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Nursery have been reading 'The Little Mermaid' story. We made mermaid tails, watched the movie and had a little party afterwards.

Our topic is 'Sand and Water'. As an entry point children made delicious sandwiches and had a picnic on an imaginary beach.

Visit from the Fire Brigade: On Wednesday afternoon we were very lucky to have a visit from the Fire Brigade. We learnt how to prevent fires in our houses, what number to call if there is a fire and all about the fireman's protective uniform.

We were so happy when our caterpillars turned into beautiful butterflies!

Nursery made their own tie - dye t-shirts to complete our 'Patterns' topic.

We have taken a special delivery to our classroom this week. We will have the pleasure of looking after 5 caterpillars for the next few weeks. We will watch as they grow and turn into beautiful butterflies.

We designed animal masks using patterns.

We have started a new topic this week called 'Patterns'. As an entry point children came to school dressed up in different pattern clothes.

Science Week - We had fun learning about dinosaurs and their habitats. Take a look at what the children have done!

Children made musical instruments using recyclable materials. Later on, they set up a band and played their instruments creating an interesting piece of music.

Our IPC topic this term is 'Shopping'. We have set up the 'shop' in our classroom where children enjoy playing and acting out different scenarios. Take a look at the lovely toys the children made at home. Thanks to all Moms and Dads who helped making them.

Nursery made telescopes and pretended to be God - detectives noticing God in our world.

Nursery children explored how jelly changes in environments. Later on, they enjoyed a picnic together and ate the jelly.

Nursery grew their own cress plant as a part of IPC topic 'Changes'.

Our topic this term is 'Changes'. On the basis of the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', nursery children have learnt about a life cycle of a butterfly. They were expressing themselves through art and dance.

Autumn Term 2018


Welcome to Nursery


Dear Parents,

My name is Mrs Szymczak and working alongside me in Nursery are Mrs Sweeney and Miss Corcoran.

We are all very excited about the year ahead!

We know that starting school is a huge step and our aim is to create a calm, friendly and fun environment to ensure your children settle well.

Please check this site regularly. We will put lots of lovely photos of your children on this class page.


Following the book review 'We're going on the bear hunt', our little chefs have helped baking teddy bear shaped cookies. We organised a tea party, where they could bring their own teddy bear and taste the delicious cookies altogether.

We read the story 'We're going on the bear hunt'. We decided to go on the bear hunt too. We went trough the grass, river, mud, forest and snowstorm. Finally, we found the bear in the cave.

This week we have been reading the story 'Elmer the elephant'. We have been very busy taking part in number of activities linked to the story.

This term our IPC topic is Animals. As an introduction to the subject, children have created colourful animal masks.

Children have been learning about Judaism this week. We focused on festival of Passover and pupils have decorated a Cup of Elijah, one of the symbols of Judaism.

We are getting ready for Black Culture Assembly!

This week we continued reading a story 'Handa's Surprise". Children had a chance to taste fruits from Handa's basket, they also made delicious fruit salad.

Our literacy focus last week was 'Handa's Surprise". Children made some finger and fruit prints.

Children have been learning about 2D shapes. They made castles and houses using the shapes they learnt. Later on, pupils spent time outside exploring the various shapes existing in real life.

Children made colourful African necklaces and patterns linked to our literacy topic.

Our IPC topic is "All about me". For our entry point we made our beautiful faces using different materials.

Look how happy we were during our first day in nursery!