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Nursery children really enjoyed looking and touching the animals, including tarantula!

During this week we read the story of 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs'. Children designed their own dinosaurs and created them out of foam.

Children were counting items during reading the story of 'The shopping basket' and matching the numbers to each item. They showed interest in simple subtractions.

During this week nursery have been learning about recycling. We discussed how important is to take care of the environment. Children turned into 'caring superheroes' and shared their ideas about what they could do to help take care of our world, these were their caring superpowers.

Nursery children acted out the story of 'The Good Samaritan'.

We were so happy when our caterpillar turned into beautiful butterflies!

During other faith week we have been learning about Buddhism. We were talking a lot about love and kindness and children had an opportunity to meditate. They spoke about how to show kindness to others and created a beautiful 'heart of kindness' with their handprints.

Children were introduced to our new topic 'Shopping' this week. As an entry point they took part in a shopping experience in our Farm shop set up in the playground.

This week we have been learning about different cultures and customs. Children made chapatis and we ended the week by having a cultural party. Thank you parents for dressing your children so beautifully!

Children enjoyed experimenting with floating and sinking objects.

This week we have been reading book a story about pirates. Children enjoyed learning about them and their treasures.

Our topic is called 'Sand and water'. Nursery children made delicious jam sandwiches and had a picnic on an imaginary beach.

On the basis of the book 'Commotion in the ocean' children discovered what creatures live in the water and later on they designed their own sea animals.

In nursery we have been learning about space. Children took part in many activities related to the topic.

Nursery children went on a shape hunt around the school. They were very excited to find them and each time they spotted a 2D shape they drew lines on their tally chart.

Science Week is great fun! Nursery had a fabulous time making 'Flitter jars'. During experiment they were talking about light, shadows and materials.

We have started the summer term with Science Week. Children took part in a workshop called 'The rocket'. The workshop included lots of experiments and practical demonstrations. Children loved it! Afterwards each pupil created their own rocket based on what they learnt during the session.

Half Term Homework - Your challenge is to create a rocket, using any materials you have. It can be as big or small as you wish! Please upload picture to Evidence Me. Winning entry will receive the prize!

Here are the lovely Easter bonnets that nursery have made!

Nursery children have been learning about symmetry by making colourful butterflies.

We read the book 'The bear and the piano'. Children enjoyed taking part in many activities linked to the story.

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mums out there!

Children had an opportunity to learn about patterns by making fruit kebabs.

We started the new topic this week - patterns. Children created beautiful animal patterns for our display.

Children explored how jelly changes in environments. Later on, they enjoyed a picnic together and ate the jelly.

We enjoyed planting seeds as we read the book 'Jack and the beanstalk'.


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Hello, St Francis we hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday with your families. We are beginning our spring term online and work will be uploaded on a weekly basis, this will be on the class page. We encourage you to send pictures of your child partaking in the activities to as we would love to see your home learning and share this on our class page. Hope to see you all soon!

Dear Parents/ Carers,

A warm welcome to the Nursery class!

My name is Mrs Szymczak and working alongside me are Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Decruz. 

We are very excited about the year ahead!

We know that starting school is a huge step and our aim is to create calm, friendly and fun environment to ensure your children settle well. 

Watch this space to see all the fun and exciting things we do in the class.

Nursery children love to do a classroom workout to help them stay fit!

We acted out the story 'The sleeping beauty'. We used our imagination and lots of language to retell the story to our classmates. We had so much fun!

This week we have been reading the story 'Elmer'. We have been very busy taking part in number activities linked to the story.

Nursery children made beautiful masks on the basis of the story 'Rumble in the jungle.

We have started a new topic this term - 'Animals'. Children enjoyed exploring a new role play area 'Veterinary Surgery'.

This week we have been learning about Judaism. We tried on Jewish traditional clothing and made a Menorah, one of the Jewish symbols.

Concluding Black History Month, children made their own African drums and were very proud drumming together!

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This week we continued discovering African culture. We read the book 'Baby goes to market'. Children had a chance to taste the fruit from the story, they also made delicious fruit salad and enjoyed painting African patterns.

During RE lesson nursery children were looking at the Bible. They listened to the story of Noah's Ark and enjoyed retelling in through play. They also painted beautiful rainbows for our display.

To celebrate Black History Month we read the story 'Handa's Surprise'. Children have learnt about animals living in Africa. They enjoyed finger painting and retelling the story using props.

October is the Month of the Rosary. Nursery children had a chance to learn about the rosary and created their own beautiful rosaries.

Nursery have been looking at the topic 'All about me' and have been making self portraits!