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Physical Education

"Our Lady guides  us as we have fun learning together,

aiming to be the best that we can be."

Reception have been practicing their ball skills, pretending they were dung beetles rolling dung!

Year 5 experiences some of the challenges that Paralympic Athletes face ... ask us about it!!


Welcome back to school OLOL students!  

The weather is always a little bit colder this term, so we bring our fun and exciting P.E. lessons inside to focus on and develop our GYMNASTIC skills.  

Have a look at the pictures below to see how each class is doing!



This term children dive into the world of DANCE!!!

Each year group has a different theme they will be focused on, they are as follows: 


Reception: Shapes 

Year 1 and 2: Animals (with use of the story Panda's Surprise)

Year 3 and 4: Weather/Seasons

Year 5 and 6: Ancient Greece


Stay tuned to this space for updates on how the children's dance skills are developing!

Year 1 Rugby Lesson

Year 6 Rugby Lesson

This half term the children will be learning the skills, strategies and rules of RUGBY!!! It will be quite the exciting term as it will assist children in understanding and following the Rugby World Cup, hosted by England.

Physical Education




Summer term.

As we are now into the summer term our pupils will have developed new skills from dance and gymnastics. This of course will be linked to different sports and games, which will mostly be outside in our playground and also at the Pavilion. Our pupils are enjoying athletics. The skills acquired during our previous terms will benefit P.E. lessons.  We have so many talented pupils who have shown exceptional ability this term. This has been an excellent year. Dance, gymnastics and now athletics has been hugely enjoyable. All the different sports and activities will benefit them on sports day which will be held on Monday 29th June at the Pavilion. We will be staging all the races in morning, with our awards ceremony in the afternoon. Everyone is welcome as we will have a fantastic day.We have some talented students, so whilst lessons are enjoyable, we'll also have high expectations for everyone to try their best whilst having fun.



Spring term

Gymnastics so far has been great. New skills are being acquired in floor sequences and also using equipment. This is continuing on from dance but slightly more complex. Our pupils have been using what they have learned during previous P.E. lessons (dance) to progress during gymnastics. The two are linked in terms of balance, coordination, timing and agility. whilst our pupils will have fun, it is also a valuable experience for life skills


Spring term gymnastics