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Welcome to St Bernadette's Reception Class!

Our Lady guides us as we have fun learning together,

aiming to be the best that we can be




Dear Parents, 

Welcome to the summer term!

The children have come back from the Easter break all grown up and ready to learn.

They are getting very independent in all areas of the curriculum and I can tell that they will be ready for Year One!

Watch this space to see all the fun and exciting things we do in reception.


Thank you,

Miss Padden

We have caterpillars in our classroom!

On Monday this week we had a special delivery to our class. We have the pleasure of looking after 10 caterpillars for the next few weeks. We will watch as they grow and turn into beautiful butterflies.

To help look after our birds, in reception we made bird feeders. We used some cheese, lard, bird seeds and raisins. We combined them all together in a cup and left them in the fridge over night. We then hung them on our trees for the birds to use them.

Click on the above link to see all the wonderful work we have been doing in computing.
We are pirates!

We all enjoyed pretending to be pirates and finding the treasure. We had to try and find the clues by solving the puzzles that rhymed and in the end we found the treasure!

Reception's Assembly Little Red Riding Hood

Please click on the link below to see our retell of the story. I think your will all agree everyone did an amazing job.  I am sure we will see some of these stars on the stage in the future!

Our IPC topic this term is 'Treasure'. For our entry point we brought in a special item that we treasure. We then drew it and wrote about it.

From Lent to Easter

Father Antonio came in to our class to give us ashes on Ash Wednesday

We all enjoyed the 'Fitness and Food' workshop. We did some exercises and got to make a lovely, healthy smoothie.

Visit form the Fire Brigade:

On Friday afternoon we were very lucky to have a visit from the Fire Brigade.

We learnt how to prevent  fires in our houses, what number to call if there is a fire and all about the fireman's protective uniform.

We even got to practise using the hose!

We all had such  a lovely afternoon and promised Dave that we will all draw a picture of a fire engine and send it to the station, where they will stick it up on the wall for everyone to see!



We designed our own masks. We had lots of princesses, some spidermen, batmen and even some incredible hulks!

IPC Entry point: 

Our topic this term  is 'Lets Pretend'. When we came in from lunch last Wednesday, we found footprints, claw marks and some brown wool. The classroom had also been messed up and the children felt it was a bear that was responsible. We decided we had to go on a 'bear hunt'.

We went through grass, mud, the forest, a snow storm and a river!

We finally found the bear in its cave. It was...Mrs Szymczak!

Working together is so much fun!

In Reception we are learning how to work together. We worked in pairs to complete the 'Eatwell Plate' . We listened to eachothers ideas and took turns to complete the task. We also made rice crispy cakes in groups. We shared our ingredients and waited until it was our turn. In Music we worked as a team to create our own special piece of music. We found that it is nice to help each other and work together!

We enjoy role playing and telling stories!

We acted out the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We used our imaginations and lots of language to retell the story to our classmates. They sat quietly and listened to us. We had so much fun!

We enjoyed using our sense of taste to identify different foods. We realised how important all of our senses are!

Our IPC topic this term is 'Food'. For our entry point we made cheese and jam sandwiches. We all agreed that they were delicious!

Black History Assembly:

Please visit our gallery to have  a look at how wonderful we did in the Black History Assembly. We recited  a poem ' Working Together' and we sang a traditional West African call and response song 'Kye Kye Kule'. I think you will agree that all the children did a very good job!

See below for some pictures of us preparing for our assembly in class!

Celebrating International Day

OLOL's International Entrepreneurs!

We have chosen to study the country Ireland. We are making bracelets using the colours green, white and gold to represent the Irish flag. We have also been having so much fun learning how to do Irish dancing!

Literacy all around us!

Maths: We were learning about patterns. We made lovely chains using different colour patterns. We also had fun making patterns using paint and different shapes!

IPC: Our topic this term is 'Family and Friends'.

We loved using different materials to make our beautiful friends!

Having fun inside and out!

Look how excited we are to be starting reception!

We have all settled really well and are having fun learning lots of new things!