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Morning Reading Club


We have started to read a new book this week.  It's the story of a runaway alien who loves football!  We acted out some of the first scenes and predicted what would happen next . . . . .

World Book Day

It was wonderful to admire one another's costumes before going to join our classes for the day ahead.

Letters to an Author

We have been continuing to read "Birthday Boy" by David Baddiel.  We are enjoying the book so much that we've written to the author and also sent him our designs for a new book cover!

Happy Birthday?!

A Year Six member of our Reading Club requested our next book - "Birthday Boy," by David Baddiel. This morning we completed puzzles so that we could look for clues about the book on the front cover and read the blurb. 


Our first book of 2020 is "Dinosaur Trouble" by Dick King Smith.  We completed some dinosaur themed puzzles and also pretended to be characters in the book.

Breakfast Reading Club

Welcome to the page for the Breakfast Reading Club!  The children who attend the club have time to enjoy breakfast together before listening to stories and reading to one another.

During the first few weeks of term, we have been reading the book "Harry the Poisonous Caterpillar," by Lynne Reid Banks.  We also had a visit from Miss McGrath who read us one of her favourite books.

Merry Christmas!

We celebrated this special time of year with a Christmas breakfast and games.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stick Man

This week, we've continued to enjoy books with a Christmas theme.  After reading "Stick Man," by Julia Donaldson, we completed picture puzzles.

Snowman Fun!

We're continuing to read "The Snowman," and this week we have also completed some fun activities including a Kahoot quiz, colouring sheets and using iPads to write reviews of the book for the Reading Cloud.

The Snowman

We have started to read "The Snowman" by Michael Morpurgo.   The novel is based on Raymond Brigg's famous picture book and tells the story of James and his magical snowman.  We enjoyed acting out the first few chapters.


Reading Club, Ahoy!

It was a pirate themed week in Reading Club!  After reading "A Dark and Stormy Night," by Alan Ahlberg, we used cartoon strips to create our own pirate stories and then shared them with one another.  We also had a pirate themed joke competition.  Congratulations to the two winners who entered the following joke:

Q: Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?

A: They spend years on "c"!

A Great End to Another Week in Reading Club!

Miss Patel visited us and read one of her favourite books before two of the boys from Year Six continued to read "A Dark and Stormy Night," by Alan Ahlberg.

Bill's New Frock

We have been reading the novel "Bill's New Frock," by Anne Fine.  The younger children have designed new outfits for Bill and the older children have completed a word-search based on the book.


The Cat in the Hat

After listening to the story "The Cat in the Hat," this week, we designed our own, colourful hats for the cat to wear.


Sharing Books in English and Spanish

The children love listening to one another read during our Breakfast Reading Club.  This week, we have even enjoyed listening to a book in Spanish!  We were read the Dr. Seuss book "Huevos Verdes con Jamon" ("Green Eggs and Ham") by one of our bi-lingual club members.  

Mr McCarthy's Favourite Book!

This morning, Mr McCarthy visited breakfast club and read one of his favourite books - "Giraffes Can't Dance."  We then had some quiet reading time.

"Harry the Poisonous Centipede"

We finished reading the book "Harry the Poisonous Centipede."  We designed our own covers for the book and some of the children used i-Pads to write a review on the Reading Cloud.