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The IPC Curriculum, implemented in September 2012, is taught in many schools throughout the world (mostly private schools) and has enabled us to create a more exciting and up to date global curriculum for our pupils. 


We have been able to develop and link teaching through this curriculum to the National Curriculum thereby ensuring optimum and meaningful depth of learning can be achieved. Global and cultural links thread through every topic which prepares our pupils well for the world they will inhabit when they grow up. Pupils and teachers have embraced this curriculum with renewed excitement and motivation.



This strand of the International Primary Curriculum covers Global Humanities. Children are given the opportunity to study their origins and the world.


Art and DT

All children will experience a wide range of art, craft and design activities, which will enable them to develop and explore their own creative skills. Children will be encouraged to design and build structures using a variety of materials and equipment.


IPC Parent Presentation


Please view the below powerpoint presentation for further information on the IPC curriculum which we teach at Our Lady of Lourdes.

IPC Parent Powerpoint Presentation