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After School Art Club


Some of the children in Key Stage One have been attending our amazing Art Club.


We have been learning about Art through play!  This term we have been following in the footsteps of great artists from the Ancient Greeks and their famous pottery to Arcimboldo's vegetable face.  We have learnt about Seurat's point painting, Van Gogh's whirlpool painting and Picasso's portraits.  We have also learnt about contemporary artists such as Damien Hurst and his spinning painting. 

Gold Accredited Travel Plan

Once again OLOL has achieved the Gold Accreditation for all our activities linked to our travel plan. Thank you for all your support with encouraging the children to take part in such activities. Our most recent Travel Plan promoted road safety and the benefits of healthy travel such as walking, scooting or riding a bike to school for health and the environment at our school. At OLOL we don't just recognise the health and environmental benefits of cycling, scooting and walking to school, we also recognise the confidence and independence it instils in our pupils. Through the curriculum, whole school assemblies, road safety weeks, workshops, an annual ‘Walk to School’ week and month and Bikeability training we have taught the children about road safety and the benefits of walking, scooting or riding a bike on their health and to the environment. This is a great achievement!

On Thursday the 9th January, we had Darren in from Roots To Food who delivered healthy eating and nutrition workshops for the Junior classes. The children thoroughly enjoyed these workshops and are looking forward to sharing the Rogan Josh Recipe with you. 

OLOL Christmas Fayre December 2019

Wow-what a fabulous Christmas Fayre and many children and parents commented that it was the best one yet. Warmest thanks go to our PTA and to 5 parents in particular who have been behind the scenes preparing this event for weeks. They give up their time to ensure that the Christmas Fayre is a great event for our school community. From wrapping presents, folding hundreds of raffle tickets, baking, sourcing raffle prizes to decorating the hall, they really are dedicated members of OLOL PTA and I can not thank them enough for their support and time. One extremely creative PTA member did a fantastic job once again with Santa’s Grotto and children were blown away with the old style themed grotto. It was truly magical. We were overwhelmed also by the support received from parents who donated various wonderful items for the fayre and helped out on stalls. We received the most Sweet Jars to date, so much so that they couldn’t all fit on the stall’s table so had to be stored underneath until others were sold! On behalf of the PTA and the school, thank you! Our staff also did a fantastic job helping prepare the hall for the fayre and helping out on stalls. There was definitely a great, warm community feel. The final total raised for the Christmas Fayre was an incredible £1256.90! This is almost double what we raised last year-wow! The PTA will update you on how they plan to spend the PTA fund on your children’s education in the new year. If you have any ideas of how this money should be spent, please do attend our PTA meetings to share. 


Year 3 and Year 4 Bikeability Level 1 Training November 2019

A selection of Year 3 and 4 pupils took part in Level 1 Bikeability Training last week. They learnt how to ride their bikes safely in different conditions and two Year 3 pupils even learnt to ride a bike for the first time! They thoroughly enjoyed the course and these skills will serve them well in their futures. 

Summer Fayre 2019-What a Success!

Lunchtime Library Reading Club

OLOL Healthy Living Week

April 1st-April 5th 2019

Lots of exciting activities took place as part of Healthy Living Week. We took part in The Big Pedal, where we encouraged all children to either walk or ride to school on their scooter or bike. Classes competed against each other and we competed against other similar sized schools nationally. We finished 132nd out of 500 schools and our Reception Class had the most children walking or riding to school! We are very proud and hope to continue to encourage parents to leave their cars at home and use other, healthier methods of transport.


The Smoothie Bike paid the junior classes a visit on Thursday and taught them all about a healthy, balanced diet. Pupils took it in turns to pedal on the bike to create their healthy fruit smoothies which they got to sample at the end of the workshop. 


Darren from Roots to Food led cooking workshops on Wednesday for all junior classes. They learnt about how to prepare and cook a nutritious, healthy meal in small groups, with some rather unusual ingredients! All pupils were amazed by the end result and enjoyed tasting their creations. Many were keen to share what they had made with parents and have a go at cooking again at home. See the recipe below if you're interested!

Smoothie Bike-Get Set Pedal!

        World Book Day/Week
We had lots of exciting events and activities on the week of 4th March to celebrate World Book Day. On Tuesday the 5th March we had a visit from Bookman who inspired our pupils through drama workshops where children explored different characters from famous books. They enjoyed creating different freeze frames of characters and objects from stories. Teachers then completed follow up writing in their classes linked to the workshops. 

Bookman Visit

Older pupils reading to younger pupils and listening to them read during World Book Day 2019

We are a green school!!

Our results show we are a good school with regards the amount of pollution in the air. We were told that we are one of the best in London due to the green spaces around us. We are still intending to do more to improve our environment. No more idling of car engines outside the school gates; walking to school or cycling; using public transport more; planting green screens around the school. We want to improve the air for everyone.

OLOL join the 'Breathe Clean Air Project'

This week we had an assembly from a representative of a national project called ’Breathe Clean Air’. He talked to the children about the barriers to having clean air in our environment and what we could do to work together to reduce pollution. Although, we are already trying to reduce pollution around our school by walking/cycling to school and by cars not idling by the gates, we can always do more. We are therefore taking part in a ‘Breathe Clean Air’ project whereby the pollution will be measured around our school over the coming weeks. Our Bike It Crew escorted the representative around the school, placing test tubes in predicted areas of low pollution and high pollution..We look forward to when he next returns to share the results with us.


Walk to School Month October 2018

Y3 were the proud winners of this trophy as they had the most people who walked to school over the whole month of October-well done Y3!

OLOL British History Assembly November 2018

At the beginning of OLOLs two week study of British History we had an assembly to see what time periods and topics classes would be studying. The Tardis took us all back in time through various time periods from the year 1944 all the way back to 800BC! The children had great fun watching each teacher act as a character from the different time periods, questioning them and even getting some of them involved in the drama. It was a fabulous way to introduce the children to the topics they will be studying in class. The teachers have planned many more exciting activities for their lessons also.


British History Topics being studied this half term:

Year 1- Florence Nightingale

Year 2-The Victorians

Year 3-The Iron Age

Year 4-The Ancient Greeks

Year 5-Queen Victoria

Year 6-The Battle of Britain (WW2)

Year 6 Production - Hoodwinked


Dr Bike Breakfast Thursday 5th June

We were fortunate to have Dr. Bike in to offer a free maintenance check for the bikes of pupils who rode to school yesterday. We had 42 pupils who bought their bikes in! It’s great to see so many pupils travelling to school on bikes, rather than using cars. Dr. Bike managed to have a look at the majority of the bikes and any that he didn’t attend to, he was happy that they didn’t have any major problems and that they were roadworthy. The pupils also enjoyed a free continental breakfast in the morning of orange or apple juice, bananas and croissants-what a great way to start the day!



Let’s continue to look after our environment and our health and keep riding to school!


World Cup News

Still image for this video
We have been learning about the World Cup and the countries within it in our classes this half term. We sent some questions to Jermaine Jenas, a former England and Tottenham player and we were delighted to receive personal video responses to some of our Year 5 pupil's questions.  Watch the videos to hear the excellent questions the pupils posed and Jermaine Jenas' responses. 

Question 3.MP4

Still image for this video

Question 4.MP4

Still image for this video

Question 5.MP4

Still image for this video

Walk to School Week May 2018

Reception were the worthy winners of Walk to School Week. Congratulations to them for having the most pupils and adults walking to school during this week. They were presented with a certificate and trophy in Celebration Assembly. Thank you to all those who participated and we hope many of you continue to walk to school.

Year 5 and 6 Level 3 Bikeability Training

A selection of Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in level two and three Bikeability training this week. They learnt about road safety when cycling and told us that thanks to their instructors, they felt much more confident about riding their bikes on quiet roads. We are very proud of them!

Parliament Meeting May 2018

Parliament met this week with the Kitchen Manager. They discussed what they like about school dinners and were excited to explain about changes that they would like to see. It was clear that they enjoy their school lunches but had some good ideas to share for the things they would like to see on the menu in the future.

OLOL Participate in 'The Big Pedal'

From the 23rd April to the 4th of May OLOL took part in Sustrans Big Pedal 2018, the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge that inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels for their journey to school.


On each day of the challenge schools competed to see who could record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling or scooting to school. 


It was great to see so many pupils travelling to school by scooter or bike during these two weeks and we hope that you continue to do so, so that we can reduce the number of cars outside the school and encourage pupils to keep fit!

OLOL World Book Day Celebrations

OLOL World Book Day Costume Winners

Our Junior classes took part in a Roots to Food Cooking Challenge on Tuesday 20th February. Darren, the founder of Roots to Food, turned our school hall into a practical cooking and learning environment! The hands-on food workshops encouraged children to develop an interest and understanding of healthy and nutritious meals. In these workshops they constructed, from scratch, a balanced dish in small groups. Pupils applied their skills to determine what makes a healthy, nutritious meal and learnt how to actually prepare the food and apply the principles of good food safety and hygiene. It was clear that pupils and adults involved, had so much fun in these workshops and many looked forward to trying the meatball recipe at home with their families. We are looking forward to this recipe being added to our lunch menu also. Have a go at making the recipe yourselves at home using the recipe below, as it really was delicious and nutritious!

OLOL Parliament Visit to The Houses of Parliament February 2018

OLOL Parliament members visited The Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 6th February.


As they were taken on their tour, they were amazed by the incredible art work and design of the Houses of Parliament. They learnt lots of interesting facts, such as that the Houses of Commons is where the MPs meet and the decor is green and the Houses of Lords is where Lords meet and the decor is red. Many of the pupils were particularly interested in the history of the Houses of Parliament and enjoyed listening to and talking about past queens and kings. 


The visit helped put their roles into context and how important their individual roles are within our school parliament. Look out for some exciting plans that our parliament members have for the future....







Year 3 and 4 Level 1 Bikeability Training November 2017

20 Year 3 and 4 pupils took part in level one Bikeability training. These new riders learnt to control and master their bikes in a space away from traffic, within our playground. Two children began the sessions without being able to ride a bike at all and by the end of the session they had mastered how to ride a bike. It was a delight to see the joy that it bought them and how proud they all were of what they had achieved. It was clear that they all had great fun during these sessions and we are very proud of them.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Science Quiz Club Heat Tuesday 17th October


Four pupils, two from year five and two from year six, took part in 'The National Science Quiz Club Heat' at Martin Primary School. They demonstrated excellent team work and determination throughout the quiz. The pupils enjoyed the experience and were proud of their efforts. They learnt some interesting Science facts from the Quiz Master along the way also. 

Author Visit - Rob Lloyd Jones



Year 6 - The Tempest


These videos are best viewed using Internet Explorer


Dr Bike and Biker's Breakfast! June 2017



Friday Assembly Visit - Dawn Butler




National Science Quiz Heat held here at Our Lady of Lourdes School

Friday 11th November 2016


We were excited to host the National Science Quiz heat here at our school. We welcomed 11 schools from across London and our wonderful quizmaster who made the quiz fun and interesting. Well done to our Y5 and Y6 pupils who took part and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They didn't win however they did extremely well and we are very proud of them. All team members agreed that it was about the taking part and the learning experience that really mattered.  They particularly felt that they strengthened their ability to work as a team and developed many useful strategies to do so. Here are some pictures of our two teams that took part. 

Team 1: Jeshrun, Talat, Nathanielle and Oreoluwa.

Team 2: Bridget, Bianca, Luke and Vince.

Phonics for Parents Workshop

Letters & Sounds - Phase 5

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Phonics for Parents Workshop

Letters & Sounds - Phases 1-3

Tuesday 18th October 2016



Year 3 and 4 Bikeability Session

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Click the image above to view the short video of the event.

Make sure you watch until at least 4 minutes - there's a surprise in it for you!!

First Holy Communion Assembly

Click the image below to watch the First Holy Communion Assembly


Yesterday Tanya Compas from the Team London Young Ambassadors programme,as run by the Mayor of London, visited our KS2 pupils to share with them what they could do to 'give back and make a change' to society. During her talk with our pupils she was thrilled to see how much we at Our Lady of Lourdes already  do to give back to society. Our OLOL values link nicely with British values which allowed our children to enter into a mature discussion with Tanya on how important it is to live out our British values by the way we act to one another.


After the assembly, Tanya ran a workshop with our Year 5s where they raised issues that they were passionate about including: Homelessness, bullying, the dangers of social media, the environment, littering and gang culture/gun & knife crime.  Along with Tanya, our year 5s will be working on a project to help tackle one of the issues raised. Watch this space!



'I was amazed by how engaged the students were during the assembly and how opinionated, honest and mature the year 5 students were during the workshop. They are a credit to themselves, the school and the teachers.' Tanya Compas, Young Ambassadors Representative  

Year of Mercy Primary Pilgrimage


Mr. Doherty and four representatives attended the Primary Pilgrimage as part of the Year of Mercy  at Westminster Cathedral last Wednesday, 2nd March 2016. It was a wonderful occasion and there was a real sense of belonging and community in the Cathedral.


Please see the pictures below of the children walking through the Door of Mercy.

Ditch the Stabilisers


As part of the Bike It Plus programme running at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary, we ran a ‘Ditch the Stabilisers’ session after school on Thursday 11th February.


This fun and relaxed session was designed for children who were ready to make the change from ‘four wheel’ bikes to ‘two wheel’ cycling.   All the children who attended said goodbye to their stabilisers and were able to ride successfully on two wheels by the end of the session.


Well done children!

Roots to Food Assembly!

Roots to Food whisked into Our Lady of Lourdes on Thursday to serve up a “ready, steady, cook” style roadshow to KS2 and KS1 pupils. Two teams competed with each other to create a meal that was tasty, nutritious and fun to make and enjoy.  Messages about the prime importance of an appropriate breakfast such as muesli or cereals was stirred-in with information on methods of cooking, the different food groups and the benefits to health of having a well-balanced diet. The show was greatly enjoyed by all and the recipes for the meals can be found below.

Video clips






We continue to use NumberShark to practise our number skills!

We've started using NumberShark with some of our children to help to improve number skills!

Christmas 2015 Nativities

Nursery & Reception Year 1 & 2


Christmas Choir 2015

Employability courses run by Brent take place at our school for our parents every Thursday 10.30am in the Computer Suite....

Bike it! Breakfast and Dr Bike morning 23rd/24th November 2015

Black History Month Celebration Assembly - 23rd October 2015

Praying the Rosary - October 2015

First Holy Communion Celebrations 17th June 2015

KS2 Christmas Carol Service at Church of Five Precious Wounds

Our Eco Warriors at work....

Our new ICT Suite walls

Fundraising - Year 6 Cake Sale