also a lovely way to say "thank you" to so many people who have helped us.

Making Play Dough

We enjoyed making some special red, white and blue play dough for the children in Nursery.  

Learning About Martyrs

We have been learning about martyrs who have died for their faith and their belief.  We researched the lives of St Edmund, St Andrew, Thomas More, Joan of Arc, St Stephen and St Alban and then performed short plays to teach one another about these important people.

Month of Mary

We began the Month of Mary by reflecting on her importance to all Catholics.  We each chose words which we associate with her and wrote them onto petals of flowers which we then decorated.  They have been placed on our prayer table and we will use them to help us think and focus our thoughts in quiet moments this month.  We have also had some interesting discussions about how living with the Holy Spirit makes a difference to the lives of Christians and we used this to write scripts for a television discussion show.


We have been enjoying our swimming lessons at Wilesden Leisure Centre on a Friday afternoon.  We have even been given healthy treats to enjoy from the canteen.

World Book Day

Year 6 wore some amazing costumes on World Book Day!  We also enjoyed reading stories to the children in St Bernadette's.

Year 6 Love Maths!


We have been working so hard in Maths.  Well done to all of the children who have been coming to the Maths "Drop-In" sessions at lunch time.  Some children were so keen to improve their understanding of long division that they even worked outside during a very cold break time!

Healthy Food Week


Here are some pictures of Year Six enjoying the Roots to Food cookery lesson.  Their orange and honey meatballs with noodles and chow mein were delicious!




We started the new half term with a visit to Church for a school mass.  The children in Year Six and Reception were partners for the walk and were an excellent example to the rest of the school.  We have written Lent Promises which are displayed on our RE board and we have also taken time to reflect on what is important to us.  We all drew a picture of an important object and placed it in our class box.  During the week, we will also be mindful of opportunities to see God's presence around us and we will add notes and pictures to our box.

Our Lady of Lourdes Day

This week we have been celebrating Our Lady of Lourdes Day in class.  On Wednesday, we enjoyed Year Three St Matthew's class assembly, where we were each given a set of rosary beads.  We also received a copy of a beautiful prayer which the children had written for us.  On Thursday, we welcomed Brother Alejandro into class and he lead a prayer session using a rosary.  On Friday, we shared a special prayer in our class prayer book and learnt about the pilgrimage to Lourdes.  We then imagined that we had been on a pilgrimage and wrote letters and diary entries about our experiences.  

Transport for London Workshop

Year Six had a visit from Chloe from Transport for London, who ran a workshop on how to stay safe when travelling on public transport.  We watched videos and discussed different scenarios.  It was an informative afternoon and we learnt several important lessons including where to stand when waiting for a bus; how to behave on public transport and how to use Oyster and Zip cards.


Blood and Bones!


Our Science topic this half term is "Our Bodies," and Year Six had a fun afternoon of practical, hands on activities.  Firstly, we used paper and tape to make structures to hold and protect a tennis ball.  This demonstrated the role of the skeleton in our body.  We then made "blood" using food to represent different elements including red and white cells and plasma.

The Story of Moses


We have been learning about the story of Moses in the Book of Exodus.  Here are some pictures of freeze frames of key parts of the story.

Class Book Display


Our class reading book for this half term is "Outlaw," by Michael Morpurgo.  The book is a re-telling of the legend of Robin Hood.  Thank you to the children who designed our wonderful display and to everybody who gave up their lunch times to help cut out leaves and paint the pictures.

Happy 2018!

It has been lovely to welcome Year Six back to school after the holidays and the children have settled into the new term.  They have been busy writing prayers for the year ahead, which links to our R.E. topic for this term.


Fun Christmas Learning!


This week, we took part in a group Christmas Maths challenge.  Miss Fodor taught us all about Christmas in Hungary and we created beautiful Jesse Tree decorations.

World War II Books


Following our trip to the Imperial War Museum, the children have been making their own books about World War II, using the information they gathered on the day.

The Imperial War Museum


Year Six had a wonderful day at the Imperial War Museum and learnt so much about World War II during History Week.  The Museum is full of interesting exhibits and - like many of the museums in London - it's free! A highlight of the day was seeing the setting of a key scene in the book "Grandpa's Great Escape."  The behaviour was excellent and we received compliments from Museum staff and other visitors.

Well Done, Year Six!

We've won the cup for 100% attendance and the certificate for the smartest class.  Mrs Bickerstaff also chose the Star Writer from our class this week.  Well done!  What a great assembly!

Celebrating Advent


We welcomed Brother Alejandro to Year Six to help us to celebrate the start of Advent.

Year Six Mass - November 2017

David Walliams - Grandpa's Great Escape

Year Six have been reading "Grandpa's Great Escape" by David Walliams.  Here are some freeze frames of Grandpa's first escape.

News Quiz!

Year Five and Six took part in an inter-house quiz to introduce the IPC topic "Making the News."  Congratulations to the winners - Walsingham!



Visit to Newman College's Shakespeare Festival

The children thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Newman College to watch the boys perform "The Merchant of Venice."

Cultural Arts Week

During our Cultural Arts Week, Year Six learnt about Goa.  The children read traditional tales, made origami lotus flowers and designed rangoli patterns.

Year Five and Six Trip to The Science Museum


Year Five and Six had a wonderful day at the Science Museum, where they learnt all about the digestive system in an entertaining workshop called "You've Got Guts!"  There was also time for lunch in the sunshine on the steps of the Albert Memorial and a chance to admire the architecture.

Measuring Up Maths!


Year Six have been using their measuring skills to investigate the ratio of different parts of the body.  Is the total length of your fingers the same as the length of your arm?  Is your height the same as the length of your out stretched arms?!

The amazing...

These videos are best viewed using Internet Explorer or a mobile device - they don't like Google Chrome currently!

St Giles Trust - Gang Workshop


Year Six received a visit from St Giles Trust who spoke to them about their future and making good choices.  It was very interesting and informative with plenty of time for questions and discussion.


Author Visit


The children enjoyed the visit from Rob Lloyd Jones, author of the novel "Wild Boy."  After the lesson, they created freeze frames of a key scene in the book.

BBC Live Lessons: Terrific Scientific!


Year Six joined schools across the country to take part in an online lesson about exercise and how it helps us.  After the lesson, we went outside to take our pulse and discover how it changed after exercise.


Our IPC topic this term is "Keeping Fit".  We started this project with an afternoon of healthy activities.  We all took part in an exercise class and then made a delicious, fruit drink.

Keeping Fit!

Year 6 have been using Google SketchUp to design 3D models.

Welcome to Year 6!


My name is Mrs Kent and working alongside me in Year 6 are

Mrs O'Neill and Miss Fodor.


We are very excited about the year ahead!